Sunday, July 12, 10:49:40 AM

Omg who writes / produces this garage? No wonder America elected a nincompoop to lead their country.

Friday, July 3, 09:20:47 PM

I see a pizza planet truck in Disney Pixar Onward.

Friday, March 13, 04:03:51 PM

It was fun and exciting to watch... I enjoyed it... Thank you!

Friday, March 13, 10:59:35 AM

Enjoyed 'Onward' especially in 3-D!! The characters were so fun & the only criticism is that the one that looks like Whoopy Goldberg it should have been her voice!

Thursday, March 12, 06:29:24 AM


Tuesday, March 10, 12:27:58 PM

Sad movie but was a nice story.

Monday, March 9, 01:05:38 AM

Great movie. Reminds me of the good old days of playing D&D known as Dungeon and Dragons old school with paper dice and imagination. Do like the quest aspect and the touching story at the end both happy and sad. I think this movie is more for boys than girls as i am sure most boys pretend to be a warrior or a magician at some time in their life. I sure did. Disregards the morons that talk trash they get hang up on one thing and miss the big picture of the movie.

Sunday, March 8, 07:31:17 PM

Disney bounces back from the hugely disappointing FROZEN II with this thoughtful, entertaining fantasy.

Sunday, March 8, 11:52:44 AM

You know, I have to admit, while I felt like this film would likely prove the trailers wrong (You know, like 90% of Pixar's library), I wasn't expecting it to be this amazing. The story is brilliant and the characters are great. It really makes it a shame that this film will likely tank and get banned from certain countries all because of a single quote that doesn't even effect the story that much. Seriously, did you guys complaining about this film even pay attention to the rest of it or were you just listening for that one infamous line and then get up and leave the theater as soon as it was mentioned? This reminds me of that South Park episode 'It Hit the Fan' where the citizens of South Park didn't even care about the episode of that cop show but just the fact that they said the word 'sh**' once throughout the entire thing. If one little line from a side character that isn't even in-your-face or anything is seriously enough to ruin an entire movie for you, you shouldn't be watching movies in the first place.

Sunday, March 8, 11:13:15 AM


Sunday, March 8, 10:31:12 AM

I would never guess this was a Disney movie. Who brings a Dad back to life with half a body? I walked out half way through to give it a chance to get better.

Sunday, March 8, 09:13:36 AM

Loved never fails. Those two kids stayed together and brought back some magic.

Sunday, March 8, 09:10:36 AM

This movie was magical.

Sunday, March 8, 03:59:35 AM

Brimming with magic and wonder.

Saturday, March 7, 08:41:57 PM

For a movie about magic, it's not very magical. And what's with the stupid title? It has nothing to do with the movie. They should have come up with something better.

Saturday, March 7, 06:33:40 PM

Absolutely loved it, really sweet and as a fan of fantasy I loved a lot of the metahumour.

Saturday, March 7, 05:31:16 PM

Touching story with lots of humour. I would not recommend it for younger kids.

Saturday, March 7, 11:59:45 AM

I was not disappointed when I watched this movie. Some fantasy and funny moments. Moral reminds to everyone with others things during the movie.

Saturday, March 7, 11:56:53 AM

The magic was almost gone but one kid brought back everything. A lesson for people who only see sex on movies for kids. They are not longer dreaming. I loved the kids faith.

Saturday, March 7, 11:53:57 AM

A wonderful quest of two kids looking to see their father again. Very sweet movie.

Saturday, March 7, 11:51:35 AM

Homosexual agenda pushed on kids

Saturday, March 7, 11:51:19 AM

Nice movie but sad at the same time.

Saturday, March 7, 09:13:28 AM

When someone says," I can't wait for this movie," it isn't a REVIEW. A review is your take on a movie AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN IT.

Saturday, March 7, 01:53:41 AM

Indoctrination is spelled with an i.

Friday, March 6, 09:11:08 PM

contains lgbtq endoctrination

Friday, March 6, 08:53:54 PM

Best Pixar ever! Fun and engaging!

Friday, March 6, 08:03:19 PM

This is a scary film, I wouldn’t recommend for kids. First of all, the dad’s dead and then he comes back from the feet to the crotch only. So they drag him around with a rope. This is the strangest movie ever to come from Pixar

Friday, March 6, 03:44:20 PM

Really stupid premise and who wants to see elfs drag a half body of their dead dad around (basically his crotch, legs and feet) trying to find a magic cure to make him a whole person? What twisted mind thought up this atrocity?

Monday, March 2, 10:27:24 AM

I love the movies

Sunday, March 1, 03:55:02 PM

I can’t for this movie.

Sunday, March 1, 11:38:43 AM

Its ok. Not the best. I don't recommended.