Thursday, June 5, 12:51:52 PM

I enjoyed this movie, I thought it was good. Yes there is no plot and no special effects but it was a plain and simple horror movie.

Thursday, June 5, 12:57:57 AM

People are right... this is a throw back. throw back to time when you wish liv tyler was young, hot and was in music videos instead of B movies.

Wednesday, June 4, 10:47:13 PM

Didn't scare me as much as I wanted it to, but the tension for this movie was insane! Great sequences of silence and simplicity. A change from all the gross out blood and gore horror because this goes goes back to the old school "look behind you" movies...WHICH IS GREAT!

Wednesday, June 4, 10:07:56 PM

boring ass movie

Wednesday, June 4, 09:43:16 AM

Sure, so it's based on a true story.. They should find out what really happened before making accusations.. I mean who knows? Maybe it was the girlfriend or the boyfriend?

Wednesday, June 4, 07:08:15 AM

I can't believe the poor reviews written here! It is probably because there isn't any sex scenes.This movie is so good , that it got some screams from a very young and LOUD audience , Great suspense , shocking scenes , with superb sounds , all well orchestrated .

Wednesday, June 4, 12:40:06 AM

didn't know what's the theme of this movie. all bullshit.

Wednesday, June 4, 12:36:50 AM

worst movie.

Tuesday, June 3, 10:02:19 PM

A complete waste of money and time. Dont even rent it, wait for it to come on tv.

Tuesday, June 3, 09:04:17 PM

It amazes me how some people gave this movie a good review. Was I in the same theater. This movie had no plot, no ending. Was a little creepy but nothing more. What a waste of money. Watching the strangers was like watching a buch of killer

Tuesday, June 3, 05:46:41 PM

Waste of time. I only gave it 1 Star because there was no option of giving it 0. Save your money and download it if you really want to see it...

Tuesday, June 3, 05:01:50 PM

Bad - this film just couldn’t decide what it wanted to be – horror?, but there’s no real horror, the characters disappear incredibly quick but not supernaturally. Thriller?, its so painfully predictable you actually thought there might be a twist coming only be to be incredibly disappointed. It says its inspired by a true event… key here is its ‘inspired’, not 'based' on anything. Was hoping for more from Liv and Scott who gave good performances despite a bad, boring and really dumb script. 1 star - …/m

Tuesday, June 3, 02:46:07 PM

This movie was truly scary, especially since its based on some true events. I thought that Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman were fantastic. The ending made me cry, which was surprising for a horror movie, but you could really feel their connection. I really liked this movie!

Tuesday, June 3, 02:28:01 PM

the trailer made it seem like it was goign to be a horror movie but it definately wasn't as scary as a horror movie should was a waste of my time and money

Tuesday, June 3, 02:39:31 AM

Worst movie eva

Tuesday, June 3, 12:42:30 AM

I am never scared in horror films but this one kept me on the edge of my seat begining to end!

Monday, June 2, 09:56:02 PM

well made, raw and covered all possible corners. some movies cast actors as being dumb, and doing wrong things at wrong times ie. like when they scream instead of run, or trip and fall when they should be staying put...this movie makes it believable - could really happen

Monday, June 2, 09:08:27 PM

One of the worst movies i've ever seen. I've seen cartoons that are scarier than this garbage I paid 10 bucks to see. It's not even worth the rental when it comes out on dvd!

Monday, June 2, 02:58:58 PM

not much of a story to this one, very pointless and unsuspencefull, I knew what was going to happen in every scene!

Monday, June 2, 11:01:30 AM

I think this movie is incredible. It plays on your fears and has great suspense. It is defiantley not a gory horror flick, this is simply a great thriller that keeps you guessing. I do not scare easily and I even jumpped a few times. Great job.

Monday, June 2, 09:26:58 AM

no ending

Monday, June 2, 09:17:51 AM

It was quite good.. I'm surprised.. I screamed my head off 3 times!!!! It's a good freaky movie!! Good job!!!!

Monday, June 2, 02:37:22 AM

Worse movie I have ever seen. Has nos story line whasoever, and it isn't scary at all. Overall a waste of my time and money

Monday, June 2, 12:45:57 AM

what a horrible ending.

Sunday, June 1, 11:29:55 PM


Sunday, June 1, 10:54:31 PM

Total waste of time and money!

Sunday, June 1, 09:12:07 PM

Fairly good movie, have seen better though. Good acting, good ambiance..would like an explanation of who the strangers are and why there are doing what they are doing. I give it 3 stars.

Sunday, June 1, 07:24:58 PM

best movie eva

Sunday, June 1, 12:51:40 PM

Very Interesting Movie. Usually I am not scared for horror movies, but i thought wrong after seeing this one.

Sunday, June 1, 12:14:51 PM

Worst movie ive ever seen!

Sunday, June 1, 11:41:15 AM

There hasn't been a movie in a very long time that has phychologically scared me out of my mind!! This movie has it all - a great storyline, neverending anxious anticipation, and true terror in it's finest form!! A highly entertaining movie which leaves you trembling for what's to come!!

Sunday, June 1, 12:43:32 AM

Horrible movie, a complete waste of your time and money.

Saturday, May 31, 11:35:09 PM

One word to describe this movie: Intense!

Saturday, May 31, 08:35:00 PM

worst movie I ever saw. Don't waste your money because they will not give it back.

Saturday, May 31, 07:19:08 PM

not a really good story...but a really good jumper you a good scare

Saturday, May 31, 05:45:45 PM


Saturday, May 31, 05:41:11 PM


Saturday, May 31, 02:36:33 PM

excellent loved it could have been a little more scarier!!

Saturday, May 31, 02:24:57 AM

I have never been so scared/scarred in my life!

Friday, May 30, 10:57:24 PM

a taut, styleised thriller with good performances by all excellent moody feel with great location shots and a couple of good scares, should be a cult favorite, don't miss it at the theatre! better than most of the drudge that comes out of hollywood, i really enjoyed this film and i think you will to .