Thursday, April 18, 02:19:58 PM

Not worth seeing, don't waste your money. I get the story line, but it was just wack all together.

Wednesday, April 17, 10:26:49 PM

This is a horror/suspense movie. This isn't some stupid slasher movie. It will make you think. Which the people who didn't like the movie can't do. This is not a closed ended movie. Very little spoon feeding here. So if you aren't someone who likes to use their brain, or if you just want to "turn it off" to schadenfreude the onscreen family, don't watch it. You won't be happy. Those of you with active brains and neurons that function, you'll have a good time!!

Wednesday, April 17, 06:03:45 PM

So angry I wasted my money on this garbage! Hated it.

Monday, April 15, 12:44:54 AM

Awesome movie!

Sunday, April 14, 06:07:59 PM

Would give it NO STARS if I could...Don't give me the crap about this idiocy being "deep"...It was all over the place and don't go to the movies to try and figure out what the director/producer had in mind...The possession voices and much of the acting was jeuvenile...What a waste of money!

Sunday, April 14, 03:16:51 PM

Horrible tale horribly told. This is the person who directed 'Get Out'? I want the director to 'Get Out' and come over to my house with a refund.

Sunday, April 14, 12:32:25 PM

This was worse then the foolishness of "Get out". They both suck

Sunday, April 14, 12:01:30 PM

This is not a horror movie. This was a half comedy and half sci fi at best. Not that good in my opinion

Saturday, April 13, 11:19:08 AM

In the words of "Men on Film" HATED IT!

Friday, April 12, 01:05:17 PM

all. ridiculous. waste of my money n time. worst thing ive seen in yrs.

Thursday, April 11, 07:36:12 PM

Worst movie I've ever seen. A few people walked out.

Wednesday, April 10, 10:09:08 PM

Poor script, the movie kept dragging along, I and a few viewers fell asleep.

Wednesday, April 10, 05:50:50 PM

Hard to fathom someone actually bankrolled this movie!

Wednesday, April 10, 01:32:17 PM

pleeasee dont waste your time and money..."F"

Tuesday, April 9, 12:52:09 PM

Very disappointed.

Monday, April 8, 11:49:59 AM

No analysis is required this is just an awful movie!!!

Sunday, April 7, 06:50:57 PM

stupid, long, and boring

Sunday, April 7, 03:26:10 PM

Wow I was disappointed it was not as good as Get Out and he had all these great actors waste their time when they could have been in a better film. Don't waste your money on this rubbish it's a total flop, maybe next time the director should stick to what worked in his Get Out film and I'll do my part by reading reviews from here and not one sided Rotten Tomatoes web page.

Sunday, April 7, 03:14:13 PM

In a word 'stupid" don't waste your money!

Sunday, April 7, 09:31:26 AM

If you're simple minded, you shouldn't watch this movie. This movie is deep and I completely understand it. Theres two sides to life . Which will you choose?. It's simple. That's not all the meaning but it's some of it.

Sunday, April 7, 02:27:38 AM

Only gave 4 stars because there were just some things that a person would have never figured out had they not read about it beforehand. As a queen of suspense movies, I think it was overall pretty good.

Saturday, April 6, 07:11:02 PM

so long and boring nothing scary about it stupid concept i had to keep asking husband why they were doing some of the stuff they were doing felt like i lost a few brain cell watching do not waste you money

Saturday, April 6, 01:12:32 PM

People saying the 1s who gave 1 star need to watch it again because "they just don't get it" are insane. This movie sucked on so many levels. Not to mention it's filled with so many holes. So if I watch it again it'll make sense the 2nd time through and all the huge plot holes will magically disappear?... Ugh.. No. You couldn't pay me to Rewatch this garbage. All the messages are ridiculous anyways, so am I supposed to watch what I thought was supposed to be a scary movie, or am I supposed to look for stupid hidden messages? It's a movie not an Easter egg hunt..👎👎👎

Friday, April 5, 07:12:14 PM

Many hidden layers in this film and is evidently not for those with a simple mind (the ones who left a 1 star review and is telling everyone not to waste their money). Movies are objective and if you watched the trailer, it is what you see os what you get. I lived it personally because I went in knowing that there was going to be hidden symbolism and meanings throughout the film. As mentioned, if you are simple minded, don't watch it, or do but spare your mindless reviews unless you can support your negativity towards this movie with reason.

Friday, April 5, 06:52:43 PM

I would rather give it no stars. So sorry I wasted my money on this movie.

Friday, April 5, 11:38:21 AM

this film was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed every last bit of it

Thursday, April 4, 08:39:13 PM

This was a decent thriller. I liked it better than Get Out. I look forward to watching more from this screen writer and director in the future. A nice change from what we normally see.

Thursday, April 4, 04:12:15 PM

it was a good movie but it wasn't scary

Thursday, April 4, 12:06:52 PM

Gaping plot holes and an unnecessary twist ending bring down what is a unique, weird foray full of great performances. Lupita N'yongo especially shines here. While it comes nowhere near Get Out, I'm still glad Peele is out here being original in a sea of remakes and spin offs.

Wednesday, April 3, 06:44:45 PM

Zombies meet the zombies. I can't explain how bad this movie was. I stayed until the end, only because I thought it would never end. Jordan stick to comedy...or maybe you did!

Wednesday, April 3, 01:46:47 PM

I will rate this movie 4 stars out of 5 simply because it was a little slow for me to develop. Awesome plot twist and did not expect the ending at all. for the lames calling the movie racist etc...calm down. Jordan Peele is HALF WHITE and HALF BLACK (look it up) i am not condoning racism, however I am saying that he isnt attacking the white race with hatred hahaha

Tuesday, April 2, 03:03:53 PM

One star, worst movie. Would have walked out but came in a group. Don't waste your time and money. Not even worth renting or buying when it comes out. Oh and one star racist, give me a brake.

Tuesday, April 2, 01:24:28 PM

I think some of the people who rate this one star are just racist haters LOL I'm a white guy, and I love all God's people. Jordan Peele has proven you can have black actor's leading horror movies because people are people, plain and simple. And this is the top-notch movie in the horror genre. it's best to go into this movie and watch it without reading anything at all ahead of time (the spoilers that abound online these days SMH). It is truly refreshing and original.

Sunday, March 31, 07:39:27 PM

The director's first film, "Get Out", is a masterpiece. "Us", unfortunately, is an utter mess. The director compulsively slides into too many obviously references and puns and homages to other films and film history, often senselessly and nearly always distractingly. Too much cash and fame from the excellent first film seem to have seduced Peele into the most common of errors for a young director: Trying to do too much and getting deeply confused about what it was he set out to do. Further, the film has moments that are offensively racist, and the representations of men are consistently flippant and contemptuous. Do men need to be treated with contempt just now? Do men of color need this sort of abuse?

Sunday, March 31, 07:05:51 PM

But... why?!! The acting and the shoot was soo good, but the story is stupid and broken, big plot holes everywhere!!

Sunday, March 31, 07:04:27 PM

Half-baked universe concept. Movie is happy to contradict itself when it suits the plot. Inconsistencies make it annoying to watch. Feels like the makers of the movie are trying to say something, but it gets lost in the rest of the tangled mess they made.

Sunday, March 31, 06:58:36 PM

I think for the moment we can hold the brakes before we crown Peele the new Hitchcock.

Sunday, March 31, 06:53:52 PM

Jordan Peele says ‘I don’t see myself casting a white dude’ - that's ok, your movies are half baked and actually suck. Get Out was nothing more than a re-working of Stepford Wives. This, not really sure what this was except it wasn't good!!

Sunday, March 31, 06:49:00 PM

Soooooooo disappointed!! Great idea but watching it unravel was painful!! I've yet to be impressed by JP's movies.

Sunday, March 31, 05:42:56 PM

Crazy, thriller