Thursday, October 1, 12:41:19 PM

Very disappointing sequel to the original movie.

Sunday, August 30, 08:07:05 PM

Massively disappointing followup. Treads much of the same ground as the similiarly disappointing LAND OF THE DEAD. Uh, a 20+ year old movie instead, even if you've seen it before. That would be better than this.

Wednesday, August 12, 10:21:52 AM

I thought it would be a good movie, Like Train to Busan where I choked up. but this movie made me cringe. the Driving on the movie is so fake.

Tuesday, August 11, 05:31:07 PM

The movies best quality is the pacing. It moves quickly so even if you don’t care about the characters there is some zombie action. The dramatic scenes are a bit goat-cheesy for me but the action is entertaining and the “over the top” Hong Kong Villains are downright gold your stomach funny for negative stereotyping.

Monday, August 10, 09:05:45 PM

Not too bad. A decent time waster. Better than seeing all those 20 years plus old movies we already have on dvd