Wednesday, April 26, 12:00:08 AM

Awesomely hilarious and touching.

Tuesday, April 25, 01:29:57 PM

Boring and stupid.

Tuesday, April 25, 11:24:45 AM

Not worth the money.

Monday, April 24, 06:06:54 PM

This was great - saved us from rainy afternoon. We are grandparents and we had a good time as did our 7 yr old grandson. Plus it ended well. We will go see Baby Boss no. #2 if one comes out.

Sunday, April 23, 02:16:43 PM

I really liked how it was a competition for Tim and the baby to communicate and to love each other but the end really got me.

Sunday, April 23, 07:31:47 AM

My grandson really enjoyed it.Actually watched it also lol

Saturday, April 22, 11:44:49 PM

Funny and lots of laughter!

Saturday, April 22, 07:29:00 PM


Saturday, April 22, 01:44:35 PM

So hilariously funny plus a bond with family.

Saturday, April 22, 04:03:17 AM

:(. No so great.

Thursday, April 20, 07:51:24 PM

Wasnt expecting much after seeing many very negative reviews, but the show was really good, lots of adult humour good for many laughs

Monday, April 17, 08:15:08 PM

Love the movie

Saturday, April 15, 03:15:57 AM

Self absorbed and self serving like baldwin.

Wednesday, April 12, 11:47:36 AM

This is a shouldn't see movie; totally bizarre concept. Baby's don't and shouldn't have an extra world of their own to control their kind. The babies act like mini spies after they are born and come to a family.

Tuesday, April 11, 09:08:54 PM

Kept me on the edge of my seat; I had to sit that way to stay awake and tuned during this sleeper. I am sure some will laud it; but we all have different tastes and this one was sour and disappointing for me.

Tuesday, April 11, 04:35:51 PM

Are you kidding me? We laughed our butts off, and we were not alone. There were people laughing out loud continuously. It was funny from start to end.

Saturday, April 8, 12:51:02 PM

STUPID...but if you must spend your money...enjoy

Friday, April 7, 05:19:56 PM

Loved everything saw in 4d soo funny

Friday, April 7, 12:29:22 PM


Friday, April 7, 12:38:28 AM

Watched the movie it was OK some funny parts. Seen way better animation movies in the past.

Wednesday, April 5, 03:38:06 PM

I tolerated this movie with my 2 kids...they tolerated this movie with me.They did not like it left early ,spent too much ,went to the library and picked up 2 FREE movies and that is how we enjoyed our day...

Wednesday, April 5, 12:31:33 AM

Funny, imaginative, and creatively animation . Enjoyed it!

Tuesday, April 4, 04:40:35 PM

BEST MOVIE EVER! 10/10 you have to watch it. "Cookies are for closers"

Tuesday, April 4, 02:03:03 PM

Just a shame and really offensive.

Monday, April 3, 07:17:50 PM

Disappointed with this movie. :(

Monday, April 3, 07:14:04 AM

Don't waste your time.

Sunday, April 2, 02:34:32 PM

Best movie ever everyone was entertained and there were parts that were very hilarious. If you haven't watched this movie you should it's the best movie ever. It was also with lots of comedy if u like comedy movies.

Sunday, April 2, 01:17:48 AM

It kept my 3 year old entertained for the whole movie. I thought it was okay...

Saturday, April 1, 12:54:51 PM

Really enjoyed, great comedy. My grandchildren ages 11 and 9 loved it

Friday, March 31, 05:49:27 PM

Cute and funny movie. Audience was laughing.

Friday, March 31, 08:44:52 AM

Dont' waste your time and money this movie was dumb and stupid as rotten tomatoes gave it 28% rating

Wednesday, March 29, 03:32:16 PM

I wanna see this movie again and again

Thursday, January 19, 05:00:23 PM

Will this play on a double bill with HAIL TO THE CHIMP ?