Friday, January 26, 11:00:38 PM

the cast was great

Friday, January 26, 11:00:13 PM

fun movie, would watch again

Sunday, October 8, 09:40:22 AM

This is the movie we always knew Zac and The Rock could make.

Tuesday, August 29, 09:29:34 AM

light and entertaining

Thursday, August 24, 06:24:53 PM


Monday, July 17, 06:35:04 AM

Overall poor acting.

Tuesday, July 4, 02:50:36 PM

The acting, soundtrack, and nudity made this most enjoyable.

Monday, July 3, 06:26:23 PM

I laughed so hard, is it innspropriate sometimes ? Yes, is it silly? Yes ., but that's what the movie is ..I'd watch it again !

Sunday, July 2, 08:02:34 AM

Wowow, that rotten

Saturday, July 1, 07:47:43 PM

So BAD it is beyond BAD

Saturday, July 1, 12:21:46 AM

Loved how the movie poked fun at itself. It was a classic comedic romp!

Saturday, June 24, 08:28:52 AM

How was this movie even made ? didn't anyone read the script before making it ???

Saturday, June 24, 02:58:10 AM

Can`t wait until this movie comes out on DVD. I`m into skeet shooting.

Saturday, June 24, 02:55:48 AM

Seriously, you want money for this????????????????

Thursday, June 22, 04:11:17 PM

If you watched the movie IT WAS A DEAD MAN'S PENIS

Thursday, June 22, 04:10:26 PM

My 14 year old daughter that thought this would be a funny movie !

Thursday, June 22, 03:26:42 PM

I just watched this yesterday....I read all the bad reviews and wanted to see for myself. Wow, I should have listened! I thought that there is no way there would be a scene with Zac Efron holding a dead man's penis in his hand, people are just haters. It was really there, I think that is the grossest thing I have ever seen, I got up and left.

Thursday, June 22, 11:07:25 AM

I watched the original series a number of times and never had to look at a dead naked guy being handled by another guy.

Thursday, June 22, 11:05:36 AM

If the classic series was this bad it would have been cancelled right away.

Thursday, June 22, 05:54:42 AM

If The Mummy was as good as the Baywatch movie it wouldn't be tanking.

Thursday, June 22, 05:52:04 AM

Exceptional reboot of the television classic.

Thursday, June 22, 05:18:08 AM

They waste a nude scene on a dead guy! I bet your reviews would be a lot better than all the 1 stars people have been scoring.

Wednesday, June 21, 01:22:20 PM

Even my grandson thought molesting a dead man was gross.

Wednesday, June 21, 04:19:07 AM

A below average movie at best.

Tuesday, June 20, 09:43:01 PM

Just average, generic entertainment.

Tuesday, June 20, 08:49:11 PM

Only good thing was the pretty girls. The story must have been written in 5 minutes on the back of a bar napkin it was really awful. I had to cover my 14 year old daughters eyes when Zac repeatedly handled a dead man's member, Shameful !!!

Tuesday, June 20, 02:24:39 PM

Wow, so bad I wanted a refund :(((

Tuesday, June 20, 03:54:57 AM

0 Stars for being GROSS. I do not find Necrophilia funny. I almost threw up. I went for the babes and some laughs, total disappointment!

Monday, June 19, 10:11:13 AM

This movie was pure entertainment. I thought Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson had good comic chemistry. I loved it and took it for the big blockbuster that it was.

Saturday, June 17, 10:56:16 AM

would have given it 0 stars if that was an option

Friday, June 16, 10:32:09 PM

Garbage Garbage Garbage

Friday, June 16, 09:29:05 PM

I went to watch this even though there were a lot if bad reviews. Mistake ! There really is a scene with the short dude molesting a dead guys genital, GROSS.

Thursday, June 15, 08:44:32 PM

Podian hacer una pelicula mejor no sirve

Thursday, June 15, 08:15:07 PM

Rezy says .... This movie was whatevs

Thursday, June 15, 04:25:19 PM

I got up and left when Zac repeatedly handled a dead guys dick. I went to watch this for laughs, not look a some naked dudes penis for 5 minutes

Thursday, June 15, 05:53:13 AM

This is that rare instance when a big-screen treatment of a classic television series actually improves upon the original.

Wednesday, June 14, 11:37:37 AM

The summer's most pleasant surprise! 4/5

Wednesday, June 14, 11:36:46 AM

If you don't like this movie you're wrong.

Wednesday, June 14, 11:13:07 AM

it was a great movie

Wednesday, June 14, 10:14:07 AM

I feel so sorry for Zac and Dwayne. The potential for this movie was great but it all comes down to very bad potty jokes with a marginal story line that makes little sense. I gave it 2 stars because sometimes the movie has its good points but the rest of the time it was just very disappointing. AVOID this one.