Tuesday, October 29, 12:50:17 PM

This is a great movie. Who wouldn’t want go to see hunks like Gerard in movies? Fellas, tell me I’m not wrong. Right. He is just yummy in this movie.

Sunday, October 13, 08:30:14 PM

Mystery, light humor, believable characters, perfect acting... been a looong time since i enjoyed a film this much

Monday, September 30, 03:13:44 AM

Excellent movie....enjoyed it from beginning to the end.

Sunday, September 29, 01:21:07 PM

Great action intense not boring great special affects actors were great .watched it twice

Tuesday, September 24, 08:21:52 PM

Arguably the most intimate and personal story in the entire Mike Banning franchise. 5/5

Tuesday, September 24, 02:49:15 PM

The hats were quite good in this movie, actually.

Tuesday, September 24, 02:06:01 PM

Horrible actions, wasn't t hat good

Monday, September 23, 05:52:48 PM

Exciting, interesting, no flat spots!

Monday, September 23, 11:55:14 AM

vice pres with ties to russia? how original

Sunday, September 22, 09:49:22 AM

We really enjoyed this movie. A few times during the movie I found myself on the edge of my seat. A good nail biter.

Saturday, September 21, 12:54:52 PM

Great story line, terrific action.

Thursday, September 19, 11:42:28 AM

Lots of action and plot twists

Thursday, September 19, 10:44:10 AM

Thin story line buried in gratuitous.violence action ssequences. A waste of time.

Wednesday, September 18, 09:07:31 PM

Action packed, good plot.

Wednesday, September 18, 11:41:40 AM

Just fabulous. I'm definitely buying the dvd.

Wednesday, September 18, 10:29:13 AM

As good as the others in this series

Tuesday, September 17, 10:58:18 AM

good story, lots of action, just a good movie series.

Sunday, September 15, 11:05:42 PM

The incredible cgi action sequences are matched by the powerful performances of the cast.

Sunday, September 15, 09:39:58 PM

I really enjoyed this movie,lots of action, never a dull moment!

Sunday, September 15, 07:12:32 PM

Great action movie with many suspenseful situations. Nick Nolte is the real star of this action movie.

Sunday, September 15, 08:28:17 AM

Loved it. great action movie kept me on edge in anticipation. Love the actor Gerard Butler in every movie he is in.

Sunday, September 15, 06:32:29 AM

Still the film to see if you're out and about.

Sunday, September 15, 12:05:08 AM

Great movie Very nice movie theater. Very clean and lots of sitting room. There are drink holders with extra large arm rest.

Thursday, September 12, 09:46:39 AM

LOUD.... no surprises plot easy to figure out , also, Nick Nolte needs to leave acting carrer...

Tuesday, September 10, 06:39:40 PM

Great action movie!

Tuesday, September 10, 12:49:42 PM

enjoyed it a lot!

Monday, September 9, 09:43:33 AM

Top notch action movie with relentless, tough combat scenarios that keep the story line moving forward at a brisk pace. Saw it a second time just to enjoy the edge to the plot; new character added with Nick Nolte as the Dad to Banning. Going a third time tomorrow with my wife. She wants to see it a second time. True entertainment with story depth.

Sunday, September 8, 07:01:58 PM

Loved it!

Sunday, September 8, 08:46:22 AM

How this film has 4 stars is mind boggling. Wasn't even that good, it was very boring though..👎

Sunday, September 8, 02:04:56 AM

This movie was so good like the first one.

Saturday, September 7, 09:02:31 PM

Pretty much non stop action and a hilarious middle of the movie escape from the wooded mountainside. This was a great movie. Very much thinking I should rate 5 stars. Lol

Friday, September 6, 06:43:06 PM

Soooo good.........

Thursday, September 5, 05:49:15 PM

I saw this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! A lot of drama and great storyline!!! The acting was very good and kept me engaged throughout the entire show. I felt like seeing it again!!!

Thursday, September 5, 02:39:35 PM

Loved this movie & went twice to see it, from this 77 year old!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 09:55:12 PM

There really wasn't much of a story or plot. The movie was,essentially, a series of unrealistic gunfights and explosions. Pure fantasy! It was nothing more than a cheap T.V. show.

Wednesday, September 4, 08:10:03 PM

Was ok wasnt the best of flicks about the president being hunted down .

Tuesday, September 3, 10:22:53 PM

Great action packed movie, well done!

Tuesday, September 3, 08:02:36 PM

Good action movie on It's own, but the star of the flick is Nick Nolte. Absolutely perfect, Oscar nomination as best supporting actor!!

Tuesday, September 3, 01:57:50 AM

Conceptually okay but too much road chase. Not enough use of brain. The worst bullshit were the 15 or so explosions in the woods...... as if. Unrealistic. From the opening scene, on a lake several boats are suddenly attacked by a swarm of drones that fly like starlings. (Ha). None of the boats speed toward shore for cover. All are demolished only 2 survive. And the same fellow amazingly keeps surviving these huge incredible high impact accidents UNSCATHED. Our hero is being set up by govt traitors, a huge group of guys with guns, intel, helicopters, weapons out the wazoo. A group that shoot the only female FBI agent like a sitting duck. More chasing. A finale of machine gun fire for 20 minutes or more a bomb that takes down a hospital wing with probably 50 patients but we dont get that information and after all this, the hero continues to battle alongside his 80 year old father, which is included as human interest, that the hero has home issues. Well that covers it. Lots of concrete, shiny cars, a huge 18 wheeler, helicopter, many many black plastic guns.

Tuesday, September 3, 12:02:48 AM

Great movie keeps you on the edge of your seat lots of action