Friday, April 20, 04:19:47 PM

The best movie so far from Marvel. Amazing and beautiful.

Friday, April 20, 04:11:56 PM

It was greeat in all areas of rating it. I liked everything about it

Friday, April 20, 09:39:02 AM

Unfortunate that so many "fake news" trolls were allowed to rate (bash) the movie..they probably "felt threatened" by the cast. LOL

Friday, April 20, 08:09:50 AM

Way overhyped one of the worst Marvel movies.

Friday, April 20, 07:39:53 AM

Movie was great. Glad to see Hollywood is now excepting African American super heroes. For all the fake news lol. Haters. Made this has done better.

Thursday, April 19, 11:15:58 PM

Hat's off to Ryan Coogler for directing such an exceptional movie. It's easier for some to be negative because they're bitter to the core. However this movie deserve all complements in my opinion. Thanks for a great movie

Thursday, April 19, 11:06:05 PM

This movie is freaking amazing if you're not into Marevel, you will be after watching Black Panther. The actors, costumes, choreography, music selection, and settings we're on point. I've seen it three times already and I can't wait for Avenger's Infinity War to come out..

Thursday, April 19, 07:16:12 PM

Movie was not boring. Good action movie with some funny scenes.

Thursday, April 19, 07:14:44 PM

Best movie so far.

Thursday, April 19, 07:12:01 PM

Amazing movie. :)

Thursday, April 19, 05:57:29 PM

Movie was a bit boring. Way over hyped!

Thursday, April 19, 12:54:13 PM

Terrible movie. Couldnt believe i spent money to watch that disaster. Out of the 40 or so people that were in the theater atleast 10 left half way through the movie. Complete disappointment.

Wednesday, April 18, 09:33:12 PM

Beautiful film.

Wednesday, April 18, 04:01:48 PM

Wow...really milking this movie ...should have been gone weeks ago...

Wednesday, April 18, 03:53:28 PM

Excellent movie!!! Hope to see numerous awards with this one ????

Wednesday, April 18, 01:12:46 PM

Best movie ever made. See how much money it made. Awesome movie

Wednesday, April 18, 01:12:45 PM

Best movie ever made. See how much money it made. Awesome movie

Wednesday, April 18, 01:12:42 PM

Best movie ever made. See how much money it made. Awesome movie

Wednesday, April 18, 12:25:35 PM

I liked everything the moral of the story

Tuesday, April 17, 03:08:31 PM

Excellent story. Enchanting plot. Beautiful scenes.

Tuesday, April 17, 11:02:16 AM

Africa...actually being the birthplace of Man had to have had super heroes ...look at Man in America now pushing the envelope. I am happy that Hollywood is trying to catch up to the "real" that has happened before..".Wakanda lives"

Monday, April 16, 08:25:36 PM

My money was well expend.

Monday, April 16, 07:21:21 PM

Cgi was cheap and plotlines was boring. Ask for A refund, I did and got it too. Best part of the experience!!!!

Monday, April 16, 07:08:10 PM

Excellent story and plot.

Monday, April 16, 07:06:30 PM

Great story

Monday, April 16, 07:04:22 PM

Fun movie.

Monday, April 16, 07:02:44 PM

This movie was spectacular. It wasnt just action. Great plot, story!!!

Monday, April 16, 07:00:19 PM

My whole family loved it!!!

Monday, April 16, 06:59:40 PM

Awesome movie

Monday, April 16, 03:30:03 PM

Best movie Science fiction.

Monday, April 16, 02:23:32 PM

Worst of the Marvel Genre.

Monday, April 16, 01:23:58 PM

Black Panther? More like Black Lives Matter lol... What a waste for an incredible character in the comics to be abused by Hollywood in this way.

Monday, April 16, 11:11:54 AM

Loved this movie.

Monday, April 16, 09:33:26 AM

Good action and plot. Surprised by all of the 1 star coordinated review to make it look bad. I guess there are still a lot of "those" people out there... Thought we had moved past it but I guess they are still in the closet and coming out.

Sunday, April 15, 08:04:06 PM

I wanted to see this movie again.

Sunday, April 15, 04:57:22 PM

Acting was terrible, plot was terrible, action was terrible, superhero was terrible. Now I know why I never heard of this character prior to the movie.

Sunday, April 15, 04:41:29 PM

Good movie. Sadly the user can’t get over of Black actor keeps bashing this movie.

Sunday, April 15, 02:01:12 PM

If you're racist you won't like this movie. I'm not into superhero movies but found this one to be good. Great storyline and special effects. Also, the costumes were awesome. Sorry racists but this one's a hit. Wakanda Forever!!!

Sunday, April 15, 09:32:48 AM

Rich story that talks very well about the African culture.

Saturday, April 14, 08:30:27 PM

Black Panther is hot as the villian. Loved their outfits too.