Friday, June 1, 06:35:53 PM

Action packed, re-emphasized how strong, determined and cunning some women are. I highly recommend this movie, it was truly entertaining.

Thursday, May 31, 06:50:36 PM

Excellent, good old-fashioned suspense movie!

Tuesday, May 29, 08:49:33 PM

This Movie was Really Good yep! It was a great Thriller which had me hollering and screaming with different emotions! Gabrielle Union and the children were awesome! 10 stars in my opinion!!! 😍😍😍

Tuesday, May 29, 06:26:17 PM

Love the movies gabby did a good job Awesome

Monday, May 28, 04:46:22 PM

this story has been done again and again and again .......

Saturday, May 26, 04:04:25 PM

This is a great movie very entertaining and really very good worth seeing!

Saturday, May 26, 10:35:59 AM

Typical movie with a common plot/story. Hollywood needs new ideas and better upcoming actors. Did not care for this movie.

Friday, May 25, 11:46:10 AM

Mediocre acting, I' m a mom comment doesn't work.

Wednesday, May 23, 09:35:35 PM

honestly I laughed so hard during the movie This is not thrilling at all. its really funny how villains act in this movie

Tuesday, May 22, 12:05:06 PM


Monday, May 21, 07:59:03 PM

Just didn't think this movie role was right for her! She is better in Drama-Comedy type movies.

Saturday, May 19, 12:27:41 AM

great plot for a thriller ,however a little backstory on the characters would've made for a more interesting flick .

Wednesday, May 16, 07:35:09 PM


Wednesday, May 16, 01:04:49 AM

Beginning of the movie really good. Movie Dragged on to grab ever emotion from the audience. The movie could have been a great thriller.

Tuesday, May 15, 04:09:36 PM

Well done movie, suspenseful and well acted.

Monday, May 14, 05:38:50 AM

Excellent movie!! Good acting and directing! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sunday, May 13, 06:03:45 PM

Pretty cool reboot of the Burt Reynolds classic, updated and retooled for contemporary audiences.

Sunday, May 13, 01:37:16 PM

It was suspenseful, had action and good acting. Well worth the money to see it and all of this without the need of foul language every other word.