Friday, March 1, 10:52:19 PM

Definitely worth seeing in the theatre!

Monday, February 26, 01:32:38 AM

One of the best movies that Pixar has ever made.

Monday, February 26, 01:19:02 AM

This movie is relatable for everyone who has experienced puberty but it's especially relatable and a must watch for immigrants, millennials, Asians, and/or people who grew up in the GTA.

Saturday, February 10, 12:35:45 PM

Best animated film set in Canada ever!

Thursday, February 8, 09:55:53 AM

Wow..has to been seen on a big screen

Wednesday, March 16, 12:04:05 AM

Canuck-centric coming-of-age Pixar film provides a new slant on the animation genre. Check it out.

Sunday, March 13, 12:54:54 AM

Turning Red is an okay Pixar effort. It takes place in a fantasyland version of Toronto: the city is beautiful and colorful in this movie, unlike the antique and grimy Toronto of reality. The characters don't really look Asian, and the whole central metaphor is clumsy and rather obvious. Still, this has some funny moments and it's pretty to look at.

Tuesday, March 8, 11:05:36 AM

Absolutely fantastic, one of Pixar's best to date.