Sunday, December 20, 11:39:59 AM

Absolutely Phenomenal! James Cameron is a brillant screenwriter.

Sunday, December 20, 10:59:54 AM

The effects in 3D are amazing and must be seen to be believed as the characters and animals become real. The story though is pretty simplistic as the primitive natives live idealic lives (which is never real as a primitive life is a life of extreme hardship) and the earthlings are mostly materialistic company goons. The movie would have been better if they had set up more of an explanation for how a single company controls access to such a valuable resource and the need for it on earth and why a company would pay for such an expensive program like the avatar program. Get past the problems and this amazing visual movie is a treat. 4 stars

Sunday, December 20, 04:36:00 AM

Visually appetizing, The imagery and colors alongside the animation is very visually beautiful and breath taking. The storyline is very emotional and capturing. Great integration of the animation and real actors. The action is quite entertainning. Do yourself a favor and watch it in 3D IMAX, worth every penny.

Sunday, December 20, 02:35:56 AM

You must see this movie in 3D... unreal. Worth Every Penny spent on the CGI. The plot was well done. Good Job James.

Sunday, December 20, 01:59:42 AM

First of all all haters need to learn how to spell!!!!! second this is a brilliant movie. It is the star wars of the 21 st century. It sparked something in me that only star wars has. I love this movie and will clearly state that to anyone. I refuse to give all the credit to james camern though(duly noted his amazing story) but rather to his army of brilliant special effect wizards. Anybody that states that this is nothing new is out of their mind. This movie is a technological marval. You feel for the character they are full of life and i can honestly say that i have never seen better animation. i would rate this movie 1000 stars. I have never seen anything like it and probably wont for a v

Saturday, December 19, 11:53:28 PM

Emotional and Powerful, fell in love with the characters. One of the best sci fi of all time.

Saturday, December 19, 11:51:21 PM

Very long...very boring...a 250 million dud.

Saturday, December 19, 11:51:00 PM

Wow, I don't normally take the time to rate movies but in this case I had to. What an absolute masterpiece! I am 33 yrs old along with my wife and we were amazed at how good Avatar was. When the movie ended, we both couldn't believe that it ran 2hr and 45mins. You must see this in 3d. Definite 5 out of 5.

Saturday, December 19, 11:48:43 PM


Saturday, December 19, 11:37:23 PM

sorry to say this guys, but this movie would have been really boring without its vision effects. James Cameron made it toooo god dam long!!!! OmG! I was sitting there like when will the movie ever end!!!!! Other than that, its a good movie with breakthrough new technology.

Saturday, December 19, 11:31:59 PM

Best movie ever....IMAX 3D is spectacular!

Saturday, December 19, 11:08:07 PM

Just saw Avatar,This movie is a game changer.

Saturday, December 19, 11:03:19 PM

I was excellent I really enjoy it, can wait to see it again

Saturday, December 19, 11:03:04 PM

Crazed, expensive anti-American drivel. Cameron, a Canadian, has turned into one of "them," the liberal rabble in Canada who hate Americans as a kind of birthright. For the man who made the outstanding "True Lies" to spend 10 years making this, it's astonishing.

Saturday, December 19, 10:55:42 PM

Has not expecting much...The movie blow me away!

Saturday, December 19, 09:52:57 PM

this is the best movie ever made! It opened yesterday and I've already seen it twice!

Saturday, December 19, 09:47:41 PM

Amazing movie... i am never pleased with movies but this movie was amazing... best movie ever made, im going to watch it again in theatres and buy the dvd when it comes out...

Saturday, December 19, 09:05:30 PM

this film was garbage.

Saturday, December 19, 08:52:31 PM


Saturday, December 19, 08:02:46 PM

Dances with Wolves in Space. Not a bad movie, but not groundbreaking or original. This is not the future of movies. 3 stars.

Saturday, December 19, 07:59:42 PM

Its probably a 4.5/5, but I'll give it a 5 just for all the meatheads that gave it 1,2 or 3. Great movie, story line, etc etc.

Saturday, December 19, 03:35:39 PM

A must see movie!!!

Saturday, December 19, 02:26:52 PM

if people consider this the best movie ever made or the greatest animation in years, they have been living under a rock or only watching Walt Disney movies. Just because he got lucky with one movie *titanic*. Every one acts and treats all his movies like they are the next titanic. And as the how many people went to see a movie,Star Wars is still the number one movie of all time. To beat Star Wars a movie would need to make 1.5 Billion dollars (inflation taken into acount) (google it if you think i lie).... Remeber when Star Wars came out people were paying 2/3$ to go to a movie where when titanic and Dark Knight came out people were and are paying 10-15$ a person. Less people = more money.

Saturday, December 19, 02:05:22 PM

absolutly brilliant suff. far surpasses the brilliance of star wars. it had a deep well thought out stryline that i believe will please anyone.I loved it and will see it again anytime. this is my new favorite move. this really is brilliant state of the art stuff. go see it and be prepared to be blown away

Saturday, December 19, 01:34:10 PM


Saturday, December 19, 11:57:19 AM

incredibly entertaining, visually stunning movie

Saturday, December 19, 09:44:46 AM

I loved this movie..It brought out the true nature of mankind and what we have done to our own planet. Must see

Saturday, December 19, 06:08:39 AM

The Best Movie I'v seen in a long time. Good acting. It blow's your mind.

Saturday, December 19, 03:23:24 AM

Saw the Sneak Preview in 3D. Absolutely the most well made movie in history.

Saturday, December 19, 01:34:20 AM

This is movie is amazing and the best animation I’ve seen today including Advent Children. It’s a +1 or better version of 2007’s Battle of Terra.

Friday, December 18, 11:56:42 PM

Absolutely amazing!!!! A MUST see.

Friday, December 18, 11:23:10 PM

one of the greatest movies i have ever seen, i have never actually felt for the characters in a movie as strongly as i did for the characters in this one, you feel just as the main characters feel i found it spectacular in every way.

Friday, December 18, 11:06:44 PM

love wont even feel the three hours go by

Friday, December 18, 11:02:34 PM

this movie is Captain Planet meets the Thunder Cats. All the great directors of our time, ARE losing their souls in their computer hard drives BLAH

Friday, December 18, 10:51:00 PM


Friday, December 18, 10:48:25 PM

I read a lot of Fantasy and Science Fiction and the authors that can make the world real for you are the best. Half way through this movie I asked my husband who is not a reader can you believe in this world and he gave an unqualifed yes. We are going to see it again only this time in 3D and I can't wait. Awesome 5 star movie.

Friday, December 18, 10:44:38 PM

WOW I LOVED IT!!!!!!! ITS A MUST SEE! def will be watching it again in 3D!!!

Friday, December 18, 10:33:24 PM

absolutly brilliant i love it see it see it see it im telling you in the enviroments of the move you can not diferentiate the animated enviroments parts from the real any haters out there should be shunned this is beautiful stuff that surpasses star wars i am a huge star wars fan and just loved this its absolutly beautiful in 3d it will blow you away i have very high expectation and this delivered way better then the trailer

Friday, December 18, 09:16:06 PM

awesome. must see movie of the decade....

Friday, December 18, 08:10:31 PM

Most Incredible Movie ever... IMAX 3D is Incredible.. must see on IMax! Best overall movie experience have ever had... WOW words can't express this movie, it is a MUST SEE on IMAX 3D to really know what the hype is all about!!!!!!!