Sunday, February 25, 10:07:45 AM

My family liked this movie regardless the race of the actors. The story was touching and funny at the same time.

Sunday, February 25, 09:29:42 AM

This was a good science fiction movie. Very well elaborate. I loved the movie.

Sunday, February 25, 08:49:02 AM

I can’t wait to repeat this movie again today.

Sunday, February 25, 08:46:32 AM

Movie was very fun. Can we review this movie without getting our reviews to get review? Lol Black Panther was a very good looking man.

Sunday, February 25, 08:43:40 AM

I love the African music and the settings. The colorful dresses. The acting. Great movie.

Sunday, February 25, 08:39:44 AM

Excellent film with all the elements to became the best movie of the year.

Sunday, February 25, 08:37:55 AM

This movie was fun and full of action. I don’t have an idea where the racist bla bla came from.

Sunday, February 25, 08:34:53 AM

Black Panther was brave and kindness. A man with a big heart. I liked the scene when he freeze at his girlfriend.

Sunday, February 25, 08:33:18 AM

When I went to watch this movie I found funny some of the negative reviews. They are overreacting. This movie is fantastic.

Sunday, February 25, 08:31:31 AM

A great super hero movie. Must get an oscar.

Sunday, February 25, 08:30:36 AM

An amazing movie.

Sunday, February 25, 08:30:01 AM

There is not racism in this movie. I think it was a wonderful movie.

Sunday, February 25, 08:22:03 AM

Outstanding movie . A must go see twice. How much are they paying this 7 word idiot to keep posting these same posts over and over again.

Sunday, February 25, 08:19:47 AM

If this country is so advanced and never relied on rest of the world, then why do they all speak with a British accent? Honestly if this is the best they can do the sequel will be a even bigger flop.

Sunday, February 25, 08:02:23 AM

We were all set to see this movie, but after they said you were a rascist if you did not see it; well we spent our money on Jumanji. That was a good family movie. By the way for all you race baiters Im pretty sure the star of Jumanji was Black.

Sunday, February 25, 08:00:17 AM

Outstanding movie . A must go see twice.

Sunday, February 25, 07:55:06 AM

Must be all the free ticket holders that keep posting these 4 and 5 stars. If you think this was as good as Dark Knight or Deadpool, please re-evaluate your crack habit.

Sunday, February 25, 05:55:20 AM

Racist movie. End of story.

Sunday, February 25, 03:09:05 AM

Fell asleep! What makes this guy super hero? Ability to squeeze super costume out of himself I guess and what else? Can I give zero stars?

Sunday, February 25, 02:16:29 AM

Fell asleep in the theatre. Not even worth a cheap night

Sunday, February 25, 01:33:01 AM

Absolutely brilliant movie.

Sunday, February 25, 01:31:36 AM

I like the fact that the movie appeals to both males and females, young and old, and all cultures and races.

Sunday, February 25, 01:30:45 AM

Great movie for the whole family.

Sunday, February 25, 01:30:21 AM

I have watched the movie twice and will be watching it again. It is a really good movie.

Sunday, February 25, 01:29:37 AM

Excellent movie!

Sunday, February 25, 12:07:45 AM

For us by us

Saturday, February 24, 11:33:14 PM

It's a well done Super Hero movie, but that's faint praise as I, like many of my friends, am totally burnt out on this genre. An hour after leaving the theatre I totally forgot that I saw it. That tells you something right there.

Saturday, February 24, 11:26:51 PM

I am a Marvel fan and I loved the movie. I was excited to see the character in Captain America and super excited to see Black Panther. The movie did not disappoint me.

Saturday, February 24, 10:27:26 PM

Greatest super hero movie of all time. Better than nolan's dark knight, avengers, and deadpool combined!!!

Saturday, February 24, 08:06:50 PM

Perfect to watch. I watched one time and when the roads are clear out from snow I will again.

Saturday, February 24, 07:47:00 PM

Loved it!

Saturday, February 24, 07:13:32 PM

Hey you " honest" folks don't act like you would let your daughter date a person of color. And thanks for ruining the dab

Saturday, February 24, 06:08:19 PM


Saturday, February 24, 06:05:16 PM

I watched twice and I planning to buy the DVD when comes out.

Saturday, February 24, 05:44:59 PM

Lol. Gezz. Mostly of the actors were black. So why you are. so mad? This movie was fantastic.

Saturday, February 24, 05:43:22 PM

Fantastic Marvel movie. All of the elements of a good movie were in the story. Great acting.

Saturday, February 24, 05:42:09 PM

Wonderful science fiction movie. Nothing else. Who cares the race of the actors. I liked this movie.

Saturday, February 24, 03:43:15 PM

Black Panther is to be seen as more than just a movie. It is an atonement for white guilt, to which quasi-religious devotion is due.

Saturday, February 24, 03:24:26 PM

Loved everything about this movie

Saturday, February 24, 03:23:28 PM

Fantastic ! I follow all marvel movies, and this one is from a different perspective. It is good to see marvel movies on the other characters. Can't wait to see the next amazing marvel movie.