Friday, August 11, 11:42:22 AM

Very well done. Three hours went by quickly. Such a nice change from the drivel seen in theaters these days.

Thursday, August 10, 04:54:22 PM

More meaningful for audiences who are well-informed historically about the politicians in 1940's D.C., the military situation in the Pacific Theater, and the physicists in the Manhattan Project. Ignorant movie-goers and critics will wax philosophically and religiously without understanding the severe consequences in human life of invading Japan, which were barely mentioned in the film, nor the delay in its execution which would have allowed the Soviet Union to play a much larger role in occupying the Japanese islands than its meager role in the war against Japan merited! Several excellent performances help the lengthy film move along!

Thursday, August 10, 03:47:34 PM

This movie was more or less about egos of men who have no understanding of the God of the Bible and where they fit in on the grand scheme of things.

Wednesday, August 9, 02:20:43 PM


Wednesday, August 9, 12:55:12 AM

…not to mention the New Mexico residents who lived downwind of the Trinity test site, thus in the fall-out region, completely ignored in the movie as they were in real life. They apparently didn’t receive any warning and suffered decades of cancer and subsequent early deaths.

Wednesday, August 9, 12:22:04 AM

Somewhat mixed here. After seeing Oppenheimer, I felt compelled to watch the made-for-TV 1983 movie "The day after" again (coincidentally its 40th anniversary). It has what I was missing in the 2023 movie, the display of the overwhelming force of a nuclear explosion and especially its inexcusable consequences for the civilian population. Yes, those are shown here much from Oppenheimer’s perspective, but in the end rather too abstract to really feel it, and to emotionally connect to the "prevent all future wars" rationale supposedly justifying dropping the bombs, which they evidently failed to accomplish. On the plus side, great insights into his life, personal affairs, and the politics behind the scenes.

Tuesday, August 8, 08:54:04 PM

too long and scenes were the best part of the movie.. i gave it two stars.... a star for each breast...

Monday, August 7, 04:44:57 PM

In today's world we seem to be inundated with violence of all degrees. This is a reminder how extreme man can be with his own justification.

Monday, August 7, 11:42:04 AM

Well worth seeing. Everyone should see this movie..

Sunday, August 6, 07:12:49 PM

Epic plays the sound so loud it's almost criminal.Even with ear plugs used for power tools,I still needed to cup my hands over my ears.The storyline would have been far easier to follow, without the constant need to ready oneself for the loudness.Not sure if Epic theatres are where I want to view such an important film. Tone it down Epic.

Saturday, August 5, 09:59:00 PM

As a retired high school socia studies teacher, I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. Unfortunately, the movie was one hour too long, it spent too much time covering Oppenheimer's involvement with communists, and way too little time on his achievement, whether or not you agree with the bombing. Instead of seeing a detailed story of how he developed the bomb, we got to see the obligatory nude scene, which was not necessary, and little effort went into the Manhattan Project.

Saturday, August 5, 01:13:13 AM

Amazing story. Did not seem like a 3 hour movie.

Friday, August 4, 08:38:34 PM

2 unnecessary sex/nudity scenes. Way too long!

Friday, August 4, 08:34:33 PM

Sex scenes/nudity (2) totally unnecessary.

Friday, August 4, 08:29:32 PM

President Truman was a high school educated man. He had knowledge that Stalin was prepared to attack Manchuria and Japan was more afraid of being conquered by communists and would had surrendered. The US (knew this) and Truman still wanted blood revenge for Pearl Harbour. The fact he dropped a second atomic Bomb on Nagasaki shows his evil limited intellect. The movie is a balanced depiction of Oppenheimer. He was both a genius and an egomaniac. He was selfish and rightly has the blood of 200,000 civilians on his hands. He knew he had created evil and that control of it was in a man with a high school diploma (Truman). He fell into severe depression after he realized he caused a lot of avoidable deaths.

Thursday, August 3, 07:44:43 PM

The rollercoaster ride of the year!

Thursday, August 3, 05:23:01 PM

If you're into fine details, and a lengthy seating, this might be for you. From a professional reviewer's view, this is a must see movie. But I'm a regular joe. My entire family basically fell asleep, while seeing it on imax. Don't let the fiery red movie poster fool you, this is no action film, not even really a suspense film. THe quick snippits of scenes, and similar characters (men in suits) had me loose track of characters easily. Once that happened, I tuned out.

Thursday, August 3, 02:43:55 PM


Wednesday, August 2, 12:15:52 AM

Feels more like a political thriller than a scientific or military movie. Good acting, good cinematography, and a good presentation of Oppenheimer's evolution from developing as a scientist, over the pragmatist in the Manhattan project, to waking up to the consequences of his achievements. Yes, the Gini was out of the bottle, but the question remains if the ends justified the means.

Monday, July 31, 09:19:09 PM

Finally a movie that shows you a great man and how he handled the egotistical beings of this world. Noland brought a bit of the spirit of love and wisdom that is not of this world. Thank you for such a gift! God Bless us All!

Monday, July 31, 09:10:42 PM

The man has shown us how yo behave with those egos get in the way. Oppenheimer, the man played by Cillian is a man of genius and wisdom which is rare in these times. I hope many will see that Perhaps take away with them, a new way of being. Thank you for bringing this to this world. ??

Monday, July 31, 05:56:05 PM

Its epic sweep and ingratiating love story make this the most romantic movie since TITANIC. 4/5

Sunday, July 30, 08:27:06 PM

I read the book on which the movie was based a few months ago. If it was all in the movie, the movie would have been 10 hrs long. I thought outcome was good.

Sunday, July 30, 08:12:17 PM

Every aspect of this film, sound design, costumes, cinematography and acting are a tour de force. A must see.

Sunday, July 30, 07:30:54 PM

Edge of your seat even if you know the "story." A brilliantly acted and presented movie of an earth shattering event with all its multifaceted human and historical and moral complexity

Sunday, July 30, 03:31:17 PM

I really enjoyed that movie; didnt feel at all like 3 hours had passed. Actors did a tremendous job and the cinematography was amazing. Timely was a bit confusing at the beginning, but you catch on pretty quickly. The end gave me chills, like, my neck was so tense lol

Sunday, July 30, 12:48:47 AM

Poorly done movie, background sounds too loud and distracting to the point where it was nearly impossible to hear the dialogue. The timeline jumping back and forth is confusing and the back and forth from color to B&W is irritating. Acting was fair at best and most were mumbling their words so bad it was difficult to follow. The story could easily have been told in half the time.

Saturday, July 29, 05:16:44 PM

First, Oppenheimer's cigarette was the star of the show. I find that most modern movies go over the top with pyrotechnics. Worst of all, for me, I have very expensive hearing aids - and in my opinion the poor enunciation of so many of the actors was poor enough that I lost so much of the dialogue. Seems to me that the subterfuge of government has not changed since Robert's days.

Saturday, July 29, 04:12:25 PM

The movie failed to acknowledge that the Japanese killed numerous American POWs every day to cut cost of feeding them a small bowl of rice a day. Estimates say over a million more Americans would have died if not for the bomb. One would have been my Grandfather.

Saturday, July 29, 03:13:26 PM

FAR TOO LOUD!! I get they wanted us to get the idea of the effects of the bombs going off, but cannot stand that much noise. Spent most of the movie covering my ears and still couldn't drown out the incessant bomb scenes or even the regular dialogue scenes. And hated how the storyline jumped back and forth, extremely annoying. Acting was very good. Lots of big and familiar names attached to this movie. Wasn't aware of all the actors that were in it beforehand so was interesting to see the unexpected faces pop up. Could have done away with 2/3 or the boring backstory of the building of the bomb and would have slept through it if my friend didn't keep nudging me awake. The trial scenes were the only part that kept my interest. Not one I would recommend or bother seeing again.

Saturday, July 29, 03:47:09 AM

Very disappointing film -- too long, too loud. A chronological story rather than a back and forth between three historical time periods would have made more sense. The acting was great, but for me this was a very flawed movie.

Saturday, July 29, 03:19:33 AM

The hippest, happiest, hit of the summer!

Friday, July 28, 10:35:46 PM

Overall a great but complex movie. I wish I had done a bit more homework on the history of the Manhattan project and its consequences to understand the context of some scenes better. The three parallel time lines (Oppenheimer 1920‘s-1945, his interrogation 1954, and the Strauss confirmation hearing at the Senate in black-and-white) with some side loops are interwoven and converge later Nolan-style, so you have to pay a bit of attention how the scenes relate to each other. Cinematography is perfect, the acting - especially Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey jr. - is superb. I agree that the sound was at times getting close to suffering an acoustic shock, so be prepared for that. If you expect a Dr. Strangelove-like depiction of the Trinity test, you may be disappointed. It was 5:30 in the morning, and it’s shown from the observer‘s perspective at ground level, but still impressive in a frightening and chilling way. The conflict of the joy of a successful test along with the realization of the far-reaching ethical consequences of actually dropping the bombs is well presented. A challenging movie that leaves you thinking.

Friday, July 28, 08:55:38 PM

The sound was way too loud (it actually gave me a headache) gratuitous sex scenes that were not needed. It is amazing to think how far we have come in the world of physics since the 1940’s.

Friday, July 28, 07:52:44 PM

A 3 hour biography with alot of overly dramatic dialog. I realize that some people are into this type of drama. However, based on hype and trailers, I'd hoped for some interesting facts and science. Considering the the 70mm format, vivid screen shots and special effects.

Thursday, July 27, 06:00:27 PM

Hard to follow the plot. Confusing, bad sound system, 50 percent of dialoque not audible.

Thursday, July 27, 05:33:13 PM

i felt that the first hour was very slow. thought we would see more depictions of actual nuclear testing etc.

Thursday, July 27, 02:19:21 PM

I love the story. Always have. The sound was SO LOUD. It actually hurt my ears. I had a hard time understanding the dialogue if music was also playing. This was a constant source of anxiety throughout the whole movie. I also wish there had been more science and math. And there was no mention of the death at Los Alamos caused by radiation poisoning when a technician dropped the device. The nudity and sex scenes were awkward and gratuitous. And finally, I really didn't like the jumping back and forth in time. I generally prefer a chronological progression through time because it's easier to follow.

Thursday, July 27, 01:01:11 PM

Did not feel like 3 hours. Should open eyes to how politics worked almost eighty years ago. Don’t think much has changed. Great acting by all

Wednesday, July 26, 07:13:07 PM

This 3 hours film will open your eyes on how dirty and how politics work. But being active readers of history and what is going on in your own country and other countries will give you much upper hand in understanding what those leaders or politicians are willing to do to cover themselves or safeguards the intel of the country. The person that will be used as scapegoat has no idea the job assign will make him/her or break him/ her . It’s also a fact that IF Dr Oppenheim did not make the bomb, someone will or Russia will. And Russia is aware that USA research & development is making an atomic bomb because of double spies working in the Manhattan Project . Sexpionage , Espionage, spies, double spies, blackmailing, selling information are many ways to gather intel on your opponent or rival countries or control another agent. Despite of catastrophic consequences , Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended WWII. Didn’t Japan bomb Pearl Harbor ? Politicking is a part of working in the hierarchy of government in all countries. . You’ll never know who your associates, friends , subordinates or colleagues, or families that will stand by you when you are use as scapegoat. This movie is really very interesting to watch .