Sunday, December 26, 11:43:53 PM

Nicole stole every scene she was in and was perfect!

Friday, December 24, 02:31:28 AM

This was badly miscast. Overwritten. None of this felt authentic or convincing. What was the point of this? Aaron Sorkin was a talent but it seems he's arrived at the point in his career ( as many others have before) where his ego has become so over-inflated that he coasts on reputation while turning out lazy substandard work. Watch the original sitcom instead.

Tuesday, December 21, 03:55:48 PM

Although I usually like Nichole Kidman, she was mis-cast in this one. I continue to watch "I Love Lucy", but found this film a huge disappointment. Other characters were great.

Saturday, December 18, 03:20:36 PM

Good acting