Tuesday, April 9, 01:19:49 AM

A movie that’s hard to watch, yet some comments from people who suffered from conversion therapy state that it’s actually way too tame to reflect reality. Lucas Hedges is doing a great job portraying Jared (Garrard), and Nicole Kidman shines during the last 30 minutes. There is consensus among reputable scientific societies that conversion therapy doesn’t work and is inevitably hurting those subjected to it, but some people just see what they want to see. It’s notable that Jared refuses to "hate" his father in a pivotal scene. The only wish is that one accepts people to be what they are, even if you disagree. You can’t change them, neither can they, so just be up to it!

Tuesday, April 2, 11:30:30 PM

A very impressive movie, based on the true experience of a young man subjected to conversion therapy. Great performances by the three main actors, Nicole Kidman as the evolving mother and Russel Crowe as the father trapped in his own beliefs. It reveals what "conversion therapy" actually is, a mix of cultism and simply making money out of non-conforming youth (and no, it doesn’t work!). It is unbelievable that some states still allow (and even plan to [re]instate) this highly questionable "therapy" as a legal means for a group of people that’s supposed to be "protected" by any discrimination law. You can suppress your identity and orientation, but you cannot change it by will or choice. It’s a matter of fact and not belief… no doubt that Christians are doing good things, but some are clearly on the wrong side here. Just love people for who they are!

Saturday, February 23, 12:40:20 AM

disgusting , gays cannot be converted.. get a life animals who are not humans who made this movie.. Hate speech doesnt exist(FACT).

Friday, February 15, 12:34:32 AM

Brings a lot of topics not talked about very often to the forefront. It’s nice to finally see a movie about conversion therapy. I learned a lot from this movie. Very Emotional!! Highly recommend.

Friday, February 8, 08:16:36 PM

Finally, the truth comes out on these 'conversion therapy', no matter what your religion or belief is. It's so sad it was only showed in limited theaters. And unfortunately it's sadder that it is still happening at this day of age!

Monday, January 28, 06:13:49 PM

oh yay ANOTHER gay movie

Thursday, January 24, 10:02:07 AM

Forgot to mention - I'm not a church goer, but the way they are portrayed in this film is disgraceful. Christians do so much good in the community and around the world. They are the first to race to aid when disasters happen, when there are starving children or elderly around the world. It would be nice if just once, outside of a Christian movie, they were portrayed in a positive light. Because they do a lot of positive things.

Thursday, January 24, 10:00:06 AM

Most scenes too dark to see what's going on, even when it's just a scene of the family talking. Unclear as to whether the boy was gay before he was raped, or only decided to be after. Lucas Hedges has no charisma, no charm, there's nothing about him that says he merits a starring role in a movie. There must be far better men with that quality that screams "star" who could have played this role, who don't have famous director fathers. Nepotism is ruining Hollywood.

Saturday, January 12, 02:22:27 AM

The truth cannot be converted as the title says....mid leading title , sure u give you're sinfully lust for men as a homosexual and take Jesus Christ as you're savior, it not a easy thing to do and it not over night....sin is deadly thing and won't inherit the kingdom of heaven

Monday, December 31, 10:11:08 AM

It's wrong to want to change people who don't want to be changed. But people who do want to live a "normal" life have had successful conversions. I feel like this movie is a badly written attack on Christians. Why are they portrayed like evil a** holes - how about you try and portray a muslim like that onscreen and find out how many death sentences are taken out on you? Most overseas charities that help poor people in third world countries are run by Christians. How about applauding them once in awhile?

Wednesday, December 19, 04:54:52 PM

Best movie I've seen all year. Touching, disturbing, and real. The entire cast is brilliant in this movie! I love the Christian lunatics posting reviews on here when they clearly didn't see the movie. Conversion therapy is disgusting, and the fake Christians can't deal with it being brought out in the open.

Wednesday, December 19, 10:03:14 AM

What I dislike most is the lie that God won’t love you if you are gay! He loves everyone!

Sunday, December 16, 12:57:30 PM

Some highly emotional scenes. It shows how, a lot if times, children are more emotionally mature then their parents and parents need to self reflect too. The child is not always in the wrong just because they are younger. My fave line When Kidman was taking out her son from conversion therapy she said " shame on you, and shame on me too." She at that moment understood what pain she had caused. A lot of times parents must be emotionally mature enough to say yes, I f**ked up, and I'm truly sorry. It isn't that hard, parents.

Wednesday, December 5, 08:15:53 PM

H. E. L. L. NO!!! Just because certain people of the 20th century and now the: [21st Century] people, EMBRACES: homosexuals... And now dirtied up the words: gay; and marriage; and... "perverted" the symbol and element of the: rainbow; which is suppose to represent "gay" and its movement... And they take it and put it in a made sentimental movie... Don't mean its right! Nor expectable, nor entertaining...

Wednesday, November 21, 01:15:02 AM

An 18 year-old son of a minister is sent to conversion camp to get the "gay" scrubbed out of him. The film is rich in adult themes---the continuing view of homosexuality as sin; the conflict of sexuality and fundamentalist; the scamish nature of many treatment centers in general; the parental conflict of children's values different from your own. Nicole Kidman floats along for the first 3/4 of the film as the quiet passive wife, but as her character steps up to keep her family from falling apart, Kidman shows her acting chops and takes over the film. It's a remarkable performance. --gurubob---------------------------------------90/100

Monday, November 19, 10:21:21 AM

Lucas Hedges much more convincing as the gay teen he is, he was unconvincing as a straight teen in his other films. He should stick to playing gay men.

Sunday, November 18, 02:06:10 PM

Powerful. As a gay male growing up in Alabama, I saw many of my friends experience the same thing. I am thrilled that we are in a place and time to talk about this.

Saturday, November 17, 07:09:09 AM

Should have been 20 minutes longer to beef up the case.

Friday, November 16, 07:19:51 PM

The film is somewhat less compelling than expected. Reasonably dramatic and with some highly emotional scenes. The storyline however lacked detail and at times simply plodded along. BE is packed with great actors not given much chance to live up to their potentiAl. But toward the end of the film both Kidman and Crowe really bring it, leaving you in tears. A good film bit no awards here I am afraid.

Tuesday, November 13, 09:11:59 PM

Great movie and it's sad and choking to see how there is still so much intolerance and ignorance in society when it comes to homosexuality. The movie shows the horror and psychological torture of the stupid conversion therapy.