Wednesday, March 29, 04:36:55 PM

Great action movie, great acting, you know its good acting when the actors can carry a movie with little dialog, up there with Battlefield Earth and Left Behind

Monday, March 27, 09:21:05 PM

Best movie ever!!

Monday, March 27, 01:02:55 PM

Terrible movie. Bad acting. I am being generous with this rating.

Thursday, March 23, 08:02:53 PM

Bad acting. Bad special effects, slow plodding. People aren't even trying with their fake 5 star reviews saying this is the greatest movie ever made. It is bad...boil an egg, count to 90 backwards, there's more entertaining things to do than this movie.

Monday, March 20, 08:54:06 PM

The actors involved did a great job of acting. The plot was good, movie easy to follow.

Sunday, March 19, 10:09:05 PM

Kylo ren needs to go back to Star Wars and stop making bad movies

Sunday, March 19, 10:07:20 PM

Most heinous movie I’ve ever watched would rather be blinded by a native it’s horse

Saturday, March 18, 09:47:39 PM

Adam driver is up to his same over acting in this father/daughter movie. It’s an almagation of planet of the apes/Jurassic park/and Mr. Mom. Plot is so bad…they have a scene where a 10 year old girl “Saves” a 220 lb man. Lmfao. CGI of TRexes warrants one star. They looked good. Hard to rank if this is Drivers worst: 1. Kylo Ren: A. driver was awful. Like Hayden C bad 2. Driver was super bad in the last duel 3. This is as bad acting as a guy can over act.

Friday, March 17, 05:50:45 PM

Best movie ever made!

Wednesday, March 15, 08:09:49 PM

I don't care what anyone says - I liked this movie. It was decent enough for a sci-fi/survivor genre movie. Maybe not exceptional, but it was decent enough when you compare the crap that has been on the big screen in the last decade. Not a lot of dialogue in this movie, which made it great. And to the morons watching this movie who think this was about humans going back in time to earth from the future - duhhhh!- clearly you weren't paying attention to the movie and need everything spoon-fed to you to figure out what's going on. If you want to go see a movie with a very simple plot, where you go to watch something that is a bit of an escape from reality and not have to worry if you're paying to see smut and profanity - this fits the bill.

Wednesday, March 15, 03:16:18 PM

I like the fact that a young girl was the hero and she never gave up. Also that how a man can truly show his feelings and how much he cares. I would see it again. This is a see it again movie.

Tuesday, March 14, 12:37:49 PM

I've have always wanted an action survival movie that would take us way back in time with the point of view and perspective of characters experiencing earth as it was 65 million years ago... every Jurassic Park fan and paleontologist should not miss out! Simply unique and refreshing to watch! Enjoy the journey fellow earthlings! I know we did! Note: Fyi this is not a time machine movie its a first encounter/crash landing with the native species movie for all those who watch it and commented that they don't understand how this so called "humans" that they went back in time need maybe to watch it a second time lol! -Mark Montreal Qc

Tuesday, March 14, 06:13:37 AM

Same old story......typical dinosaur movie......nothing positive to say about the acting, the script, the special effects....

Monday, March 13, 03:49:38 AM

Movie was okay. Adam Driver is obviously the illegitimate son of Robert Tessier.

Sunday, March 12, 11:45:30 PM

Generally space flicks are decent but I missed the explanation for how the ship managed to go back 65 million years. It didn't even say that it was on the earth. I read that before I saw the movie. Would you go off on a 2-year mission to fund your kid's medical care knowing that she is likely to be dead before you return? Just go get another job. That explanation for the trip is unbelievable. And how many times will a 9-year old non-English speaking kid save the guy who gives her a bag full of bombs? Somebody slap me for sitting in this one.

Sunday, March 12, 04:42:01 PM

I read the write ups on this movie . I thought " this sounds good " I was wrong .

Sunday, March 12, 11:41:21 AM

Movie was slow, Dinosaurs mostly in dark shadow or night rain. FX on a budget.

Sunday, March 12, 10:58:23 AM

I call bs on these reviews. No way it was a 5/5 movie. In my opinion, it was kind of slow with not much action. It is a dinosaur movie made on the cheap.

Sunday, March 12, 12:17:26 AM

Pulls you in with a balanced storey full of action/drama/and heart. Scary dinosaurs and characters you are invested in. Best movie I've seen in the last year.

Saturday, March 11, 04:31:31 PM

It’s a known fact that professional movie critics get paid in perks to sway their throwing of tomatoes 🍅. They offer their opinions on things that we don’t care about as we sit and watch. They are trained by their own jaded practices to look for what is wrong so they are not able to see what is good. They wear the badge CRITIC to a fault. Go see this movie if your are looking to be taken to another world, another time, but if you are wanting to relive the Jurassic Park movies, then go streaming on Netflix.

Saturday, March 11, 08:07:24 AM

The action movie of the decade.

Saturday, March 11, 02:41:53 AM

Hands down the best new movie in the last year. Genuine thrills and scares. Puts those marvel pos to shame

Friday, March 10, 03:29:13 PM

If you are expecting Jurassic Park you will probably be disappointed, but if you are looking for a fun movie with dinosaurs, chases, things occasionally jumping out to try to eat you & characters you can root for then I think you will really enjoy this movie.

Friday, March 10, 12:45:07 AM

Great movie!

Saturday, March 4, 07:47:07 PM

Adam Driver did it again!