Tuesday, August 13, 05:48:27 AM

LOVED IT ! ! ! ! !

Thursday, May 30, 01:53:37 PM

Beautiful little romance, it's a disgrace that this pleasant movie only gets one showing a night and only for one week to boot while other garbage runs for weeks on end..

Sunday, May 26, 12:23:45 PM

If you are a teenager, you may find this movie realistic and romantic. So, enjoy! As an adult with any life experience, you will find it frustrating, unrealistic and cheesy. So, avoid!

Tuesday, May 21, 11:01:14 PM

Enjoyable!, refreshing!,

Tuesday, May 21, 11:23:37 AM

Fake movie about good looking people who fall in love. Yuck.

Monday, May 20, 03:53:09 AM

Beautiful story !

Sunday, May 19, 02:12:53 PM

beautiful content, it could be real. Although not exactly the sames remnds me events from my youth