Wednesday, June 3, 05:23:12 PM

Terrible! I walked out of the movie.

Tuesday, June 2, 09:42:01 PM

it was a good movie - some funny parts/old fashion horror, where sound and timing made you jump and not all blood and guts which is boring!! -

Tuesday, June 2, 04:45:37 PM

This was too predictable from the star. Didn't stay to watch the ending

Tuesday, June 2, 08:06:12 AM

This movie was horrible. We laughed more then anything. So much for being a "Scary Movie".

Monday, June 1, 10:08:30 PM

horrible, especially the ending

Monday, June 1, 09:43:53 PM


Monday, June 1, 07:17:10 PM

ppl go watch this movie....

Monday, June 1, 06:26:43 PM


Monday, June 1, 05:44:13 PM

Great to see Sam Raimi do a horror movie again. A good horror movie compared to the unscary crap we've been subjected to eg. Saw,Hostel,Prom Night. Not the scariest movie, but pretty good considering the competition

Monday, June 1, 01:35:21 PM

Amazing! Old skool horror, definitely lived up to the evil deads !! Glad I wasn't disappointed, Ive been looking forward to it since the previews first aired months ago :)

Monday, June 1, 09:57:17 AM

WOW!!! The ads for this movie look really stupid.. But, I watched it and I really enjoyed it!! Really good movie!!!!

Monday, June 1, 02:02:28 AM

Great Horror-comedy!

Monday, June 1, 01:37:59 AM

4 stars for me, i was really hoping for more of the in your face, jump out of your chair horror. I enjoyed the humor in it but maybe cut some of it out great effects to see at the movies. I just hope not too many people will be talking in yours like mine!

Sunday, May 31, 12:01:15 PM

Is this a horror movie or comedy????? Because I was laughing from the beginning til the end... Don't waste your time and money!!!

Sunday, May 31, 11:18:30 AM

Best Horror movie in a long time..Cant remeber the last time I jumped in my seat consistently..Loved it..worth watching again!

Sunday, May 31, 10:33:42 AM


Sunday, May 31, 12:02:23 AM

scariest movie Ive ever seen.

Saturday, May 30, 11:54:26 PM

Finally, an original horror movie that delivers...this film is scary, funny, over the top fun! It's about time we get a horror film that's not a remake! 5 stars!

Saturday, May 30, 11:12:18 PM

This movie was beyond terrible, save your money.

Saturday, May 30, 10:43:51 PM


Saturday, May 30, 10:25:12 PM

She litterally gets dragged to hell

Saturday, May 30, 08:29:24 PM

best movie i seen this week

Saturday, May 30, 07:58:11 PM

Only good horror movie that has been made in years!

Saturday, May 30, 07:56:29 PM

Great movie, funny, jumpy, and imaginative. Sam Raimi is back! A great horror/comedy movie for everyone. If you have seen the Evil Dead Trilogy and loved it than you'll love Drag Me To Hell, 5/5 (I forgive Raimi for Spider-Man 3). Effects were descent but the story was amazing, the best horror movie in a long, long, long time.

Saturday, May 30, 07:29:50 PM

Much better than the "Saw" films.Lots of noise and a creepy gypsy antagonist.

Saturday, May 30, 06:59:09 PM

This is simply the best horror movie in some time.

Saturday, May 30, 11:21:32 AM

good ending

Saturday, May 30, 12:15:10 AM

I love it! Worth to watch again on DVD! Horror and funny at the same time.

Friday, May 29, 11:11:54 PM

Quite possibly the WORST movie I have ever seen.

Friday, May 29, 10:46:18 PM

gee... could it be any closer to to thinner by stephen king?

Friday, May 29, 10:01:10 PM

This will become a cult classic

Friday, May 29, 05:31:56 PM

Sam Raimi returns to his roots and delivers another Evil Dead

Friday, May 29, 03:16:13 PM

its good

Friday, May 29, 10:26:59 AM

Simply too good...a real horror movie after a long time...!