Wednesday, November 25, 11:46:55 AM

Disaster, very slow, stupid movie, waste of time!

Thursday, September 17, 04:48:07 PM

Really enjoyed this movie. Good mix of action, drama. Good acting and characters. Fun story, fun movie

Thursday, September 17, 09:30:53 AM

Do not waste your money on this awful movie! It really sucks!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 12:43:26 AM

Great movie!! Perfect blend of comedy and action. I will definitely watch this again.

Saturday, August 29, 12:54:59 PM


Thursday, August 27, 10:22:24 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining, action-packed and full of laughs. Be prepared for a sort of Quentin Tarantino style gore, but if you stay focused on the story and the entertainment value and enjoy the laughs you will leave having enjoyed having gone to see this one. I give it a thumbs up. It was really funny. Jesse Eisenburg was really good and John Leguizamo's scenes were hilarious too. Go see it.

Monday, August 24, 11:45:40 AM

Excellent movie! Action packed but very funny too. Kristen Stewart was amazing.

Sunday, August 23, 11:55:53 AM

Ultra fun and ultra entertaining!

Sunday, August 23, 07:05:49 AM

Jennifer Lawrence isn't in it, and I enjoyed it immensely. Great summer entertainment.

Saturday, August 22, 07:59:34 PM

Worth seeing. Non-stop action, comedy and chillax moments. Eisenberg and Stewart work well together.

Saturday, August 22, 07:52:01 PM

Great non-stop action. Vibe between Eisenberg and Stewart works. Unpredictable story. Definitely worth seeing!

Saturday, August 22, 06:34:59 PM

This movie sucks. Parts are lame. Other parts kinda funny. Action is mediocre at best. Seen that kind of stunts and shootings in other movies. HITMAN AGENT 47 that is a GREAT non stop action movie way better than this junk of a film.

Saturday, August 22, 03:00:50 AM


Friday, August 21, 11:08:01 AM

So good. Can't wait to see it again!

Friday, August 21, 10:42:53 AM

This is truly a high paced action movie that adds an unconventional hero to create a humourous tone. The reactions in the movie by Jesse Eisenberg's character are priceless. If you liked Kingsmen and the first Red movie, you will probably like this