Saturday, July 1, 08:00:48 PM


Saturday, July 1, 07:55:33 PM

Meryl Streep is a goddess. This movie was the best of the year so far. I loved it.

Saturday, July 1, 05:54:38 PM

This movie is "Crossing Delancey" without the wit, heart or intelligence. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci give good performances, but this is a movie for teen-aged girls.

Saturday, July 1, 04:32:24 PM

In many ways it is a standard flick of working in at a job to obtain your goals. It subtly explores what you are willing to give, how you can and will be manipulated, and ultimately how you can break free. Great performances from Streep, Hathaway and Tucci. And always a pleasure to see Valentino! Such a master of fashion!

Saturday, July 1, 04:20:05 PM

Streep was incredible

Saturday, July 1, 10:46:45 AM

The whole cast is outstanding...

Saturday, July 1, 10:33:45 AM

Very entertaining and humorous movie!

Saturday, July 1, 10:05:28 AM

DWP was cute...That`s all.

Saturday, July 1, 08:19:01 AM

I love it, go see it, it will make those of you who have good bosses appreciate them better.

Saturday, July 1, 02:49:19 AM

excellent entertainment

Saturday, July 1, 02:00:04 AM

There are certain books that should not be made into movies because The Devil Wears Prada wasn`t that great. A straight to DVD release would have been fine enough.

Saturday, July 1, 01:57:19 AM

i hered the mention harry potter in this movie...SOMEONE TELL ME WAT THEY SAID!

Saturday, July 1, 12:03:38 AM

I loved the movie. The fastion was wonderful, the characters where great. It was a very good movie..

Friday, June 30, 11:08:24 PM

Very cute movie.Meryl Streep is Great.

Friday, June 30, 10:57:43 PM

very good close to the book which is always a treat. Streep plays a mean lady very well (when doesn`t she though).

Friday, June 30, 09:52:19 PM

The movie was pretty good. It was a bit different from the book. Merryl Streep was outstanding as well as Anne Hathaway.

Friday, June 30, 09:03:54 PM

An original story, good acting by all and funny. Meryl Streep derserves an award as well as Stanley Tucci.

Friday, June 30, 12:07:50 PM

A deliciously wicked comedy: Sreep is superb, Tucci`s wit is razor sharp and Hathaway`s subtle transformation is perefectly nuanced.

Friday, June 30, 11:54:14 AM


Friday, June 30, 11:31:05 AM

Stanley Tuuci was hilarious!BB

Friday, June 30, 11:17:27 AM

excellent...comedy all the way...the whole cast is outstanding...

Friday, June 30, 09:59:02 AM

Anne Hathaway will give an excellent performance in this movie. Her combined with Meryl Streep are sure to be a great pair. The Devil Wears Prada is sure to a great success along with the book.