Friday, March 29, 04:26:59 PM

So much cuter than I'd anticipated. I was afraid it would be dark and there would be cruelty (can't bear cruelty towards animals) but there wasn't, it was amazing with a really good message.

Friday, March 29, 04:06:55 PM

The movie just kept getting better as I watched! I really liked Michael Keaton and Colin Farrell. There was nothing inappropriate, just a wonderful story. They added a lot more to the story of Dumbo, and it was well done. I seen some bad reviews about this movie, and that put a damper on my excitement before it came to the theaters. Boy, to me it wasn't disappointing at all. Love Ya, Lisa

Thursday, March 28, 09:37:55 PM

This is a GEM!! Great cast, cool effects, and very touching. A good one for kids AND adults...… bob..... 94/100