Saturday, March 4, 07:55:10 PM

Best movie I've seen in years. I loved it! Austin Butler brought Elvis back to life. At times I thought I was watching Elvis he did such a fantastic job playing him! I can see why Elvis' family loved the movie too. Well worth watching this movie!

Thursday, March 2, 12:09:11 PM

Listening to that “one in a million” voice and all his songs brought tears to my eyes!

Thursday, February 2, 09:05:44 PM

I thought the movie told it like it rally was!! Col. Tom Park er was Elvis’ down fall!!! Austin Butler was superb in the mouth! He was the perfect pick to play Elvis!!

Thursday, February 2, 06:00:23 PM

This movie claims to be Elvis' life story but most of his actual life was left out completely. And Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker? Horrible voyeuristic performance of him constantly leering at Elvis. Austin Butler delivers the only decent performance in the movie and tries hard. But he can't save this film. The material here is not suited to a life story of the greatest male singer of all time. It's basically a glossy Baz Luhrmann musical with his typical surreal take on everything, lots of disconnected scenes, huge gaps in Elvis' life, sensationalized scenes meant to be quiet and intimate, jumping around his timeline, and just short moments of Elvis actually singing. I was SO disappointed knowing the fullness and richness of Elvis's life which was totally ignored here. His greatest life moments are completely left out. Hopefully no Oscars for this movie. Brendan Fraser in Whale was 1,000 times better. I hope someone does Elvis justice eventually, but this movie was definitely not it.

Monday, January 30, 03:11:24 PM

Austin Butler's performance was A-Mazing!!!! That boy deserves an Oscar for his performance, full stop. I feel like he captured the essence, the vulnerability of Elvis better than ANY actor who has ever portrayed The King. His stage performances of Elvis were absolutely stunning, mesmerizing. Tom Hanks was good, as always, but not Oscar worthy in this film, IMO. The angle from Colonel Parker's perspective was an interesting twist, definitely disturbing though.

Thursday, January 26, 01:10:17 PM

Good movie with great performance by Austin Butler. He should win the Oscar.

Wednesday, January 25, 10:53:27 PM

As an Elvis fan since age 7, a long time ago, Austin Butler absolutely nailed the essence of Elvis. So close to the real thing. The quality of the music and sound worth the theater experience. I saw Elvis in concert when I was 18 just 4 months prior to his passing. I found this film very close to actual events and entertain. Butler definitely deserves an Oscar for his performance!!!

Saturday, January 14, 05:37:33 AM

Hanks continues to amaze.

Tuesday, January 10, 03:47:35 PM

Outside of two recreated scenes of Elvis' performances, this was a terrible movie. A missed opportunity to tell the story of an iconic man with an amazing story to tell. And don't get me started on that dreadful Tom Hanks performance. That alone spoiled the movie.

Monday, January 9, 11:34:19 AM

What can you say about a movie even Tom Hanks can't save? Sure to become a staple of Bad Movie Nights.

Friday, January 6, 04:46:15 PM

Best performance of the year by Austin Butler. Movie is good - bends the facts quite a bit, but Austin's performance is what makes it great, despite the obvious fiction. I've seen it twice and am going again this weekend.

Monday, January 2, 04:29:07 AM

Tom Hanks is a lock for Best Actor at this year's Oscars -- he was brilliant.

Wednesday, December 14, 09:52:51 PM

Tom Hanks was phenomenal as always, but everything else was pedestrian in the extreme. Makes STAY AWAY, JOE and CHANGE OF HABIT look like absolute classics.

Sunday, October 9, 01:23:08 AM


Monday, September 26, 06:59:38 PM

Man, I waited to see this on streaming and now there's going to be a release on physical media?! Not fair!!!

Friday, September 16, 05:38:19 PM

A rages to riches true story that will make you cry. See the movie with someone you love

Thursday, September 15, 01:01:23 PM

I'm 74 years old and I came out of this movie feeling young. Austin Butler's singing ability and the moves to go along with it did something to me. He is a genius in this movie. He has revived Elvis and I am so grateful. Great Job!

Thursday, September 15, 09:39:52 AM

Love this movie,Austin Butler is defitinley Oscar worthy,(whole movie is)..Saw 7 times & ordered DVD..Elvis left his mark on the world & never will be forgotten!Just think he thought nobody would remember him!!Ha was he ever wrong!!Hope he is looking down & singing If I Can Dream.Love you Elvis??

Saturday, September 10, 09:05:46 PM

Emmy award for this great movie

Thursday, September 8, 12:57:38 AM

Like some of the music-disliked it was partly narrated and jumped around.

Wednesday, September 7, 07:10:26 PM

An outstanding performance by this gorgeous guy who actually looks like Elvis. The actual story of how this phenomenal talented artist became a legend. I absolutely loved it.

Monday, September 5, 04:47:18 PM

I've seen it three times, and want to see it again. Austin Butler disappears into the role! I'd like to see it in IMAX.

Monday, September 5, 03:10:56 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. I did not know that Tom Parker treated Elvis's mom and dad so mean. I didn't know Elvis's mom drank either. The whole movie was wonderful.

Monday, September 5, 12:49:26 AM

I've seen it 10 times. I'm going to c it again as long as it's at the theater !!! Austin Butler and Tom Hanks THE WHOLE CREW WAS GREAT !!

Friday, September 2, 04:45:08 PM

I saw Elvis 6 times I can’t wait to buy it!!! SO well done! Austin Butler deserves an Oscar so does the director!! Thank u for giving us such a wonderful movie. Elvis was a gift to us now I know for sure he loved us too. I can’t wait until the Oscars! Girl if u want to hear more of his songs buy the cds. His music will never grow old. No way the director could have played more of his songs. Stay for the credits. Each time I saw this movie I was drawn into it more than before. The casting was so perfectly done. I will always love Elvis now more than ever

Friday, September 2, 03:48:17 PM

Austin Butler was phenomenal as Elvis; I couldn't believe that he actually sang many of the songs also. He looked so much like Elvis; it's hard to believe he could sound like him, too. The energy of the performances takes you right back to Elvis. It's hard to stay in your seat! If you lived through his career, you will love it and it's a great introduction to why he was such a powerful performer if you haven't seen Elvis before. Tom Hanks was also excellent. Go see it! I would definitely go again if it was showing near me

Wednesday, August 31, 01:02:35 PM

I loved how Austin dedicated 2 years of his life studying Elvis and reading every book about Elvis. I believe the spirit of Elvis filled Austin giving us such a magnificent, Heartfelt performance! He was beyond AWESOME. Academy Award winning performance for sure.

Monday, August 29, 04:04:23 AM

Exhilarating and heartbreaking. No one will put in a performance as profound as Butler did as Elvis this year. This wasn’t a caricature or an impersonation. He completely inhabits the role. Details and facts are melded and played around with to create an emotional truth that gets to the essence of Elvis the performer and person. You won’t walk away with exact historical recollection, but you will feel like you got to know who Elvis was and what inspired him. The filmmaking is a spectacular accomplishment of filmmaking with vibrant and hypnotic visuals, mesmerizing music and a master talent of editing and cinematography prowess mixing mediums and styles and aesthetics. It’s akin to the editing magic of JFK but filtered through a diamond studded fairytale of good and evil, artist and con artist, talent and deception. The ending is bittersweet as we recognize a tragic ending but also enduring influence.

Friday, August 26, 05:45:39 PM

Austin Butler is absolutely amazing in this movie! I was never an Elvis fan but now I’m an Elvis fan and an Austin Butler fan! Oscar worthy performance!!

Friday, August 26, 05:10:52 PM

I loved the back story and the history of Elvis' rise and his career. I wanted more of my favorite songs like In the Ghetto, Kentucky Rain. etc. I wish it would have been more in depth towards the end of the film.

Thursday, August 25, 02:35:52 PM

I have not seen another impersonator do Elvis anywhere close to the job Austin Butler did in this movie. From the voice to mannerisms Uncanny! Laughed cried got angry. Good movie!

Tuesday, August 23, 03:10:57 PM

Loved this movie, may see it again. Austin played a wonderful Elvis.

Monday, August 22, 02:16:38 PM

Loved it. Showed Parker for greedy, manipulative person he was. Also, Butler really pulled it off as Elvis.

Saturday, August 20, 08:57:06 PM

Austin Butler is a god!!

Saturday, August 20, 05:08:43 PM

Austin Butler was outstanding in his role as Elvis & deserves the Oscar !! Elvis would be proud !! Tom Hanks was excellent in his role as Colonel Parker.

Friday, August 19, 08:01:48 PM

Total Elvis fan from the 50's

Friday, August 19, 05:55:56 PM

Loved this movie! It was so well done.

Thursday, August 18, 04:58:19 PM

it was tasttefully done and it was a new view of Elvis

Tuesday, August 16, 08:05:21 PM

This movie was so wonderfully done, I can't wait to go back and see it again in the theater. It was a movie of his life and it was tastefully done. Austin was excellent, absolutely terrific, as Elvis. Job well done. This will forever be a favorite movie of mine, I can tell, it has brought Elvis back. The random one star reviews are crazy, considering Priscilla and family love it and how well Austin portrayed Elvis. Austin better get an Oscar!

Tuesday, August 16, 05:22:50 PM

I like this movie 100%. A "must see" movie to Elvis fans. Austin Butler's performance is incredibly and amazingly brilliant , "second-to-none". He is more an an Oscar Star ! I simply couldn't help watching this movie four times, each time gave me a new discovery and additional pleasure .