Thursday, June 9, 06:46:32 PM

Brutal - worst movie I have seen since "Attack of the Giant Tomatoes" I want my 2 hours and my money back!!!!!! What a waste of some good actors who had cameo roles.

Wednesday, May 25, 09:06:54 PM

Loved the first Zoolander. Zoolander 2 was bad. Walked out before the end.

Tuesday, May 24, 05:16:04 AM

Worth seeing for Billboard's Top Social Media Artist, Justin Bieber.

Sunday, March 13, 09:43:21 PM

The worst movie! Don't waste your money or time, don't even download it. Nothing funny about this movie. Avoid!!!

Sunday, March 13, 11:43:50 AM

The movie sucks

Saturday, February 27, 01:17:08 PM

This was a fantastic sequel. I don't understand all the negative reviews! If you loved Zoolander and understand that type of humour, you will LOVE Zoolander 2.

Wednesday, February 24, 06:56:29 PM

Just an awful movie. It was not funny at all and they should stop with the sequels on lame movies like this one. wow, avoid

Tuesday, February 23, 01:41:53 AM

This was by far the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I knew it would be dumb. but this was beyond dumb. Not funny at all. I have never wrote a review before but I decided to write one for this movie because it was so bad I can't get over how bad this movie was. I am going to have nightmares of how bad this movie was for the rest of my life. I am traumatized by how bad this movie was. My life will never be the same.

Friday, February 19, 10:27:57 PM

The action is greattttt but not so well with the funny.

Friday, February 19, 10:25:02 PM

It's a great movie and action and plus it's funny

Wednesday, February 17, 12:41:10 PM

Horrible comedy if you can call it a comedy. It was not funny at all. Ben Stiller needs to find another line of work. Don't wast your time!

Monday, February 15, 11:30:30 PM

I am surprised to see Penelope Cruz in something like this. It was a little funny here and there, but it was not as funny as it should of been. That said though, I did enjoy Kristen Wiig's part!

Monday, February 15, 01:10:56 PM

A huge disappointment, lots of cameos / but unfortunately, short on laughs.

Monday, February 15, 11:45:22 AM

I loved all the cameos

Monday, February 15, 11:13:10 AM

I can't believe I payed attention to the reviews. 4 star movie??? WTF? There aren't words to describe how awful this movie is. I have an open mind and went in knowing it was a Ben Stiller movie, but was still dismayed at how bad it was. I counted 8 people who got up and left. I wish they would let you rate a zero.

Sunday, February 14, 09:04:49 PM

Terrible movie!!

Sunday, February 14, 06:42:37 PM

Hilarious and all the surprising cameos are amazing!!! Love everything!!!!!!! ??????

Sunday, February 14, 05:42:29 PM

Not one laugh!!

Sunday, February 14, 04:31:15 PM

Terrible!!! I want my money back...

Sunday, February 14, 10:31:08 AM

True Zoolander fans will love this.

Sunday, February 14, 01:32:39 AM

Even better than the last one! 5/5

Saturday, February 13, 11:08:01 PM

I loved it!! It was funnier than what I was expecting. It's a must see and the cast is incredible.

Saturday, February 13, 07:30:34 PM

A major disappointment... watch the original on demand or DVD

Friday, February 12, 04:14:13 PM

A persons intellect goes down a few notches after watching this useless steaming pile of cow dung movie. A few chuckles nothing more...

Friday, February 12, 05:20:42 AM

Good work on this sequel, effort shown by all actors.

Friday, February 12, 05:07:35 AM

Better than the first Zoolander, Ben Stiller did great.

Friday, February 12, 05:06:26 AM

great movie, really funny owen wilson!

Thursday, February 11, 11:57:53 PM

Worst movie of 2016 thus far.

Thursday, February 11, 02:34:29 PM

it was so stupid

Monday, August 3, 12:41:44 PM

Can't wait