Saturday, August 26, 07:32:14 PM

Our 13 year old grandson was bored slept through most of it. He said it was a disappointment after the original TMNT movie. His younger sister didn't like it al all. We took them because we thought they would enjoy it. A waste of time and $$.

Sunday, August 6, 12:08:12 AM

Please, Hollywood, we need more movies like this one!

Saturday, August 5, 09:59:55 PM

Better than The Haunted Mansion. This movie was fun.

Saturday, August 5, 07:15:17 PM

Awesome movie

Saturday, August 5, 06:12:18 AM

Best TURTLES movie since the one they did with Vanilla Ice.

Wednesday, August 2, 09:29:36 PM

Not woke

Tuesday, August 1, 07:33:56 AM

A lot of unexpected references, a nice and cute surprise for everyone remotely acquainted with these turtles.

Friday, July 28, 01:25:21 PM

Best Nickelodeon Movie since Rango!