Saturday, October 20, 04:37:57 PM

Vapid and maudlin. A film for people who are too frail for real drama.

Thursday, March 22, 09:39:31 PM

I liked the theme and the outcome. It was heartwarming and wonderful.

Wednesday, March 14, 04:01:00 PM

A very touching and well-acted movie that will appeal to both children and parents. A very pleasant surprise!

Wednesday, March 14, 12:07:11 AM

The kid was annoying. I'd have bopped him in the nose.

Thursday, March 8, 07:52:16 AM

Very well done . Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, and the supporting cast were excellent. A very good family movie with no bad language and a touching story . Enjoyed it over all although such a lovely outcome and happy ending less likely in today`s world .

Sunday, March 4, 09:18:24 PM

I'm sorry but this freaked me out

Wednesday, February 14, 06:04:33 PM

This is the most amazing movie I have seen in years! I think everyone should watch this - lessons for all to be learned, especially kids of all ages (Kindergarten all the way thru school) - too much bullying going on. It teaches that everyone has issues, problems, disabilities - but they are all equal and should not be treated any less than the next person. A MUST TO SEE!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 07:03:14 PM

heart warming, real life issues, great parents.

Friday, January 26, 07:18:08 PM

A feel good movie with a child that has a genetic issue that makes him vulnerable to ridicule and bullying. A must see movie on every level.

Wednesday, January 24, 12:54:29 PM

Its a feel good movie. When there is so much bullying in the world, it's nice to see it turned around in this lovely movie.

Monday, January 15, 09:46:38 AM

If you're into phony moralizing, condescension, and intellectual dishonesty, this is the movie for you!

Sunday, January 14, 08:52:59 PM

very good clean movie with good lessons.

Sunday, January 14, 05:58:22 PM

This is an inspirational movie demonstrating how love and staying true to yourself in the end will be victorious.

Saturday, January 13, 09:48:18 PM

Fantastic acting, of course. We're allowed to see the story of each character and one, especially, caught me by surprise. Fantastic movie!

Saturday, January 13, 02:04:49 PM

Very emotional with great acting by the entire cast.

Thursday, January 11, 12:03:23 PM

I loved it. The actors did a great job. Everyone should be required to see it. Maybe the world would be nicer if they did. Julia Roberts is a national treasure

Thursday, January 11, 11:08:32 AM

wonderful movie , opens your eyes to not judge people ,,,,put yourself in there place

Wednesday, January 10, 10:04:03 PM

Wonderful movie! All families should see it! It is REAL protraying real life situations. Great springboard for family si Usions!

Tuesday, January 9, 08:32:08 PM

I loved this movie. As a teacher, I've experienced children going through life being different, and having to struggle through life trying to achieve relationships that the rest of us so easily achieve. We need more books and movies that teach life lessons, that unfortunately many children are not learning at home. Sensitivity can't be taught through a movie, but exposure to it cannot be a bad thing.

Sunday, January 7, 01:03:15 AM

Beautiful and inspiring

Sunday, January 7, 01:01:17 AM

This is a wonderful film about love and acceptance, and the cruel insensitive boors who post negative reviews are deficient and soulless germs. We should bully them. I bet if they had kids, they wouldn't like it if they were bullied. I hope their kids grow up to put them in a shady old folks home where they get bullied by the staff!! That'll learn em!

Saturday, January 6, 11:19:13 AM

A very well made, sensitive, family film. This film was shown in a theater in Chicago on a Friday afternoon. There were two showings. The entire rooms were filled with school aged children between the ages 6-10. I thought that this was wonderful that teachers brought all of these kids to see a film that truly teaches tolerance and acceptance for children with handicaps or disfigurement. Some of the children cried but most of them applauded the film. I think that their reaction is the best review of the film. Go see it and ignore the dozens of reviews below that keep calling it schmaltzy, syrupy etc. All of these negative reviews appear to be written by the same insenstive young person with a very low IQ who uses the same words over and over to criticise the film.

Saturday, January 6, 05:38:49 AM

Bizarre and unsettling.

Tuesday, January 2, 09:54:27 AM

I disliked the bullying scenes

Sunday, December 31, 11:51:44 PM

The bullying scenes were funny.

Sunday, December 31, 11:30:32 PM

Left out things from the book :(

Sunday, December 31, 09:00:06 PM

Wonderful movie. Great acting by all. Touching message to all. This movie should be shown in all schools. Norma from NB Canada

Thursday, December 28, 07:24:33 PM

I loved this movie. The acting was fabulous and the story so heartwarming! Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and the young boy who played "Auggie", all deserve Oscar nominations. I cried a few times in this movie and the ending was perfect - a great, feel good movie for the holidays. If it wasn't good, it wouldn't have last 6 weeks at the box office!

Wednesday, December 27, 02:32:18 PM

I love wonder i cried basically throughout the whole movie

Wednesday, December 27, 01:49:02 AM

All the parents should bring their children to see this great movie, it educates them how to love and respect people. Great Job!

Saturday, December 23, 09:33:20 AM

Wow! Awesome, this movie teaches the kids how to treat their classmates and friends in school.

Thursday, December 21, 11:24:36 PM

Perfect Movie, perfect score!

Wednesday, December 20, 10:12:11 PM

My parents insist to take my boy and girl to watch this movie as they say it worth all the money.

Wednesday, December 20, 10:10:12 PM

When the story is perfect, who cares. Got to bring your kids to watch this awesome movie.

Wednesday, December 20, 10:05:31 PM

Beautiful movie, It teaches us what LOVE is. Top pick!

Wednesday, December 20, 06:50:34 PM

I cryed this movie was inspiring!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 01:05:16 PM

Corn syrup movie. You go and you learn how be kindness. Acting was lousy. You learn to love people and be kindness in a real life not from a movie. If the father of the boy was another actor probably I would given 5 stars but he is acting skills are lousy.

Wednesday, December 20, 02:34:05 AM

This is a true story about the interpersonal dynamics among kids in middle school. All are afraid to be different. All seek safety first in numbers. This story shows what happens to many children in public school--handicapped and otherwise--but without the assurance of this movie's wonderfully happy ending.

Tuesday, December 19, 03:46:43 PM

Very good movie. Great also for the younger people and lesson that way people look at you comes from way others view you.

Tuesday, December 19, 02:54:32 PM

If you decided to give this great movie a very low score, you should ask yourself why we should not learn how to love people.