Monday, December 17, 12:26:52 AM

This movie is a joke.

Sunday, December 16, 03:05:13 PM

Great movie

Sunday, December 16, 02:20:11 AM

This movie is great

Thursday, December 13, 01:06:31 PM

Liked the characters but this one ends up like Rocky 4.

Wednesday, December 12, 02:42:32 PM

I’ve only seen this movie three times!!! It’s amazing just like the other Rocky classics

Tuesday, December 4, 10:17:02 PM

I have seen it 2 times and will be seeing it again and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Tuesday, December 4, 07:20:40 PM


Monday, December 3, 07:49:14 PM

After 40 years and eight movies, this franchise has become expendable. RTL

Monday, December 3, 06:42:14 PM

Okay, the acting is pretty weak in spots, and it's corny as hell, but I really like boxing movies, so this was fun for me, though Sly isn't looking so good. Two thumbs up for Rocky 47 or whatever the hell we're up to now. ...........................gurubob.............................86/100

Monday, December 3, 01:35:04 PM

Tough follow up to the first Creed. Thought there would be more boxing. it was okay!

Monday, December 3, 11:33:26 AM


Monday, December 3, 03:09:14 AM

Awful soundtrack. How many times is Stallone going to make this movie???

Monday, December 3, 03:07:57 AM

ROCKY BALBOA was the perfect ending; they're just milking it now.

Sunday, December 2, 05:14:45 PM


Saturday, December 1, 05:39:22 PM

everything real good acting from everyone

Saturday, December 1, 11:40:50 AM


Saturday, December 1, 11:17:30 AM

If you haven't had your nap yet , go see this one! What a sleeper!

Saturday, December 1, 05:37:29 AM

Brigitte Nielsen gives the performance of her career, but even she can't save this.

Friday, November 30, 10:39:41 PM

Well acted. Good story line. Yes there have been a lot of Rocky movies but this was worth the watch. Entertaining and engaging. Thumbs up!

Friday, November 30, 07:15:43 PM

Great to see Sylvester Stallone back on the big screen and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Friday, November 30, 10:33:35 AM

I love Tessa Thompson. She's a really good actress and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 09:32:07 PM


Thursday, November 29, 07:12:56 PM

Stallone, Eastwood, and Arnold are just way too old now. They were the best back in the day but just look terrible on screen now trying to be like they were when younger.

Thursday, November 29, 07:06:23 PM

Terrible Rocky movie.!!!! Just awful!!!

Thursday, November 29, 05:32:04 PM


Thursday, November 29, 03:17:10 PM

We need a sequel to Little Man more than we need another awful Rocky film.

Wednesday, November 28, 10:31:32 PM

When it comes to ROCKY movies, this one's expendable. 1/5

Wednesday, November 28, 03:34:43 PM

The worst Rocky yet. This series should have ended a decade ago.

Wednesday, November 28, 02:10:26 PM

Great movie and Stallone will always be Rocky. You new breed should stay home and play simulated games. This kind of stuff is way too much for you powder puffs.

Tuesday, November 27, 10:31:38 AM

Loved this movie.............Michael B. Jordan did a great job as Adonis Johnson and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

Monday, November 26, 06:29:27 PM

Creed 2 (Rocky8), Fantastic Beasts 2, Another Star is Born, another Wreck it Ralph, Another Grinch, Another Robin Hood, Another Transformers, another Marvel yada yada. I used to love going to theaters, but knowing what you're going to see every time is pointless.

Monday, November 26, 06:01:45 PM

Am I the only one wishing Rocky had died in one of the earlier movies?

Monday, November 26, 06:00:10 PM

The Rocky series started in 1975. Enough already. I don't care.

Monday, November 26, 12:12:25 AM

The theater refused to give me my money back.

Sunday, November 25, 08:26:10 PM

Storyline rushed from start skips a middle beat reaching an end?? If you enjoy the Rocky series this movie might be good for you

Sunday, November 25, 02:51:22 PM

The sad thing about these last two Rocky sequels is that Apollo had two other children and we never learn what happened to them.

Sunday, November 25, 01:06:09 PM

Don’t understand the last few reviews of one star! I found it entertaining, funny in parts. I thought they blended the previous storyline in very well. As usual, Sylvester Stallone plays his part better than any other actor could!

Sunday, November 25, 05:21:38 AM

Definitely the worst soundtrack of the entire series; it's really overbearing and makes this a real chore to sit through.

Sunday, November 25, 05:10:56 AM

Sooo glad I didn't have to pay for this one.

Sunday, November 25, 05:09:52 AM

Sequel to the funniest Rocky movie is every bit as cheesy; it's impossible to take this story seriously when it's following up a live-action cartoon like Rocky IV.