Thursday, January 27, 09:17:59 PM

A waste of time and money.

Thursday, January 27, 09:17:11 PM

Ten years ago, this would have been considered ahead of its time. Now, it's just a second-rate ETERNALS.

Wednesday, January 26, 11:11:46 PM

I went when it first came out so no spoilers for me. I loved how they brought back some "goats". I cried at some parts. Movie theater clapped & cheered at one part (if you've seen it, you know which part). I'll be honest, I've seen it twice!

Wednesday, January 26, 10:41:33 AM

Marvel at its greatest

Wednesday, January 26, 10:40:43 AM


Wednesday, January 26, 10:39:46 AM

My favorite marvel movie by far

Tuesday, January 25, 08:40:54 PM

The goat of marvel

Saturday, January 22, 10:24:44 PM

Classic Spidey

Saturday, January 22, 09:00:11 PM

Best movie ever

Saturday, January 22, 08:59:21 PM

Greatest superhero movie ever

Saturday, January 22, 01:33:42 PM

Eternals was the worst marvel movie ever

Saturday, January 22, 12:36:50 PM

Movie was awesome. Very intriguing! A lot of people don't stay to the very end after credits. If they did, they would see what is coming next for Spider man!

Friday, January 21, 05:11:05 PM

It brought back reminiscence of my early years reading comic books and watching the first movies. I'll definitely go back and watch it again so I can study more of the multiverse.

Wednesday, January 19, 09:34:05 PM

Eternals is going to be the best Marvel movie for years to come.

Wednesday, January 19, 07:17:33 PM

Good story telling , moving the narrative forward, great life lessons, revenge is not always sweet

Tuesday, January 18, 10:40:55 PM

How bad the Eternals was Spider-Man was a god send

Monday, January 17, 10:32:26 PM

Sonic of superhero movies

Sunday, January 16, 09:37:58 PM

Dont listen to the dumb people this movie is worth your money! Best Spiderman movie EVER!

Sunday, January 16, 12:26:27 PM

Children should not watch this movie. Very disappointed that the rage-filled violence overwhelms the interesting aspects of the story and characters. A great opportunity wasted. I have loved Spider-Man movies up till this, sad they went the wrong direction.

Sunday, January 16, 10:00:47 AM

As far as the new era of movies go, the covid Cinema, where top movie makers don't spend as much to produce a good quality movie, it was a good movie. It was a bit all over the place half way through the film, but they managed to pull it all together for a great ending. Much better than the other super hero crap being produced lately like Black Widow, which was total garbage.

Thursday, January 13, 06:13:46 AM

It doesn't fall short in SPECTACULAR SPECIAL EFFECTS. Ignore the one star idiots.- A mix of corniness, humor, action & intensity. As a super hero, you must make sacrifices - the twist at the end was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie & hope to see it again, in-spite of flaws it may have. (I love it when hearing other people laughing out loud - it makes the movie even more enjoyable).RH

Wednesday, January 12, 05:31:18 PM

Loved the action sequences, but they overdid it a bit on the relationship stuff in between. Gotta add more action and more villains. The plot was okay, but could have been better. Overall a B+/A- Also you just knew there'd be another movie!

Tuesday, January 11, 02:14:04 PM

Very Imaginative story line. Loved to see all the older Spidermen back in action.

Monday, January 10, 10:09:48 PM


Monday, January 10, 10:03:47 PM

It was better than I was lead to believe.

Monday, January 10, 10:01:36 PM

Saw this with friends and a great time was had by all.

Monday, January 10, 07:30:10 PM

Saw this in the new imax at the Scotia theatre

Monday, January 10, 04:19:22 PM

completely picks it up with an hour to go

Monday, January 10, 03:43:58 PM

Completely falls apart with an hour to go.

Sunday, January 9, 09:38:25 PM

After seeing this oater I'm done with comic book movies.

Sunday, January 9, 03:43:23 PM

All through the screening I kept thinking what a wonderful Spiderman Redmayne would make when they recast the part. The movie itself was kind of meh.

Sunday, January 9, 03:15:21 PM

I would have walked out if I was with someone. They are gonna milk these movies to death. Just like star wars.

Saturday, January 8, 03:54:53 PM

Spoiler Alert!!! Truly the best Spider-Man movie ever!! I loved how they brought back previous villains (including the original actors) and tying in the other two Spider-man actors was very well done! Nicely intertwined.

Saturday, January 8, 02:14:16 PM

Remember how bad Thor 2 was? Yeah, like that.

Saturday, January 8, 10:44:50 AM

SPIDER-MAN 3 is still the best.

Saturday, January 8, 10:07:38 AM

Good but liked the last one much more.

Saturday, January 8, 03:29:53 AM

If they brought in a top-tier writer/director they could make something really substantial out of these stories. Getting Christian Bale for an older, wiser Peter Parker wouldn't hurt, either.

Friday, January 7, 09:37:47 PM

Eddie Redmayne would make a good (adult) Spider-Man.

Friday, January 7, 10:35:27 AM

When Marisa can't save a movie, you know you're in trouble.

Friday, January 7, 07:56:19 AM

Story is weak. Acting is weak. Scenes are over-dramatic. Script is weak. Special effects are decent. Cinematography is decent. Characters are completely unbelievable. And it was long... and boring... and meandering... but the popcorn was good.