Friday, August 13, 04:04:18 AM

Rob Zombie is in a three-way tie with James Wan and Eli Roth for the title of worst director of horror films ever. You'd think Zombie would have enough money by now to buy a clue.

Monday, January 1, 12:01:37 AM

Zombie once again demonstrates what a self-indulgent hack he is. A real movie could have been made for what this cost. What a waste.

Monday, February 6, 06:57:34 PM

The casting was great as always, but this had its ups and downs.

Thursday, December 22, 08:09:03 PM

Zombie is an amazing director. I don't know what is going on with him and with 31. He turned out a recycled and lifeless product. There was nothing edgy or new about it. So disappointing!

Friday, October 21, 11:16:50 AM

loved it!! rob zombie is the KING of horror!