Sunday, October 28, 12:25:54 AM

This movie was very funny.

Friday, June 1, 01:26:11 PM

The movie is definebtly a B-class movie, but a good one. It was meant to be goofy and ridiculous and it plays with that nicely. The ending is left a little undone, but I find that appealing in of itself in some ways. Not for kids under 11, but over that age, I think they could watch it.

Tuesday, May 15, 07:04:10 AM

A funny enough movie although an improbable and far fetched plot line. Don`t let some reviews fool you. This show has enough course language and subtle sexual references so definitely not suitable for kids under 14 if not 16. This is not as family friendly as the Daddy`s Home 1 and 2 films , which I enjoyed much more .

Friday, May 4, 10:40:58 PM

Sarcasm, witty, funny , had a fun night out.

Saturday, April 21, 01:23:38 PM

Funny and unpredictably good twists. Wouldn't recommend it for under 14. We laughed throughout, except during the drama/scary parts.

Thursday, April 19, 01:19:39 AM

Good for a few laughs. Don’t listen to the people who say it’s ok for kids - it’s not.

Saturday, April 7, 11:22:01 PM

This was an excellent date night movie! The perfect mix between comedy and thriller to keep both people entertained. I was on the edge of my chair the entire time! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the trailer, but I went because it starred some well known celebs. Well worth seeing

Saturday, April 7, 01:15:12 PM

Not only is this movie funny, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat too. Most fun movie ever

Wednesday, April 4, 03:25:08 AM

I’ll bet they had fun making this movie but it was really pretty lame, not the clever humor we are used to from Jason Bateman.

Friday, March 30, 09:48:36 AM

Loved loved loved the movie! Laughed til we cried!

Friday, March 30, 09:26:33 AM

Very funny

Monday, March 26, 06:51:38 PM

Do not listen to the person who said bring your 9 or 10 year old kid! Not a movie for kids, but funny for adults

Monday, March 26, 01:05:35 PM

It was TOO LONG and the comedy was silly stupid. But a killer of some of my time....I guess you can say. I thought the DOG was the best storyline !!!

Thursday, March 22, 05:48:44 PM

Hilarious laughter is good for all of us. Tongue in cheek humor. Glad we saw it.

Monday, March 19, 12:56:03 PM

Pros: - funny actors - comedy - action Cons: - storyline - too many twists that don’t tie in properly by the end. Still leaves questions unanswered. - tried to do too much rather than making a funny movie with less twists that the audience can follow. Overall it is entertaining but if you miss it in theatres you won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, March 17, 06:28:46 PM

Super funny, was laughing the whole time!!

Saturday, March 17, 09:08:20 AM

Loved it! Laugh out loud funny!

Wednesday, March 14, 07:09:21 PM

Enjoyed this movie and recommend it if you a Jason Bateman fan. Don't go see it in Brantford Ontario, the sound was terrible. Must be under new management. I could hear the explosions and big action scences from the movies in the theaters on either side over the movie I paid to watch.

Monday, March 12, 12:14:34 PM

Awesome! Amazing! Fabulous! Super! Funny! Great! Superb! I am running out of adjectives to describe how awesome this movie was!

Monday, March 12, 12:11:12 PM

This movie may look bad but I can say with absolute certainty that it will make you laugh your head off. If your kids are nagging you to let them see this movie, let them. I was hesitant at first but me and my family went and we loved it. I wish people wouldn't think that it is bad. Great for kids of the age of 10+ maybe even 9+. Loved this movie super much.

Monday, March 12, 12:06:37 PM

Parents everywhere, LET YOUR KIDS SEE THIS MOVIE NOW! It is not bad for kids over the age of 11.

Monday, March 12, 12:04:44 PM

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are hilarious together. Zero course language and no violence. This movie is awesome!!!!

Monday, March 12, 12:02:21 PM

You have to watch this! This movie is even better than the newest jumanji movie.

Monday, March 12, 12:01:26 PM

Loved It! Loved It! Loved It!

Monday, March 12, 11:59:12 AM

Hilariously funny! For all ages 12 and older!

Monday, March 12, 11:58:29 AM

Amazing Movie! It is rated R but should only be PG. Not a lot of swearing, no sexual language, and only one short scene that isn't great. All in all it is a great movie. It is a one of a kind. Kids from 11+ can definitely see this. I loved It so much!

Sunday, March 11, 05:01:36 PM

Not life changing, but very funny

Sunday, March 11, 09:54:16 AM

Great story, cast, acting - really funny at times. Enjoyable!

Saturday, March 10, 07:46:19 PM

Movie was good. Could have left out all the yucky language. It really doesn't add to it, and I wish someone would tell Hollywood. Crude language is not classy!

Tuesday, March 6, 07:40:12 PM


Tuesday, March 6, 04:14:49 PM

Very original plot, refreshing ! Great acting ! Wish it had better dialogue and directing, could have been a little faster pace.

Monday, March 5, 09:38:36 PM

Great movie... we were crying from laughing so hard!

Monday, March 5, 09:37:16 PM

Just loved this movie! Funny!

Monday, March 5, 09:36:29 PM


Monday, March 5, 11:46:30 AM

Really enjoyed this movie! After seeing some of the heavy hitter Academy nominated movies, Game Night provided a fun, light movie going experience. The audience appeared to be having a good time as well!

Sunday, March 4, 06:07:29 PM

Loved it

Sunday, March 4, 10:25:34 AM

Don't pay to see this movie. Not on cheap Tues either. Gave it 2 stars one for Rachel McAdams and the other for the movie had a few moments, worth the watch, other movies to see for the money.

Sunday, March 4, 09:15:39 AM

This movie was so bad. I would have left in the middle of it, but the reclining seats in the theatre were comfy. Terrible movie and terrible acting. Waste of a night.

Saturday, March 3, 10:22:36 PM

Don't believe the negative reviews. Those people wouldn't know a good movie if it hit them on the head. Funny as hell. Jason Bateman and Rachael McAdams never dissapoint. Nice twists

Saturday, March 3, 06:04:24 PM

Funny funny funny movie...people in the audience were laughing out loud. My wife and I so enjoyed this movie.