Saturday, April 21, 11:27:53 PM

If you are old enough to remember this true story, you will probably love this movie. It is so realistic of what occurred on that day. The actors looks so much like the real people and the acting is convincing that you are seeing this event live.

Thursday, April 19, 05:00:48 PM

I agree with the whitewash comment below.

Friday, April 13, 10:53:29 PM

Realistic, did not white wash the situation that Ted went on to do good things did not make him less a coward at that time

Thursday, April 12, 09:13:50 PM

It needed a bigger pocket of air.

Thursday, April 12, 10:36:47 AM

Just another movie about a criminal that got away with murder...smh! The evil elite getting away with a crime ! No glory to be found in Kennedy name! The Kennedy money came from selling booze! I detest them and everything they have done to America!

Thursday, April 12, 08:28:06 AM

Good insight about the corruption of the Kennedy dynasty.

Tuesday, April 10, 08:38:19 PM

great movie

Sunday, April 8, 09:49:36 PM

Good movie. Certainly worth seeing if you’re interested in the Kennedy dynasty. It’s clear there was a massive cover up.

Sunday, April 8, 12:03:21 PM

Ted Kennedy actor poor