Wednesday, July 26, 05:47:03 PM

I found myself wanting the film to end around the 2 hour mark. The acting is fine, but I found that there wasnt enough of the supporting actors. I didnt quite understand why Oppenheimer was so blase about his personal conflicts. His wife knew what the problem was but Oppenheimer, the brilliant physicist didnt have the street smarts to figure it out? H-mmm. Not enough on the actual building of the bomb. Too much of Oppenheimer walking around in circles. The nude scenes? Im not a prude but they were gratuious and they did not further the plot. Overall an average movie. Mission Impossible is better bang for your 3 hours.

Wednesday, July 26, 04:39:17 AM

Acting by all, & drama is as good as it gets. the science & the bomb itself are secondary themes. Primamry theme is Oppies personal life & the attempted political assassination of R.O. The compelling "all aspecs of this movie" made the three hours pass quickly. The mature content of this movie is not because of nude scenes, but because of the mature mind to appreciate it. I found the dialog a little easier to understand in the Dolby vs standard theater. NOTE; The BBC put out a docudrama called "Hiroshima" which included survivors testimony; What they witnessed & experienced, no horror movie could ever come close to. It detailed the Los Alamos team, Enola Gay bomber crew, (the bomber that dropped the bomb) survivor testimony, & the devastating Heat , Blast & Radiation destruction in detail. Not for the faint hearted.,rh

Wednesday, July 26, 02:56:13 AM

The acting was superb: I didn't even recognize Robert Downy Jr, and the role he played. The photography was equally excellent. The part of director was, as I have said above; "Meh!" My friend, Ben B. had difficulty in separating all that noise from the movie, and that period when the dialog was extremely difficult to hear. My reaction: even good Directors have difficulty in separating the past from the present, over time (in this case three hours!) and shifting those times repeatedly over the course of those three hours. so, thus, the "Meh" ratiing I will give it.

Wednesday, July 26, 12:06:55 AM

No wasted time. Every scene dialog perfect. Cast perfect. We all know it’s about the bomb, but what I didn’t know is Politician’s have been sleazy even longer then I ever knew. I will see it again. It’s just that good.

Tuesday, July 25, 11:19:36 PM

Intellegent story of a conflicted man whose life was twisted for political gain

Tuesday, July 25, 02:59:53 PM

If you're going just to see atomic bomb blasts, then skip it. It's not really about that. It's long (yeah they went all Apocalypse Now on this flick). Yeah it's rated R. Yeah there are brief but tasteful nude scenes that are essential to the story. The score is very well done as is the story telling. The actors do an amazing job in their roles. Robert Downey is fantastic as Lewis Strauss. So many people give it bad ratings. If you don't know who he is then why go and complain?

Tuesday, July 25, 10:53:59 AM

This movie should have had an R rating

Tuesday, July 25, 09:39:50 AM

There was absolutely no reason for the nudity scene. Due to the rating I had 3 under 15 children with me. Next time I'll wait till it comes out on local TV.

Monday, July 24, 04:46:26 PM

Interesting thru out the movie

Monday, July 24, 03:19:14 PM

The movie would have been much better if half of it wound up on the cutting room floor.

Sunday, July 23, 07:38:42 PM

Acing kudos to the major cast members. Came back home and confirmed that most of the story was true. The nude scenes were not really needed, otherwise it would’ve been 5 stars.

Sunday, July 23, 05:57:24 PM

Good acting and good cast. Slow moving a lot in black and white some parts in color. Hard to follow the science. Political moments. If you are a history buff this is for you!

Sunday, July 23, 02:45:01 PM

I enjoyed the movie, great acting, very entertaining. I still have doubts about Oppenheimer though especially if you read conservapedia.

Sunday, July 23, 11:46:05 AM

Loved the movie, but not the fans of Nolan who gave Barbie one star and didn't even see it. This is a 5 star movie, but I am giving it 4 stars since the Oppenheimer fans can't be honest.

Sunday, July 23, 10:37:48 AM

Very slow paced, whoever wrote " there was no sex in this movie", must have fallen asleep during part of it. Spent too much time on his indiscretions with the women in his life and for a 3 hour movie it did not spend much time on more important facts.

Sunday, July 23, 09:39:06 AM

very slow paced, nudity where it was not needed unless you were one of many others in theatre who were slowly falling asleep and those brief 2 scenes got your attention for a few more minutes. Whoever wrote there was no sex in this movie, must have fallen asleep during part of it.

Saturday, July 22, 09:27:27 PM

Heads up... It's 3 hours long and there's a lot of talking going on. The good news is it's so interesting you don't realize that much time is passing. This is a fascinating and important piece of history that likely wouldn't be told without a movie. Yeah... We know two Japanese cities were bombed in WWII but the political events around it are just as important. It's very worth a look. And yes there's sex.

Saturday, July 22, 07:07:23 PM

Very well done! Well shot. Very good storyline! Nolan never disappoints. It did start to get long but besides that. Nolan was very detailed in the story. The shots and song with music, made you feel the vibrance. 5 Stars

Saturday, July 22, 05:30:06 PM

Riveting powerful movie. Everything great: acting, music, sound, editing I've never sat through a 3 hour movie which moved so fast.

Friday, July 21, 09:45:09 PM

Beautiful and well acted, multiple Oscar's are coming, put it in the bank

Friday, July 21, 09:09:07 PM

An important but very entertaining lesson in history. Murphy hasn't been this good since the original Beverly Hills Cop.

Friday, July 21, 08:56:15 PM

Awesome movie with insight into unpleasant American politics.

Friday, July 21, 05:42:16 PM


Friday, July 21, 04:22:00 PM

Love the movie. Repuglycans don’t even know their history. Luckily there were democrats doing mens’ work at the time.

Friday, July 21, 09:27:58 AM

Best Nolan movie in awhile.

Friday, July 21, 09:09:27 AM

Go see this - so much details, good acting and factual. Great. Libtards dont like it cause they are cowards

Thursday, July 20, 12:45:20 PM

I could hardly breathe the entire movie and it was 3 hrs. A story that will leave you wanting more and understanding of the necessity of this. BRAVO- GREAT MOVIE

Tuesday, July 18, 08:18:34 PM

This movie shows the 'infant' nukes...the ones now make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like a pic-nic. At least as powerful as FIFTY-EIGHT MEGATONS. And that was 1961 technology...some could be even more - 100 megatons. That would turn a city like Toronto, Vancouver or New York into a flat, melted glass sheet and for at least 900 kms around, all structures would be flattened. Times that by at least 1000 or more [ actually does anyone know all the mega tons of modern nukes?] Clearly by the comments here, no one really knows how close we are RIGHT NOW to permanent planetary wide extinction via thermal nuclear holocaust. No one will survive if you THINK that you will as a prepper. NO ONE WILL SURVIVE! See "Tsar Bomba" Crux media, YT although propagandist against RF, it is accurate in how powerful a 58 mega ton nuke is. The nukes in these movies are in the kilo tons...not even in the same galaxy as what we have now.

Tuesday, July 18, 12:03:37 AM

Eh, what… seriously? - talking about "fun" and a "feel good flick" here? - this is a movie about a quarter million people having been killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and we are yet far from ending all wars. Am I the only one who was growing up in the cold-war era?

Monday, July 17, 05:15:46 PM

TRUTH, no woke, no sex, no vulgarity - FINALLY

Saturday, July 15, 05:25:10 PM

Good, electrifying fun for all ages!

Saturday, July 8, 05:39:07 AM

Mankind's greatest adventure begins...

Sunday, June 25, 03:54:15 PM

The feel good flick of the summer. You will leave the theater on a high.

Sunday, June 25, 07:49:38 AM

Nolan's best since The Dark Knight Rises.

Friday, June 23, 03:18:29 PM

Christopher Nolan's best film since The Dark Knight!