Sunday, October 2, 01:06:46 PM

Bad even for the typically low MCU standards.

Saturday, October 1, 09:48:27 PM

awsome black panther not pink panther

Sunday, September 18, 09:52:44 AM

How empowering to show blacks as incompetent and unable to built an advanced civilization without magical material from space! And they are also riding rhinos and fighting with spears because it´s such an african thing to do! The CGI is awful. The bratty sister of the main character is just a rotten sherry on this sh***y cake.

Sunday, April 3, 02:25:56 PM

I love the movie black panther is so cool. Love it

Friday, November 5, 11:04:57 PM

Terrible movie these racially biased critics don't know anything about a good movie And they have the gall to call venom a bad movie lmao

Friday, November 5, 11:00:56 PM


Thursday, March 18, 02:27:31 PM

One of the worst movies I have ever seen, from plot full of holes to unlikable or boring characters and ugly CGI.

Wednesday, November 4, 07:11:35 PM

The movie has many problems. The character of Tchalla´s teenage sister is annoying Mary Sue who is a tech genius but acts like a totally irresponsible silly teenager. Okoye is unlikable "strong woman" who behaves like a sociopath. Tchalla himself is quite boring and doesn´t really move the plot forward, the plot rather moves him. CGI is often bad. The biggest problem is how openly racist the Wakanda people are. Mary Sue calls a white guy a colonist. Wakanda is closed and they have never helped anyone in the world but they think they can moralize with insults like this. They have the magical all-problems-solving vibranium but they did nothing to prevent the slave trade. Also it´s simplified to "whites bad, blacks poor victims", while in fact the black people captured other black people and sold them to the white slave traders. Tchalla´s final anti-racist speech about unity is put in the middle of the final credits. Obviously for purpose. Less people will see the only part with a good message. If the races were reversed and the dialogues would stay the same, there would be riots. Wait, there ARE riots. And this movie just encourages them. It could be executed much better and the message could be against racism but it is done poorly and it´s obviously done this way for a purpose. If you want to see real anti-racist movie with main black hero, watch Django Unchained.

Friday, September 18, 07:23:45 PM

I loved this movie! It's originality, costumes, story plot as well as the superb characters and cast were all outstanding! Captured my interest from being to end!

Tuesday, September 15, 01:11:48 AM

The problems with marvel b-characters are the lack of memorable villains. For all the gadgetry and technology, black panther is actually a "TEAM" hero with his bodyguard(s) and family. Very polarizing. Either you like or not. I wish I did but I didn't.

Thursday, February 6, 11:56:57 PM

Chadwick boseman is good as black panther

Friday, May 3, 10:38:42 AM

This movie isn’t bad, but it’s not really a very exciting movie. Also, BP as a character seems better in Civil War, Infinity War, & in Endgame. Despite this, Killmonger was a great character. I’d definitely give it a 6/10

Friday, February 22, 07:40:27 AM

A cinematic gold created by a group of geniuses! I loved the story, the acting, the cinematography, the scoring and sound mixing was crazy good! All of the elements of filming came together to create this wonderful masterpiece! All ages and walks of life can enjoy this movie. :)

Monday, February 18, 09:37:46 AM

I loved this movie and so did my grand children. The plot and story line is awesome, my pick for best picture. It is about time for a hero movie to win.

Monday, February 18, 09:33:53 AM

I loved this movie and so did my grand children. The plot and story line is awesome, my pick for best picture. It is about time for a hero movie to win.

Wednesday, June 20, 10:35:10 PM

The care to detail, and to keep my focus, and never became boring,

Tuesday, June 19, 07:01:23 PM

Awesome! Worth watching! Its a great movie... Those who dont like it, might be old guys or in a dim old age who need bed rest thats why they dont understand the modern movie like Black panther.

Tuesday, June 19, 04:52:56 PM

Those who gave negative reviews for this movie, they are the true defenition of being IDIOTS. Its is an excellent movie and a new taste of holliwood movie being acted by great and good black actors, full of moral and epic story.

Tuesday, June 19, 04:38:11 PM

Great movie as it depicts the story of our world politically. This movie deserved a million stars.

Saturday, June 16, 01:59:25 PM

Amazing movie.. Loved every mim of it..

Thursday, June 7, 08:03:48 AM

Excellent movie!

Monday, June 4, 08:05:20 PM

Amazing movie!

Monday, June 4, 08:04:43 PM

Black Panther is now my favorite movie!

Sunday, June 3, 10:46:53 PM

Awesome! Highly recommended

Thursday, May 31, 02:40:04 AM

Horrible movie.

Wednesday, May 30, 12:36:36 AM

Very great movie!!!

Monday, May 28, 08:07:43 PM

Was entertaining and action packed, but found it to be the weakest Marvel movie in a couple 3 years.

Saturday, May 26, 06:37:14 PM

Black Panther is now my favorite movie!

Saturday, May 26, 06:30:58 PM

I saw this movie 4 times and it never gets old!

Saturday, May 26, 06:28:41 PM

Black Panther is an amazing movie!

Tuesday, May 22, 02:35:51 PM

Laughably bad acting and eye-roll inducing cliches, stereotypes and dialogue pretty much sums this train wreck up.

Monday, May 21, 07:17:27 PM

This was an awesome and amazing movie. By far the best that I have ever seen. Keep it coming. I would love to see a sequel to the first movie.

Monday, May 21, 02:31:15 PM

Now that the world is moving beyond the PC nonsense, they will admit, in the rear view mirror, this was horseshit. It's not very good on any level, and the pretense is ridiculous. At least with Iron man, you have the ability to believe there was discovery. ingenuity, and creative talent at work. Wakanda, is parked in the middle of a failed continent. Everyone there is a genius beyond any Einstein, and wealth unimaginable even to people of Asgard. Yet, they pretend to be poor to the outside world, and still accept charitable donations. Beyond the pretense, is the script. A comic book from the 40s might have these stilted dialogues, but today we expect a bit more. three out of 10 average. Full marks for CGI tho.

Sunday, May 20, 02:48:37 PM

Wonderful visuals, great story, surprising twists, great acting and well-developed characters. I've seen it 8 times and it never get's tired.

Friday, May 18, 09:42:00 PM

A wonderful movie experience.

Thursday, May 17, 03:46:07 PM

A totally predictable plot, too long.

Wednesday, May 16, 09:28:37 AM

I liked it. Not love it. It was good. It wasn't great. I fast forwarded it on some parts.

Tuesday, May 15, 12:51:29 PM

The warrior women were the best.

Monday, May 14, 08:07:55 PM

Wonderful realistic movie! Liked conviction, loyalty, and strength of entire cast performance which made the entire rendition seem non-fictional and authentic. Especially loved the roll of the female worriors!

Monday, May 14, 08:09:19 AM

I posted an honest, review of the poor quality of this Movie. It was removed. This movie was not well made and I walked out before the end as did several others during the viewing that day.