Wednesday, April 22, 03:23:00 PM

Movie is "Meh." I watched it all but was far from scared, startled or surprised.

Wednesday, February 26, 11:40:58 AM

I agree with the three star rating. Not horrible, not great. The doll wasn't creepy, it was the kid. This movie is not scary, the best l will give it is creepy, just because of the kid.

Tuesday, February 25, 12:23:18 AM

Enjoyed the popcorn. I like almost every Horror movie but NOT this one. No suspense. No scares. Predictable. Nothing happens.

Saturday, February 22, 11:33:09 PM

Really bad. Don't believe the positive reviews. You will heed my warning.

Friday, February 21, 09:46:52 PM

Good sequel to the original!

Friday, February 21, 10:58:48 AM

Be sure to watch the 1st one before going. A few good scares that made me jump. Overall entertaining.