Wednesday, December 7, 11:29:33 PM

an award worthy performance from Ralph Fiennes

Wednesday, December 7, 01:44:27 PM

Interesting original plot line and characters. Different and unique w/twists throughout

Saturday, December 3, 10:33:49 PM

An uncomfortably funny movie. Brilliantly conceived and produced. Oscar worthy performances. Interesting character development throughout. Chef is both terrorizing and empathetic. Those reviewers here who have panned this movie may have consumed its content but did not appreciate the meaning of what was served up. They managed to transform a true work of art into shit, and must somehow feel they received less than they wanted. However, I would suggest "The Menu" served these naysayers much more than they deserved.

Thursday, December 1, 02:41:25 PM

There's nothing mind blowing about this movie, but hardly a bad movie either. People that give this only a 1 star are just negative people best be ignored. It's a good movie to watch, whether you want to spend "Theater" prices or not is just a personal choice.

Wednesday, November 30, 06:45:41 PM

This is not a foodie moving! This is not even a good mystery. This was just a terribly bad movie.

Saturday, November 26, 07:02:43 PM

The movie was awesome. Finally a great movie. It was about truth and how media, magazine writers, critics can ruin the lives of many many people who were great but had to deal with the lies and opinions of others. I noticed that a few people mentioned there was no plot to the story. Really??? You've got to be kidding

Friday, November 25, 12:04:30 PM

Smart and well crafted. Excellent performances. I loved it and plan to see it again in the theater soon. Next time I’ll take a friend.

Friday, November 25, 02:39:33 AM

No plot at all. Spend your money on a better movie, rather watch the WNBA

Tuesday, November 22, 11:28:28 PM

One of the worst shows I have seen in a long time . Skip it . Too many good shows to waste your time.

Monday, November 21, 03:17:20 PM

Most tasty.

Monday, November 21, 12:07:23 PM

No plot; No storyline; No reason to see!

Sunday, November 20, 07:29:15 PM

Save your money! On the dark side for sure with suspense. As the chef adds unexpected events during dinner.

Saturday, November 19, 06:08:24 PM

The movie was ok. If you do not expect much from it then you won't feel disappointed Happy ending for one gal 😉

Saturday, November 19, 12:18:03 AM

No likeable person, no hero, no escape, no hope! Depressing. An artist expressing their contempt for everyone. I am surprised anyone agreed to play in story.

Friday, November 18, 05:12:24 PM

Interesting concept at the beginning of the movie, which, however never explains itself as the story unfolds. The movie's end is totally stupid and neither actually "ends" the movie or makes any sense of it. Had looked forward to seeing it based on trailers or "previews", but this movie, if seen at all, might be relegated to home viewing on a boring day or night.

Friday, November 18, 10:37:14 AM

Drags a bit, but it's funny, mysterious and bloody. I liked it.