Friday, November 5, 11:08:15 PM

Great entertaining movie And the racially bias critics had the unmitigated gall to say black panther was better than this movie black panther was one of the most boring movies I have seen in decades

Monday, March 16, 01:46:54 PM

Great movie probably the best marvel movie even better than the captain America movies.

Thursday, January 2, 08:42:57 PM

great movie and liked tom hardy as eddie brock. good ending.

Wednesday, November 20, 07:15:27 PM

Really good movie. and the limed edition venom figure is great.

Friday, January 25, 07:09:51 PM

This was a really good movie!

Monday, January 14, 07:21:55 PM


Monday, January 14, 01:10:38 AM

Terrible! What were they thinking?!?!

Sunday, January 6, 02:16:38 AM

Loved It!!!!!!!!! It was of the BEST MARVEL MOVIES Made so far.

Friday, December 14, 03:55:19 PM

A great mix of 'technical terror' - aka computer-generated effects and comedy. Chill out, sit back and take in the show. Some great lines!!

Friday, December 14, 02:23:10 AM

Good movie a really good take on a villain that is also a hero

Sunday, December 2, 11:36:28 PM

The movie was great to watch. It was funny. I am looking forward of watching the movie again on DVD.

Sunday, November 25, 04:02:27 PM

Loved it ...... and the add humor was great !... definitely can't wait for the 2nd one :)

Saturday, November 17, 07:15:46 AM

An atypical film and story with a nice ending.

Thursday, November 8, 03:12:50 PM

Never ending action. Entire movie was non stop. Really, really cool.

Monday, November 5, 04:45:33 PM

Venom takes a long time to get rolling but when it does, the film is not half bad. Tom Hardy is a physical actor and his skills come through for the most part. The dialogue between himself and Venom is funny-most of the time. It tries to be like Dead Pool (first one), with wit and dark humour but somehow it comes off a bit too silly. The bad guy is one dimensional and the story is sloppy, but since you are strapped in, the ride is decent. One of the better marvel films.

Sunday, November 4, 09:26:11 PM

I found this movie highly entertaining. Looking forward to the next 👩?🎤

Saturday, November 3, 08:09:22 PM

I love this movie

Saturday, November 3, 06:53:57 PM

Good movie !

Saturday, November 3, 05:35:34 PM

I haven't had a lot of worse lately. But Venom got to be the worse movie I've seen all year. Even with Tom Hardy, who was extraordinary in Lock. That movie was just him inside the car and he manages to make it interesting. Here, however many million of dollars and special effects and they manage to turn out a pile of manure!

Friday, November 2, 04:15:41 PM

I cannot believe they are making this crap for us and kids to watch. Absolute garbage! Horrible story line, and terrible idea--looks more of a horror plot than comic. Too much foul language. Not happy!!

Friday, November 2, 11:36:03 AM

He doesn't have a clue what is happening to him and neither do we. Hardy's painful over-acting here is on par with Travolta's work in Battlefield Earth.

Friday, November 2, 10:25:06 AM

This movie is one of the most fun movies I have seen in a while. Tom Hardy is just amazing as Eddie. He doesn't have a clue about what is happening to him and the internal conflicts between what he is and what he is becoming is a treat to watch. Many funny moments. Not for little kids but still not a lot of blood and gore. Very little bad language, but a lot of action and special effects.

Thursday, November 1, 09:51:05 PM

It cool

Thursday, November 1, 07:39:41 PM

probably the only movie i wanted to go see in the theater.

Friday, October 26, 06:12:11 PM


Thursday, October 25, 02:31:42 AM

I'm not much of a fan of these superhero type movies but I loved this one. Love the Venom character. The back and forth between venom and the eddie character is so funny.

Wednesday, October 24, 10:09:01 PM

Marvel is really digging at the bottom of the barrel. Space creatures are not heros. Ridicusly stupid made movie.

Wednesday, October 24, 10:02:12 PM

Don't waist your money. Alian takes over your body; Really? How stupid!

Monday, October 22, 08:12:26 PM

If your a huge Marvel fan & really love the original Spiderman Trilogy with Toby Maguire then you will love the new Marvel Venom movie. I don't agree of what any of the Critics say about Venom. Venom should be taken more seriously of how great of a movie it is. I can't wait for the new Venom Sequel & Trilogy that Marvel is currently working on.

Monday, October 22, 07:22:49 PM

I loved this movie, but maybe that's cause i know and like the Venom character as well as being easily entertained. If you're like me and will enjoy a movie with fairly good acting, a bunch of fun, action, and some laughs then you'll enjoy it... If you're looking for a blockbuster that's gonna rake in all the academy awards or an aspiring Hollywood movie critic (who i can only imagine the people who gave this movie less than 3 stars must be) then maybe don't watch it.

Monday, October 22, 05:03:38 PM

Despite its bad reviews, I really enjoyed the movie! I always love a good Marvel film, and Venom was no exception!

Thursday, October 18, 11:16:23 PM

fantastic movie that mixes action horror and comedy, this is one of my favorite marvel movies, Venom is a fun fresh comic book film !

Thursday, October 18, 05:16:10 PM

I really liked this movie in some parts the story line get a bit rushed but overall a great movie to see!

Wednesday, October 17, 04:32:35 PM

I went into this movie knowing that I was going to like it but what I didn’t expect was just how much I was going to like it. Is it a perfect? No it’s not, it is a mess in some places with some things that don’t make sense but what it comes down to is it’s an enjoyable action movie with some great humour about a boy and his symbiote. I really like how it is a bit darker compared to the MCU movies which I love but this is different which I also love. Tom Hardy plays the role of Eddie Brock very well and it will be great to see him in hopefully an R rated Carnage movie!!

Wednesday, October 17, 12:54:52 PM

This Movie Rocks!!!! I had a really good time! Tom Hardy was enjoyable!

Tuesday, October 16, 08:27:41 PM

Whats not to like? Good entertainment and Tom Hardy is awesome

Monday, October 15, 11:12:13 PM

What dime store sold them these "special" effects?!

Monday, October 15, 08:34:42 PM

Awful! A slooow start and wimpy lead character made for a movie I thought would never end. Too silly and predictable for adults and probably way too scary for younger kids. 2 Stars

Monday, October 15, 08:03:53 PM

👍 good one!

Sunday, October 14, 01:46:43 PM

Goes to show you can't trust critics. They try to hard to sound like they know what people like and it's better than a 30% audiences are giving it 89% so that tells you something