Sunday, April 8, 08:49:35 PM

Maybe it would be a good idea if they made more of these because people would eventually catch on on what the real message is.

Sunday, April 8, 08:35:26 PM

Like all of it except for 120 minutes.

Sunday, April 8, 08:30:02 PM

Can't wait to visit the authentic African set in Atlanta.

Sunday, April 8, 08:24:29 PM

There will always be shows like this that don't deserve the accolades they get.

Sunday, April 8, 08:21:54 PM

When will they bring out the real Black Panther we enjoy from the comics?

Sunday, April 8, 08:18:09 PM

Good in the comic-not so here.

Sunday, April 8, 08:14:57 PM

The rhino was the best actor, well almost.

Sunday, April 8, 08:07:30 PM

Liked the set design. Kudos to the pros in Atlanta who did a good job. The few good action scenes done in Korea should be commended as well.

Sunday, April 8, 08:06:02 PM

Can't wait to see the next movie after this one was didn't live up to the hype.

Sunday, April 8, 08:03:15 PM

Heard it was great. Reality proved otherwise.

Sunday, April 8, 08:01:52 PM

An odd lopsided mix of nothing happening to the few fun parts that didn't save the movie.

Sunday, April 8, 07:55:25 PM

Lol 🤣 This movie brought so many weirdos.

Sunday, April 8, 07:53:31 PM

Can't wait to see a real Marvel movie that will erase this disaster.

Sunday, April 8, 07:51:41 PM

Even if Civil War is a failure like Black Panther, but receives the same hype, it will smash previous records which indicates brand name and advertising are the measure of success.

Sunday, April 8, 07:43:58 PM

Despite box office success due to unearned promotion, this movie wasn't as good as many of its predecessors.

Sunday, April 8, 07:40:26 PM

When all a movie needs is to look cool we have a recipe for further negligence without consequence by the studios.

Sunday, April 8, 07:37:19 PM

The movie wasn't treated with the respect it deserves by the writer.

Sunday, April 8, 07:34:33 PM

I read the mixed reviews so didn't know what to expect. Turns out all the worst things were aptly described.

Sunday, April 8, 07:31:49 PM

I really liked-nothing.

Sunday, April 8, 07:30:28 PM

Wretched boring.

Sunday, April 8, 07:29:00 PM

If this were the last of the series few people would miss it.

Sunday, April 8, 07:20:39 PM

Huge hype but fell miles short. Black Pather comic lore is diverse and exciting, unfortunately that was not carried over to film or the script. I regret buying the ticket. This is definitely Wal-Mart 3$ bin material.

Sunday, April 8, 07:19:05 PM

The second most forgettable movie of the year.

Sunday, April 8, 07:09:30 PM

A blase effort fulfilled by a mostly no star cast.

Sunday, April 8, 06:45:40 PM

A tribute to the rapidly accelerating political correct trash that Hollywood is cranking out these days.

Sunday, April 8, 06:42:17 PM

This is the first Marvel movie I've yawned in which sums up the experience.

Sunday, April 8, 06:39:49 PM

Doesn't engage the viewer.

Sunday, April 8, 06:36:27 PM

There's nothing worse than expecting something great and then being disappointed.

Sunday, April 8, 06:31:11 PM

Next time I'll just go to Lion King.

Sunday, April 8, 05:27:13 PM

I diss like the show cause it got worse the more I watch it.

Sunday, April 8, 01:41:33 PM

Loved every minute of it. I've watched it five times already!

Sunday, April 8, 11:44:32 AM

Fantastic action movie.

Sunday, April 8, 11:01:54 AM

Very well betrayal of the character

Sunday, April 8, 10:46:15 AM

Romance, action and humor. Plus two amazing good looking men. lol.

Sunday, April 8, 10:38:15 AM

This was the best movie ever.

Sunday, April 8, 10:05:14 AM

With all the hype, I decided to watch this film. The actors were nice looking, and the special effects were good, but the story and dialogue left me with a feeling of ....oh, well. They spent so much money or this film, and made it a boring experience.

Sunday, April 8, 09:51:28 AM

THIS is the super-hero movie of all time! Obviously!

Sunday, April 8, 08:25:51 AM

A let down for Marvel fans. Was not the movie we deserved. I hope Infinity Wars gets everything back on track.

Sunday, April 8, 07:47:15 AM

If Black Panther is what passes for exceptional then we can expect all subsequent movies in the genre and generally to be on a declining curve to mediocrity.

Sunday, April 8, 07:42:23 AM

Seeing this show once was more than enough unless one is a mindless zombie. When the trailer is better than movie there's a quality issue to address.