Monday, July 9, 03:51:41 AM

Wtf did I just watch? Garnering sympathy for one of historys most prolific serial killers? What's next? Paul and Karla.. we're they really that bad? Or Manson.. so misunderstood? I've suffered strife and rejection and ridicule in my life and not once have I even thought about ending the life of another. Sure the story may be morbidly curious.. but let's not blame society for ones inability to cope with it.

Saturday, April 28, 07:44:59 AM

The story was not done well, and for the acting, very poor, I've seen better.

Tuesday, January 9, 07:06:04 PM

I think Ross Lynch deserves an Oscar for his acting also u can't wait for this movie to be on DVD

Thursday, November 9, 08:32:39 PM

The acting is superb