Thursday, November 9, 01:40:58 AM

Lydia Jewlett was great. Go see the movie

Thursday, November 9, 01:40:58 AM

Lydia Jewlett was great. Go see the movie

Saturday, November 4, 11:27:22 AM

Complete garbage. This is only for the most undemanding and idiotic horror fans (a grossly overpopulated group)

Wednesday, October 25, 06:28:17 PM

Saw the original when I was a teenager. This one had a whole different fell to it and I loved it. Don’t know why it’s getting low ratings probably because the people that rated it wore and 95 mask.

Wednesday, October 25, 03:41:48 AM

i gave it a 5 stars because those girls were really scary and the surprise ended wasn't expected also good acting all way round. I rated it high also because the devil did stuff my five year old brothers does when he's mad. Slamming doors why does the devil always slam doors? my little brother does that all the time when he's angry. Playing with the lights... on and off on and off my brother does that to annoy me...same with the devil. Writing on the walls, my five year old brother goes one farther he scribbles on the walls. Screaming.. they both are champions at that.'s not as green as the devils but i saw him do it many times. Turning heads...a lot of heads are turned when my brother acts up. Mr Devil next movie, you have to do better.. you are acting like my five year old.the end

Sunday, October 22, 01:25:26 PM

Poor screen writing I was looking forward to seeing this until I did now ! waist of money . Worst one ever . Don't spend money at the theater if your wanting to see it Waite untill it comes out on TV.

Friday, October 20, 12:05:11 AM

Surprise, surprise. Two Jewish screenwriters out out a movie where the church refuses to help and Christ is useless. That only through new age use of herbs and self empowered people can demons be exorcised. This movie should be deleted from existence.

Tuesday, October 17, 07:15:00 PM

WOW, Talk about some HARSH CRITICISM. Me, I love a Good 'Exorcism flick', and while This one wasn't really a 'showstopper' or anything, I didn't Think it was That Bad!!! Perhaps I should see it again, and look a bit deeper. True, there was Nothing in it that I found really 'memorable', and a week or so later I cannot remember much at ALL. If you want to see something Scary and GOOD, watch '30 COINS' s.2 when it comes back on HBO. One of the Highlights of the pandemic, for Me! Reminded me of the Immortal 'El Topo' & The Holy Mountain. JUICY! Paranormal! Spicy! Good V. Evil! Great CAST, acting, Luscious Locations & cinematography. Then go find S.1 & watch THAT!

Monday, October 16, 09:26:55 PM

A wonderful homage to the original and a pretty good story on it’s own. Creepy atmosphere from the get go and never let’s up. If you’re really a horror fan, this is a must see. The devil is the only one that wants you to miss it!

Sunday, October 15, 06:16:42 PM

Wasted our time, many other movies we could have went in to.

Saturday, October 14, 04:59:30 PM

Incredibly bad. Massively stupid.

Friday, October 13, 07:50:01 PM

The movie is a good time and scary! Gr8 start to our barrage of scary movies leading to Halloween!

Thursday, October 12, 08:45:24 PM

The performers went through too much pain during the filming. I sat in on a few scenes when I was young and there was no separation between acting in a part and reality. If they can make a film showing how they helped the victims and changed the community to turn in and educate the healers it would help the audience and people experiencing torture in places that are usually assumed to be safe.

Sunday, October 8, 06:43:33 PM

Save your money. Too many parts left out to enjoy the movie. Nothing like original. Disappointed.

Sunday, October 8, 01:32:17 AM

The movie wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t nearly worthy of the Exorcist franchise. The Popes Exorcist was a much, much better film.

Saturday, October 7, 10:12:30 PM

Very dissapointed with the whole movie..Too many characters to keep up with and script was predictable..Never felt a character connection, where as a parent, you had understanding of their struggles..Ellen Burnstyn was just used and had little impact on the movie..With 2 more installments planned, it's has to get significantly better..

Saturday, October 7, 06:13:27 PM

This movie is a steaming, putrid pile of poop. It is just pathetic that anyone involved thought they were making a good movie.

Saturday, October 7, 05:42:32 PM

They have an interesting story, but it feels like the director didn’t really know what to do with it. A lot of characters lack depth and/or purpose which leaves the story flat and a bit disappointing. While I don’t think this movie will destroy the franchise, it’s not a strong movie.

Saturday, October 7, 08:13:58 AM

This movie is absolute trash. I can't believe how bad it is. David Gordon Green ruined Halloween and now he's ruined The Exorcist. Someone please stop the insanity!!!

Saturday, October 7, 12:05:20 AM

Utter garbage. Insulting. That spinning sound you hear is William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty turning in their graves. This was made by soulless profiteers, not filmmakers.

Friday, October 6, 04:28:42 AM

After running the Halloween franchise further into the ground, David Gordon Green now turns his crooked and fogged eye to The Exorcist. Just how many classic horror properties is the hapless David Gordon Green going to shit all over with his hackery and incompetence??? Somebody needs to stop this idiot.

Thursday, October 5, 10:34:47 PM

Totally obscene

Thursday, October 5, 09:41:42 PM

This movie should change its name. All it does is cheapen the impact of the first movie. Such garbage. Another cash grab.

Monday, September 11, 09:34:15 AM

A great movie!!!!