Thursday, January 17, 04:14:16 PM

I loved this movie, because it felt like I was going on a road trip with Grandpa!! Clint and the cast were absolutely phenomenal!!

Thursday, January 17, 04:00:59 PM

This movie was outstanding

Wednesday, January 16, 09:23:15 PM

Like Clint Eastwood but the nudity and him with the girls was discusting. To much bad language.

Wednesday, January 16, 07:12:38 PM

Thank you Clint Eastwood for once again making a movie for grown ups.

Wednesday, January 16, 01:29:34 PM

Loved this movie, a refreshing break from all the no mind nonsense Hollywood is producing these days.

Wednesday, January 16, 10:36:54 AM

Great movie! Only Clint Eastwood could pull off a movie like this. Many reviews say he should retire graciously, but no other 88 year old actor could play this part. He has always at his best and adapts to whatever the movie script calls for. He's a top producer too.

Wednesday, January 16, 12:16:38 AM

Clint Eastwood is a humble man & a great story-teller. His movies are about real people and don't have to rely on car chases, firey crash scenes & bloodshed.

Tuesday, January 15, 05:28:03 PM

Loved the movie. Clint Eastwood is the best. Movie kept you interested all the way through. I think this is one of those shows that realize you don't need continuous foul language or naked bodies to have it be good.

Tuesday, January 15, 05:06:34 PM

This was a very good story. I didn't realize it was a true story (actually happened in Michigan not Illinois),Clint Eastwood has made another good film. Kept my interest to the end. Very suspenseful at times.

Tuesday, January 15, 08:54:54 AM

Action movie of the year.

Tuesday, January 15, 01:25:40 AM

The Mule was a story. A good story told by a good director. I found it strangely suspenseful. If people were expecting an action movie, well.. sorry. Do your homework. By the way, I’m sick of the fake reviews on this site. The word of the week seems to be “ disappoint “. For fun, look at the reviews and see how similar they are. I think there is a cadre of hack writers paid to write this tripe. I’m saying this so that you will be able to separate the real reviews from the dross.

Monday, January 14, 11:45:56 PM

Clint Eastwood never disappoints. Glad he brought this story to film. Interesting story and enjoyed the movie

Monday, January 14, 08:50:53 PM

Clint Eastwood does it again, never disappoints and always keeps your eyes glued to the screen because the story plot is always so good.

Monday, January 14, 09:51:52 AM


Monday, January 14, 09:50:54 AM


Sunday, January 13, 11:30:57 PM

What a great movie right to the end. Great acting by everyone.

Sunday, January 13, 06:49:46 PM

A very good movie just a little bit on the slow side kinda like Gran Torino

Saturday, January 12, 10:07:12 PM

I really liked this movie. No, it's not a 'shoot em up' movie if that's what you're going for but it is a great movie about a man who gets caught up in the wrong thing for the right reasons. Really enjoyed it. Very well done!

Saturday, January 12, 05:21:45 PM

Great movie. Clint never disappoints

Saturday, January 12, 04:57:39 PM

Anything Clint Eastwood Does!!!

Saturday, January 12, 01:30:27 PM

If there were ten stars I would have hit all ten. Mr. C. Eastwood never made a bad movie and played all of his parts out of this world. Mr. Eastwood is the best actor and no one can ever out do him.

Saturday, January 12, 11:10:32 AM

I watched this movie same day with Bohemian Rapsody. Both movies are excellent. Clint did a good job!

Friday, January 11, 03:50:58 PM

Clint Eastwood has done excellent with character and subject matter. love his performance.

Friday, January 11, 02:11:57 PM

Another great Clint Eastwood movie. I have been a longtime fan and his movies NEVER disappoint.

Friday, January 11, 01:15:37 PM

There is NO BAD CLINT EASTWOOD MOVIE ----- all you haters in our new world would like to see you do with your life what he has over his awesome years ----he looks great for his age -- GO SEE IT -- the hater's must be Dems because Clint loves Trump

Friday, January 11, 10:38:15 AM

Obviously Clints acting days are over

Thursday, January 10, 07:53:59 PM

I wasn't impressed, but Eastwood's acting was great (an old guy that supposedly didn't know anything about today;s world) and funny at times. I wouldn't watch it again.

Wednesday, January 9, 09:26:24 PM

Must see movie. Edge of my seat with suspense. Loved Clint Eastwood. Girls with Eastwood scene was disgusting.

Wednesday, January 9, 04:04:28 PM

Liked the humor and the moral and Clint Eastwood. Could skip the vivid display of the scantily clad women. Hope Clint continues to make movies!

Tuesday, January 8, 09:02:15 AM

One of the better movies of the year. Acting was great. Well worth seeing and guess phoney special effects. Plot and characters were excellent!

Monday, January 7, 06:28:18 PM

Boring movie of an old man who commits a crime of transporting illicit drugs for lots of money. I couldn't see the point bc there must be several stories like this out there. So why this one? The old man was a terrible husband and father too. Don't get it. I expected more out of Eastwood.

Sunday, January 6, 09:09:23 PM

As old and tired as Eastwood looked in this movie,the 1st half was pretty good,then the dialogue and story got totally ,ridiculously bad. Time to pack it in Clint and retire gracefully. :(

Sunday, January 6, 04:02:55 AM

A real movie! A story about a man who learns about the importance of all the people in his life. A thinking persons movie, not a lot of 'action', just enough to reflect reality. Mr. Eastwood did not disappoint, again! Looking forward to his next movie! 61 year old kid.

Saturday, January 5, 11:19:47 PM

I was hesitant to see this movie about drugs running because it is such a violent culture, but I loved this movie! It was not overly violent and there were such great poignant moments near the end. As well as some great humorous moments and of course I loved Clint Eastwood in the role of papa and his one liners. Thanks Clint, for a great movie!

Saturday, January 5, 08:17:59 PM

Loved this movie !,

Friday, January 4, 10:49:02 AM

Great movie... Clint Eastwood never disappoints.

Thursday, January 3, 10:17:56 PM

Clint is obviously way past his acting days. He keeps trying to be young again in his past few movires but hes makibg himself look bad. He was great in his Dirty Harry and western movies but he needs to accept that his age caught up with him years ago and playing like he is studimg some young girls is not going to make him younger.

Thursday, January 3, 10:03:36 PM

Standard old-man-becomes-drug-mule trope.

Thursday, January 3, 08:47:58 AM

I actually thought it was the best Eastwood movie I've seen. Now, for people who are used to his Action Flicks, this movie might disappoint. But I really enjoyed the story. Pretty much a feel-good!

Tuesday, January 1, 09:13:52 PM

Expected so much more with that cast. Didn't hate it, but it was soooo slow. Quite the snooze fest.