Tuesday, July 14, 02:34:06 PM

ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE

Monday, October 2, 08:41:25 AM


Saturday, June 10, 10:18:46 AM

Great movie

Monday, May 1, 01:31:11 PM

Fantastic tear jerkin film

Monday, April 17, 09:10:00 AM

A boy and dog are reunited in a very unusual way. Not great but good.

Sunday, April 16, 09:35:36 PM

I loved it

Thursday, April 13, 06:48:30 PM

The fact that they killed a puppy off in the first few minutes of the movie was a precursor of things to come. Too much animal abuse shown besides the water scene - leaving a puppy locked in a truck on a hot day, showing a puppy mill, chaining a dog outside with no shelter for years - emphasizes what goes on in real life for many dogs.

Tuesday, April 4, 07:02:07 PM

I loved this movie so much it brought a lot of tears but otherwise it was a awesome movie I hope that everyone will notice the true meaning...

Tuesday, April 4, 06:59:17 PM

Awesome movie it brings a lot of emotions but other whys it was great. Dog lovers will cry but probably adore the movie. Definitely watching it again

Tuesday, April 4, 06:56:39 PM

Greta movie it has a real great meaning and it was emotional but was pretty fun to watch. Definitely watching it again!

Wednesday, March 29, 07:00:46 PM

Great! Not what I expected. Many heart wrenching parts, a little slow starting but well worth the wait. All around GOOD movie. Thanks

Wednesday, March 29, 02:08:37 PM

It was "good" - not great - not worth seeing in a theatre - definitely wait for DVD or rental / PPV etc. Cute movie, few emotional parts - dog lovers will shed some tears - no doubt.

Sunday, March 26, 11:32:29 PM

LOVED it!!

Tuesday, March 14, 02:17:10 PM

I loved this movie. Everything about it brought emotion. A great storyline and well acted. I will see this movie again. A real uplifting tear jerker.

Sunday, March 12, 10:39:47 AM

Great movie! It really makes you realize why dogs and their owners love each other so much. We would do anything for each other!

Saturday, March 11, 02:16:49 AM

I cried so many times, it was too much. It was an ok movie but I wouldn't see it again.

Friday, March 10, 12:52:06 PM

Dog owners will love this movie if you see it as pure entertainment. There are tons of cute dogs and heart warming moments. Great for all ages and kids. Storyline is contrived but this is fiction. Everyone in the audience was laughing and left with a smile. Definitely a feel good movie.

Thursday, March 9, 03:18:44 PM

not fussy about this movie

Saturday, March 4, 07:46:09 PM

I couldn't understand why the dog had to die so many times just to get back to the original owner what about all the other owners?

Saturday, March 4, 10:27:56 AM

Loved it. Always loved my dog but appreciate him even more now!

Thursday, March 2, 01:43:36 PM

I cried 23 times and so did my bestfriend EVERYONE RATE IT 5 STARS! I'm now reading the book!

Monday, February 27, 05:20:34 PM

Animal abuse is NEVER okay, the fact people are putting money in the pockets of the people who made this movie and encouraging them is disgusting. It's because I love animals that I would never see this movie.

Thursday, February 23, 07:01:55 PM

If you have and love dogs, this is a must see.

Wednesday, February 22, 09:37:42 PM

Cuz it's about dogs mostly everyone loves dogs

Wednesday, February 22, 07:19:32 PM

Very good movie. 💕💕

Tuesday, February 21, 03:11:25 AM

Anyone that says this has anything to do with animal abuse has obviously not properly educated them self on the instances that they claim to be considered abuse or negligence. As for the film itself, we saw it today and it was truly a mesmerizingly beautiful, good hearted, and wonderful movie. The people who made it clearly love dogs as well as all their quirks and wonderful characteristics that dogs have that make them not only pets, but members of our families and often our closest friends.

Sunday, February 19, 01:35:01 AM

Great movie!!

Wednesday, February 15, 06:44:56 PM

it was delightfully entertaining. Wife and I cried, laughed, reminded me of all the dogs That I've had in my life. Great date movie, great kids movie.

Tuesday, February 14, 11:10:19 PM

Loved it - great for the whole family

Sunday, February 12, 01:31:08 AM

Love it and I love ?? my dog so much

Saturday, February 11, 10:29:18 PM

Loved it even though i cried through half of it. I would see it again.

Saturday, February 11, 01:45:35 PM

Amazing made me cry

Saturday, February 11, 01:43:34 PM

No stars for animal abuse. Anybody with a heart for animals should boycott this excuse for a movie.

Friday, February 10, 04:51:05 AM

Very good movie.Put a tear in my eye when dog dies. Best dog movie since old yeller.

Thursday, February 9, 09:52:35 AM

I was skeptical about going to this movie as I'm not a particular dog lover but We both liked this movie a lot. A good story and didn't look at my watch once, which tells me it didn't sag. Just one thing ... I found the transition from one life to the next a little confusing at first, but to be honest I don't know how else they could have conveyed this.

Tuesday, February 7, 07:15:00 PM

I can't believe how many people are rating this poorly based on animal abuse accusations - do you not watch the news?? They have already proven the video was pieced together by tmz and the movie producers have been cleared by outside agencies. Wow, at least get your facts straight before you accuse people of such a horrible crime. I hope you're never in the situation where people judge you without the facts. Being self-righteous doesn't automatically make you right.

Tuesday, February 7, 07:09:39 PM

Absolutely loved it - great for everyone. Glad the animal cruelty accusations were shot down by that independent animal rights group. Shame on you tmz for splicing together a video and making it look like animal cruelty.

Tuesday, February 7, 10:40:04 AM

Our group went to it-a few sceptical-a few-knowing the truth-no dogs were forced or hurt. None the less. AS A GROUP SOME WANTED TO RATE THIS ABOVE-DISNEYS CLASICS. AGES 16-69 IN GROUP[-OVERALL REVIEWS 5-8 STARS- a thrilling =eye-tearing-wonderful story with great actors-both human and 4 legged. Myself and a few others-going back to see it again this week.

Tuesday, February 7, 01:01:46 AM

A great story. A must see movie for all dog lovers. A beautiful story about real life. It's refreshing to see a movie like that as there are far to few, they remind you what is most important in life, instead all those horror and action movies that promote violence.

Monday, February 6, 10:35:56 PM