Sunday, October 7, 06:37:40 PM

I don’t think anyone who saw this originally, didn’t think about this movie when showering! Classic film, but remember, for adults only

Thursday, October 28, 11:21:01 AM

it's a classic - one of the scariest first thrillers

Thursday, October 14, 02:31:04 PM

I know!! The shower scene is still so freaky! What a great piece of cinema.

Thursday, October 14, 10:55:22 AM

One of my all time favourites? Scared the crap out of me when I was 6.

Sunday, October 3, 03:41:00 PM


Friday, September 3, 10:08:38 PM

If this is a film print of the movie I want in. If this is a digital copy of the film - no thanks - I'll wait for the Blu-ray coming out and watch it on my big screen tv. Does anyone know?