Saturday, April 13, 07:35:39 AM

good cast fun story

Wednesday, March 20, 06:15:59 AM

This was different then I would normally go and see but I enjoyed it!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 08:34:14 PM

not a wrestling fan but loved the family story and was surprised it was a true story

Saturday, March 16, 07:41:43 PM

I thought this movie was an unexpected delight . Not being a big fan of wrassling ,I wasn't expecting much to entertain me . I was wrong ,it was a very good film in my opinion . Some drama with some comedy mixed in .

Friday, March 15, 08:27:46 AM

Better than I thought it would be. Loved the “real” characters in the end. Looks like the Rock cast well. Definitely recommend, left theater in a good mood.

Wednesday, March 13, 12:01:39 PM

Very good movie

Monday, March 11, 10:19:11 PM


Tuesday, March 5, 12:05:05 PM

Good movie that made me laugh.

Sunday, March 3, 02:17:17 AM

A lot of hype and paid for reviews. At best, this is a movie of the week feature. More of a chick flick, with a weak portion of British humor. The Rock has about three minutes screen time, and the rest are props for the mean girls/not sequel. I was entertained, but I could of missed it and never missed anything noteworthy. Alita is the best movie this month.

Saturday, March 2, 05:20:35 PM

Fabulous, well- acted movie with a lot of heart throughout. There was a great message to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. It had a humorous component also.

Saturday, March 2, 12:15:54 PM

Love true stories. Excellent casting and exciting wrestling! Great storyline! Some comedy that made the audience laugh out loud!

Thursday, February 28, 08:21:41 PM

it was a very good movie

Wednesday, February 27, 08:29:17 PM

Loved this movie!,, well worth seeing!,,

Tuesday, February 26, 11:17:59 PM

Enjoyable … Good casting … More screen time on people then wrestling though it is foundational ...

Sunday, February 24, 03:03:55 AM

Was better then I thought it would be. Great story.

Friday, February 22, 10:24:56 PM

Fun movie! Touching, heartfelt young women coming into her own! Love it!!

Friday, February 22, 07:44:02 PM

An inspiring story that proves dreams can come true!

Friday, February 22, 03:16:21 PM

Good acting and interesting characters make this an excellent movie. I am not a wrestling fan but still enjoyed the wrestling scenes. The Rock was great playing himself but should not have received top billing for a cameo appearance.

Thursday, February 21, 02:08:49 PM

Trailer looked good, but it had the only good parts of the movie. Remember Monsters vs Aliens, where they used every decent part of the movie to make the trailer? here we are again. Save your coin.

Wednesday, February 20, 10:55:39 AM

good movie

Tuesday, February 19, 10:35:29 AM

Absolutely a waste of your money