Wednesday, July 24, 12:27:26 AM

Wow! What a ride!! Dude - you have serious thrill issues (Nemo)! I love the 2 main actors - great chemistry, great acting. She's like a tornado whisperer. I loved the sciency stuff, the humanitarian stuff, the reconciling stuff. Just a great movie. I'll probably go see it again and bring hubby.

Tuesday, July 23, 08:51:24 PM

Original Twister had better special effects of close up tornadoes.

Tuesday, July 23, 08:12:29 PM

I don't know about the regular theater, but in Dolby, hold on for the ride of your life.. one of the most intense movie -going experiences I ever had. AMAZING ! With speakers in the screen, on the sides, behind you & on the ceiling, you're in the middle of the tornado; not to mention 4 subwoofers & LFE. If it's your 1st dolby experience, your're probably going to have a little anxiety. I'm just a movie-goer, but I'm a musician & am into sound - there is no better than Dolby Cinema rh

Tuesday, July 23, 07:51:45 PM

Terrific action, nail biter moments, AWESOME 👏🏼 Encore number two please.

Tuesday, July 23, 05:06:42 PM

So So Good you will want to see this today. Has you holding your breath during some scenes. Film really shows how powerful and real a tornado does exist. Must see!

Tuesday, July 23, 03:30:44 PM

Supposedly this was originally meant to be a Twister/Top Gun crossover movie, but after seeing Twisters I'd be even MORE excited to see a Twisters/Top Gun/Mummy crossover!

Tuesday, July 23, 11:51:13 AM

Just as super as the original

Tuesday, July 23, 08:40:08 AM

It’s not a bad movie, but also it didn’t seem exciting either. I found myself sitting watching this and critiquing why it wasn’t exciting. Not something I normally do while watching. Maybe, it was the main character, she didn’t have a lot of charisma, and the two leads didn’t have any chemistry as a couple. Also, it could be the filming, the twister scenes didn’t have me excited other than the very first one. The rest were meh. Maybe the effects or production is lacking. I was kinda bored and actually waiting for this to end.

Monday, July 22, 08:29:34 PM

Just barely entertaining - too computerized to be believable.

Monday, July 22, 12:58:34 PM

Just as shitty as the original

Monday, July 22, 11:07:30 AM

Glen Powell tee hee

Monday, July 22, 03:55:26 AM

Extremely excellent movie 🎥 Great casts Great story Great action Great humour

Saturday, July 20, 07:37:17 PM

A blockbuster filled with suspense. On the edge of your seat don't miss a beat. Filming very good gives a scare of the real experience of a tornado. Some shocking moments and some calm ones too.

Saturday, July 20, 06:36:43 PM

It's similar but definitely different - not a remake. I own the original. Used parts in a grad school psychology presentation. This is more like a sequel. Anyway... it's worth a look. The action is so exciting. Characters are lovable. A romance develops without getting at all schmooshy. Rivals manage to work together. It's a tear jerker.

Friday, July 19, 04:12:38 PM

Amazing to watch and feel nature's power in a cozy cinemas seat while eating lux food..Gerry a true woodman

Thursday, July 18, 02:06:12 AM

I like the clever twist on the title.

Wednesday, July 17, 10:57:02 PM

Super Terrific Excellent Victorious Nice Tublar Orgasmic Delightful Daring

Wednesday, July 17, 10:55:24 PM

Bring on more remakes

Wednesday, July 17, 10:54:58 PM

Cinema is back

Thursday, July 11, 12:04:33 PM

How do you expect to make money when the story has been told before.

Saturday, February 17, 11:02:38 PM

So sick of hollweird remaking movies that should never ever be remade! It's a insult to the original actors who may or may not have passed away! 0 Stars without even seeing this movie!