Saturday, September 25, 04:42:37 PM

I LOVED this movie! It so much better than the first one!! A lot of action and the storyline Is really good! It keeps you at the edge of your seat the WHOLE time!! This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! You will not be disappointed!

Sunday, September 12, 12:30:39 PM

It was good. I hate the fact he’s a pedophile n such. That’s the only reason I won’t give it 5 stars. Hated rooting for him.

Sunday, September 5, 06:25:17 AM

Don't breathe? More like try not to nod off.

Friday, August 27, 09:40:30 AM


Saturday, August 21, 08:08:02 PM

Liked everything

Friday, August 20, 11:20:35 AM

Positives: 1. Original concept trying to humanize a murdering rapist. (probably not if you are a woman but it is a movie). 2. The new villains have to be even bigger douchebags than him. lol. 3. There is comical type violence (ie. said douchebags getting hammers in the head, lit on fire, etc). 4. It is a different tension not knowing which douchebag to root for. Negatives: 1. You have to cheer for one douchebag to become engaged in the plot. 2. The idea of some redemption in a murdering rapist might make you vomit. 3. Not being disrespectful but is it really that hard to shoot a completely blind douchebag? 4. Pretty bad animal abuse (but again its a race to the bottom of the sewer with these dbags). I liked it but not sure I would take my gf as she would be disgusted with the murder/rapist redemption arc.

Saturday, August 14, 07:03:15 AM

So...he's the good guy now? Wtf

Friday, August 13, 07:26:13 PM

I expected less but was glad to see it was very good from start to finish. You won't be disappointed at all - GO SEE IT