Sunday, March 17, 12:44:59 AM

The movie was great! Love the new material not in the initial release. But Canada Square Movie theatre was freezing!! Don't mind the cooler temps, but this was ridiculous!!! Guess the theatre is going down the drain!

Thursday, March 14, 06:49:52 PM

Enjoyed the movie.

Thursday, March 14, 02:46:24 PM

The movie is a very poor remake of the original movie starring Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand ... Lady GaGa's voice is half as powerful as Barbara Streisand's. NOT WORTH SEEING!

Tuesday, March 12, 05:35:33 PM

really slow. characters are unidimensional.

Wednesday, March 6, 12:53:41 AM

Damn, I really dislike Hollywood types and entertainers. However, I really enjoyed this; great singing, acting, music, story and really an emotional well done flick. The chemistry was great and surprisingly I found Lady Gaga (hate that moniker) a really wonderful singer. Just kinda upset about the ending which was a real tear jerker. Highly recommend.

Monday, March 4, 02:31:53 AM

I feel that the post-wedding scene in the Encore where Ally sings her wedding vows to Jackson (the song "Is That Alright?") should not have been cut from the original version as it made the flow of the second act a bit better. Without it all we had were Ally's trashy pop songs, but here, there is that sweetness and emotion which was missing and made the original version's second act felt like a dip and kinda sour. So I'd say, that particular scene is vital for me and something that I would definitely miss if I was to go back to seeing the original version. Plus, the little part where Ally and Jackson collaborated on Clover also helped improve on the second act, because more scenes where Ally and Jackson sing together are always good as they are the actual strength of this movie. Overall, I liked that there were more musical scenes peppered around the second act because the criticism for the original version was that there were not enough good music in the second act, and that is true.

Saturday, March 2, 03:15:10 PM

AMAZING!!! This is the movie of the year! Gaga & Cooper are outstanding!!