Wednesday, December 13, 08:01:51 PM

Watched this movie twice, second time with my family. I really like them to share the LOVE that I have experienced in this great film.

Wednesday, December 13, 07:59:23 PM

I will give top stars to this lovely movie, it teaches us how to love one another. We should! In this terrible world.

Wednesday, December 13, 07:58:19 PM

it seems the one star score are posted by the same guy who doesn't know what is LOVE. Got to learn it Man! Don't turn out to be the killer.

Wednesday, December 13, 07:55:51 PM

Yes, I agreed that this movie in no way of getting only 3 stars score, it should be 5 stars instead.

Wednesday, December 13, 05:03:03 PM

Best movie I have seen this year!! I cant believe it only has 3 stars. There are alot of very real & different topics touched on and alot of good things to take home from this movie. Everyone should see this movie!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 09:27:43 PM

I thought this movie was excellent as did all who went with me. I think there is a lot to learn about life and the way people should be treated by this movie. Amazing and would definitely watch a thousand times more.

Tuesday, December 12, 02:28:45 PM

Corn syrup is much better than bullets shredding. Love is much better than hatred.

Monday, December 11, 07:19:21 PM

Unless your heart is as hard as a rock, you will not give one star to this beautiful movie.

Monday, December 11, 07:17:57 PM

Love this movie, no doubt this is the one that I recommend everyone to watch it. It is a good one with touching story for your family, relatives and friends.

Monday, December 11, 07:15:21 PM

Don't know why people want to pull down the score of this movie especially the world right now is Lack of Love.

Monday, December 11, 07:13:55 PM

Best movie showing this time, should get much better scores if people respecting what is LOVE.

Sunday, December 10, 09:55:26 PM

Corn syrup movie.

Sunday, December 10, 12:59:52 AM

It didn't teach me how to love but it does provide valuable tips re: ridicule and bullying. See it, freaks!

Saturday, December 9, 04:38:47 PM

This movie was really awesome. Follows the book to a tea the cast is really terrific in it love it

Saturday, December 9, 11:20:47 AM

Beautiful movie. It didn't seem possible a movie like this could ever be made again. Loved it.

Saturday, December 9, 10:40:35 AM

This Movie is A+++ in response to the negative comments.

Saturday, December 9, 05:30:22 AM

Uh yeah, it is possible to be decent humans with the capacity for love and still dislike this movie. Check your arrogance, people.

Friday, December 8, 09:49:26 PM

You don't need to love this movie but you should learn how to love people by watching this movie.

Friday, December 8, 03:51:12 PM

I LOVED this movie! Actually quite true to real life experiences. LOVED how they show the impact on other lives, and what other people were going through as well. A+

Friday, December 8, 06:28:13 AM

If you don't love this movie then you're an ugly freak and give me your lunch money.

Friday, December 8, 06:18:09 AM

I didn't love this. And I already knew how to love, thank you.

Thursday, December 7, 11:47:09 PM

A lovely little movie about being different and wanting people to be kind to your child. Wanting your child to have friends as well as the affect on siblings. Hit close to home for me and I really enjoyed it. If you have a heart you will be moved by the story and acting by an excellent cast.

Thursday, December 7, 06:53:25 PM

This movie alert people how important of LOVE in our daily life.

Thursday, December 7, 06:51:58 PM

love this movie, will watch it again with my grand children.

Thursday, December 7, 03:32:25 AM

Aargh! This movie made me so angry! I wanted to punch some punk kids after watching this. I went home and punched some holes in the drywall instead.

Thursday, December 7, 03:30:19 AM

Manipulative schmaltz.

Thursday, December 7, 12:40:17 AM

The BEST selection if you want to watch a good movie now! Nothing better than this one, guaranteed!

Thursday, December 7, 12:37:40 AM

If you think you are a good person, you should watch this movie because you will love it. But if you think you are not, you better watch this movie because it will teach you how to love people.

Thursday, December 7, 12:30:44 AM

It reminds me of an old movie called MASK, very touching story.

Thursday, December 7, 12:25:43 AM

This movie touches the heart of every parent. Great story and acting. The best movie this year, we all love it as we learn how to love one another. Well done!

Wednesday, December 6, 05:21:05 AM

This movie has no chimney.

Tuesday, December 5, 10:37:08 PM

Such an amazing movie that shows us all how to love! The fools who are posting bad comments are probably ham radio operators with mullets. Yeah, you! You don't deserve to breathe in our loving world, we'll punch you!!

Tuesday, December 5, 08:26:28 PM

Strongly agree with all the 5-stars comment, Wonders will happen if we start to LOVE all the people around you instead of killing innocent people that you don't know.

Tuesday, December 5, 08:22:31 PM

For sure this is a top 5-stars story and movie and I recommend all the parents to bring their kids to watch this movie as they should learn how to treat people nicely with LOVE which make WONDERS happen in this world.

Tuesday, December 5, 05:45:47 PM

I do not know how anyone with a heart and appreciation for acting would rate this movie lower than 4 (although I think it's 4.5-5). If you are expecting a lot of special effects though, then you will not like this movie based on a real life story.

Monday, December 4, 09:19:31 AM

Every school age child or teen should see this movie. Maybe some of the bullying would stop.

Sunday, December 3, 10:11:08 PM

The Movie brings positive reflection to our lives and makes us learn how to love.

Sunday, December 3, 10:05:53 PM

The best movie in the theatre now, we should learn to love people and create Wonders to this world.

Sunday, December 3, 09:30:52 PM

Guys! the world is totally different now, people like to kill people without a reason. It is so terrible that we are living in this new world now. Tell yourself to LOVE one another and not kill each other. This movie is definitely a good mirror for us to see the best and the worst people that we have encountered every day. Learn the action of LOVE and make WONDER to the world that we all live.

Saturday, December 2, 08:49:44 PM

Great acting and very good movie but reading the book was much better. It is a good family movie and excellent for schoolteachers to take their students after reading the book in class.