Monday, November 18, 07:47:57 AM

What can I say but nothing more than Beautiful.

Tuesday, November 12, 12:45:10 PM

Great movie!

Tuesday, November 5, 09:45:06 PM

It is a scientific adventure movie at it's very best! Dr. Fred Urquhart took close to 40 years to discover the monarch butterflies' secret hideaway. The movie showed the most incredible migration on Earth. The production team filmed hundreds of millions of monarchs in their remote sanctuaries in Mexico. Following their migratory routes from Canada, across the U.S. and into Mexico. This movie gives you the feeling that you are part of the most spectacular migration experience.

Friday, November 1, 10:03:10 AM

Truly a remarkable film about the journey of the butterfly, i was in awe!

Thursday, October 31, 11:06:07 AM

Very educating, but also entertaining masterpiece.

Wednesday, October 30, 09:11:41 AM

Great documentary and very fascinating.

Tuesday, October 29, 11:31:14 PM

Excellent IMAX film!

Friday, September 27, 03:24:12 PM

It is a beautiful movie!! Everybody should see it