Tuesday, July 25, 10:54:53 AM

Overall the film was great, but it wasn't the best. There have been better Dinsey live-action movies that blew this out of the water, but I could appreciate the film. I enjoyed the portrayal of Prince Eric, most times the male characters are boring and soulless, but he had a good backstory and depth. Halle Bailey was amazing as Ariel and did exactly what she was cast to do. The film overall just didn't stand out, and Flounder was very scary to look at!

Saturday, July 22, 05:00:07 PM

Disney has lost its way. Go woke, go broke! Wise the F UP!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 06:15:02 PM

Expecting a colorful, vibrant movie, but they made the sea look so depressing and grey. Also, biggest downgrade to Flouder EVER

Wednesday, July 5, 04:28:40 PM

This movie casting was not the best

Wednesday, July 5, 04:26:45 PM

It was not very good . Disney needs to stop this

Friday, June 30, 02:56:32 PM

Pointless woke remake No. 455456.

Saturday, June 24, 03:16:19 PM

Woke junk

Wednesday, June 21, 02:07:32 AM

It was beautiful.If I could get married all over again?

Tuesday, June 20, 10:41:09 AM

Loved every aspect of this movie!

Friday, June 16, 04:26:42 PM

If you like a movie that sings the entire time , so if you like a movie that sings the story the entire time, this is for you. It's like an opera play. I didn't care for it. Started playing on my phone...

Friday, June 16, 03:11:30 PM

I appreciate how Disney gave Eric depth, a personality, and a backstory in this film. He is more than just a good-looking character like in the OG film. You can see what Ariel and Eric actually have in common and why they were drawn to each other - beyond just saving his life. Additionally, the new songs - Wild Uncharted Waters and For The First Time are beautifully sung by both Jonah Hauer-King and Halle Bailey; adding essential elements to the film that strengthen the storyline and ambitions of each character. Finally, the CHEMISTRY!! OMG! THE CHEMISTRY! It's "chef's kiss." This movie has been overshadowed at times from the fake negative reviews, but the numbers are climbing steadily at the box office and it's because it's actually a WELL DONE live adaption. I would place this movie at the top 3 of live-adaption remakes of Disney Princess movies. I laughed, I cried, I rooted for them ... Halle's voice is in a world of its own and I literally heard Ariel. So proud of her and I love this cast. Great job, Disney!

Wednesday, June 14, 08:34:19 PM

The visuals were so good and done so well you felt like you were watching real underwater characters.

Tuesday, June 13, 07:47:26 PM

Halle BAILEY (not Halle Berry) did a perfect job. I loved everything about it. The diversity in the movie (I thought) was super outstanding. I'm color blind as to the people. So the diversity didn't bother me one bit. Nor did I bother my family. I was lost in the movie and the nostalgia of my inner-child. It was great. I was not bored at all. And neither was my family. We loved it. We wish there would be more movies like this...that doesn't feature anything bad. There was no foul language. There was nothing in it to be offended by. I really appreciated that. Because I am super fussy about what my kids see. Please Disney, put more movies out like this. Halle Bailey did a wonderful job portraying Ariel. And I thought the prince was fantastic! Really, every single person in the movie did a grand job. We hated to see the movie end!

Tuesday, June 13, 07:35:24 PM

5-Stars for this movie! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 It was so well done. There aren't enough movies out for a family head to bring their children to that doesn't feature violence, sexual innuendos, or cussing. This was so refreshing. Because it did not contain any of that. And the idea that they did this live was wonderful. I hope they do a sequel!!!

Monday, June 12, 07:37:44 PM

a bit long but good action

Sunday, June 11, 09:01:48 AM

Haley Berry and Melissa McCarthy were excellent. The songs are great too. I have the album from the animated version. McCarthy should be acknowledged more for her important role. The prince was well... ordinary as prince's go. And adopted by black people? Why was that an issue? Diversity is cool but seems like it was thrust in your face all over the place. The end of the story is not true to it's real end which was always a problem but that's Disney.

Friday, June 9, 01:46:11 PM

Loved the 3D version at Disney Springs but thought it was supposed to be 4D. Was hoping for some water sprinkles and a little heat or wind. Either way, I thought it was well done. I can see where people who disagree are coming from. The problem is we built this country on a horrible foundation. Trying to make it better for all people is going to be a challenge. Halley was excellent. I loved the diversity for sure.

Thursday, June 8, 07:09:20 PM

woke trash

Thursday, June 8, 01:12:49 PM

Moved very slowly.

Tuesday, June 6, 10:16:24 PM

Halle Bailey was absolutely amazing! I grew up with the original and it was always one of my most favorite movies. I was moved to see Ariel brought to life in such a beautiful way! I cannot say enough good things about her!

Tuesday, June 6, 09:40:54 AM

Yes, Halle was good in it. But the movie bombed in Asia. An op-ed in The Global Times said, "“The controversy surrounding Disney’s forced inclusion of minorities in classic films is not about racism, but its lazy and irresponsible storytelling strategy. Many Chinese netizens said that like ‘Snow White,’ the image of the mermaid princess in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales has long been rooted in their hearts and it takes a leap of imagination to accept the new cast.” A lot of North Americans are probably thinking the same thing. Why put a black girl in a role that was originally white. Would we do the opposite - put a white girl in a role that was originally black? That would probably spark violence in the streets. Write an original black story. Next thing you know, the little mermaid will be played by a man.

Monday, June 5, 12:19:38 PM

It’s mid, I’d rather watch the first one bc it isn’t as scary

Sunday, June 4, 09:24:15 PM

I'd rather watch the original movie than waste my time watching this one.

Sunday, June 4, 07:11:51 PM

Love the songs.

Sunday, June 4, 05:10:31 PM

We can’t stop singing the songs because it was so good! The kids just loved this! People who have bad things to say should put their feelings about black peoples aside or watch something else because she was GREAT

Sunday, June 4, 05:05:14 PM

Everything was so incredible, from cast and talent to CGI. I want to see it again!

Saturday, June 3, 08:58:49 PM

Cultural diversity in film makes you see beyond skin color . Choice of island setting and music - awesome. Film truly magnifies the colors created by God on land and sea. Look forward to sequel next year.

Saturday, June 3, 02:34:45 PM

Disney has lost thier minds, 6 children and they put out this garbage , never again Disney.

Saturday, June 3, 01:35:59 PM

Did they get diversity hires to do the CGI too. The CGI looked like X Files in the 90’s. Really dark gloomy and blurry. We really need the best actors and most qualified technicians to do the production.

Friday, June 2, 08:40:14 PM

Not all that good.

Friday, June 2, 08:25:35 PM

Not good.

Friday, June 2, 05:57:45 PM

Loved it!!

Friday, June 2, 05:56:35 PM

This movie was so good!

Friday, June 2, 05:55:17 PM

Such a great movie!!

Friday, June 2, 01:39:12 PM


Friday, June 2, 01:07:28 PM

The movie was excellent! It was great to see a beautiful black mermaid. It was also wonderful to see all the amazing sea creatures underwater. I like how it didn't change too much of the original story but still added little details to keep it interesting.

Thursday, June 1, 05:44:35 PM

The entire movie was well done.

Thursday, June 1, 05:42:19 PM

My Grandaughter loved it!

Thursday, June 1, 05:40:43 PM

Great movie!

Wednesday, May 31, 10:16:03 AM

Why not create new princesses that fit the race and culture of the character instead of changing an original character. Create a character with the culture of Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic, or other cultures like what was done with Moanna, or Raya. I'm so disappointed in the way Disney is running the company. I truly believe Walt is turning over in his grave. Stop changing classics with the intent of trying to be diverse. You can be diverse with new characters and stories.