Saturday, September 8, 01:46:00 PM

nice story but not a comedy. i got kind of bored and couldn't wait until it was over. kept looking at my watch. no problem with the cast. they did a good job. my friends thought the same. we were looking for a good comedy. i gave it credit for not being a dirty movie.

Wednesday, September 5, 06:15:39 PM

In a way, yin vs. yang. Old money and power of high profile people vs. American girl with low middle class working background. In the old days low class Asians could not rise in social status; a fun romantic comedy where American girl does it....and no f words, sex trysts, shootem ups, torture and the like. Great ending....great entertainment, and kids can watch it.

Wednesday, September 5, 01:14:19 AM

Excellent, clean, romantic movie. I’m so grateful they didn’t fill this movie full of profanity, sex, and other vulgarities. The lead characters were people who were thoughtful, kind people with integrity, rare this day and age. Very well cast, good acting, great story. Yes it’s a familiar storyline but very well done.

Monday, September 3, 09:49:03 PM

a fun and funny romantic comedy. Makes me want to visit Singapore. So nice to see an all Asian movie and I'm not Asian.

Monday, September 3, 09:28:54 PM

Well, ok, its a tired old plot....poor girl falls in love with rich guy yata yata yata. But, I found it refreshing and uplifing with a feel good ending. Also, if you can believe it; zero drugs, murders, hard to follow plots et al. A good clean well acted movie with great sights of Singapore and pretty Asian women.

Sunday, September 2, 08:15:27 PM

Nothing much to watch. Skip this to save time and money.

Sunday, September 2, 07:11:05 PM

was slow at the beginning. Last 40 min was good.

Sunday, September 2, 06:11:25 PM

Amazing movie! Perfect for romantic date

Saturday, September 1, 02:10:38 PM

Boring...... chick flick at its best.......

Saturday, September 1, 01:26:01 PM

This qualifys as a chick flick or romantic comedy. Enjoy if you are on a date but if watching by yourself keep checking your watch until it's over.

Friday, August 31, 05:14:37 PM

Cute love story, traditions and family values with humour and charm. Very enjoyable.

Friday, August 31, 01:35:10 PM


Friday, August 31, 12:54:14 AM

Refreshingly funny. Original and a fun cast. Go see it you won't be sorry

Wednesday, August 29, 06:06:08 PM

Great movie. Loved the beautiful people, opulent scenery and story line. This movie was very entertaining and the acting was good. I see a few sequels coming out of this movie and am looking forward to seeing more!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 04:57:57 PM

Very good story line, i loved everything about the movie. I will buy it when released.

Tuesday, August 28, 03:52:57 PM

Fun, soapy, humorous, fantasy.

Tuesday, August 28, 11:33:47 AM

Very good movie. Very enjoyable. If you've read the book, it's not the same, but it is very very well done. I'd definitely watch again

Monday, August 27, 09:18:58 AM

Amazing movie! Loved it 😁

Sunday, August 26, 05:59:11 PM

Nice light romance...ancient storyline

Sunday, August 26, 03:35:45 PM

Very entertaining. A lot of laughs.

Sunday, August 26, 09:30:51 AM

The movie was excellent. The scenery, Wow! Singapore is beautiful. Awkwafina stole the show! She was too funny. The entire movie audience last night were laughing me too! The cast diid an excellent job. More Asian films like this one would a welcome pleasure.

Saturday, August 25, 10:00:55 PM

Giving this movie five stars. Enjoyed the whole movie. Very uplifting and fun. Music was great. Actors were good. Scenery of Singapore was lovely. The theatre was full...

Saturday, August 25, 03:29:25 PM

A must see movie for all asians!

Saturday, August 25, 03:26:18 PM

It is funny and well cast. Awkwafina is hilarious! It is about time Hollywood sees the light (or $$$) and start producing more asian cast movies. There is a humongous market in China and Asia as well the local North American Asian communities that would love to see this type of movie. Well done Warner Bros. Pictures!!!

Friday, August 24, 01:41:35 PM

Not my cup of tea for sure and for certain. Making stars of monetary wealth is not an attractive or entertaining proposition. The people are pretty but the story sucks as well as the theme.

Thursday, August 23, 11:17:02 PM

Nothing spectacular. Nice scenery, good acting, poor story, boring.

Thursday, August 23, 10:07:37 AM

Absolutely loved it!! Great comedy and fun characters!!

Thursday, August 23, 05:41:41 AM

Fun and interesting, a lighthearted, cute movie albeit unrealistic.

Thursday, August 23, 12:34:52 AM

Great entertainment, enjoyable.

Wednesday, August 22, 08:51:47 PM

Chose this flick as a last minute choice not really expecting to like it . I was pleasantly surprised ....I loved it ! Lots of laughs and great acting . I recommend it wholeheartedly .

Wednesday, August 22, 07:58:59 PM

I went last night with some friends we had liked the movie we had a good laugh

Wednesday, August 22, 12:34:41 PM

Funny movie and I can relate this movie to the other comedy movie: The Big Fat Greek Wedding. The wedding scene is amazing. I love it!

Wednesday, August 22, 11:07:29 AM

Disappointed but enjoyed all the glitz. Predictable plot. Loved shots of Singapore and casting.

Wednesday, August 22, 02:00:53 AM

Fun cast! Loved the mom

Tuesday, August 21, 10:14:03 PM

Great comedy, loved the cinematics. Chemistry between the two lead actors was great. A real feel good movie. Loved the sound track.

Tuesday, August 21, 09:45:34 PM

It was very well done. It was about respect and family.It was a beautiful love story without all the sex madness.

Tuesday, August 21, 07:23:45 PM

10/10 This movie saved rom-com!

Tuesday, August 21, 07:23:17 PM

Outstanding movie and cast. Anyone who rates this low is butthurt that an asian movie in hollywood is #1 in the box ofice

Monday, August 20, 09:38:49 PM

Not a five star movir

Monday, August 20, 08:52:09 PM

Not a 5 star movir