Thursday, March 2, 01:23:16 AM

With all the race hatred now back in vogue in America it's a really inappropriate time to be putting this back in cinemas...

Wednesday, March 1, 05:32:30 PM

One of the most depressing movies I've ever seen

Tuesday, November 15, 02:10:48 PM

I can't believe they put this back in theaters, particularly now.

Sunday, November 13, 04:48:45 AM

Probably not the best time to do a remake of this controversial classic...

Friday, November 4, 08:04:23 PM

Amazing support this film!

Saturday, October 29, 08:02:47 AM

Amazing! I know why they are boycotting this film. Go see this movie.

Thursday, October 27, 09:24:40 AM

I loved the movie, beautifully done.

Friday, October 21, 06:26:16 AM

Excellent movie

Tuesday, October 18, 11:09:29 PM

Won't make you forget the original.

Tuesday, October 18, 09:08:33 PM

Well done. God is waiting for us to stop evil. The previews do not do justice to the seriousness of this movie.

Tuesday, October 18, 06:28:48 PM

Well done!! Kudos to Nate Parker.

Saturday, October 15, 09:49:48 AM

It shows a very important part of American history that is never talked about.

Thursday, October 13, 03:47:21 PM


Monday, October 10, 09:59:34 PM

Overly dramatic, and if I might be mistaken, the nation was formed a 100 years earlier. Tripe, and not very accurate. It is to history what Sex in the City us to physics.

Thursday, September 8, 04:59:44 PM

The year's must-see reboot!

Friday, August 26, 03:53:13 PM

Ugh, who's the genius who thought of rebooting Birth of a Nation?! This is about as welcome as an American swimmer at a gas station in Rio! They're just asking for trouble.

Friday, August 26, 08:31:32 AM

Stick with the original.

Friday, August 26, 03:36:45 AM

Honestly, was anyone clamouring for a remake of this movie???