Thursday, March 22, 05:48:44 PM

Hilarious laughter is good for all of us. Tongue in cheek humor. Glad we saw it.

Monday, March 19, 12:56:03 PM

Pros: - funny actors - comedy - action Cons: - storyline - too many twists that don’t tie in properly by the end. Still leaves questions unanswered. - tried to do too much rather than making a funny movie with less twists that the audience can follow. Overall it is entertaining but if you miss it in theatres you won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, March 17, 06:28:46 PM

Super funny, was laughing the whole time!!

Saturday, March 17, 09:08:20 AM

Loved it! Laugh out loud funny!

Wednesday, March 14, 07:09:21 PM

Enjoyed this movie and recommend it if you a Jason Bateman fan. Don't go see it in Brantford Ontario, the sound was terrible. Must be under new management. I could hear the explosions and big action scences from the movies in the theaters on either side over the movie I paid to watch.

Monday, March 12, 12:14:34 PM

Awesome! Amazing! Fabulous! Super! Funny! Great! Superb! I am running out of adjectives to describe how awesome this movie was!

Monday, March 12, 12:11:12 PM

This movie may look bad but I can say with absolute certainty that it will make you laugh your head off. If your kids are nagging you to let them see this movie, let them. I was hesitant at first but me and my family went and we loved it. I wish people wouldn't think that it is bad. Great for kids of the age of 10+ maybe even 9+. Loved this movie super much.

Monday, March 12, 12:06:37 PM

Parents everywhere, LET YOUR KIDS SEE THIS MOVIE NOW! It is not bad for kids over the age of 11.

Monday, March 12, 12:04:44 PM

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are hilarious together. Zero course language and no violence. This movie is awesome!!!!

Monday, March 12, 12:02:21 PM

You have to watch this! This movie is even better than the newest jumanji movie.

Monday, March 12, 12:01:26 PM

Loved It! Loved It! Loved It!

Monday, March 12, 11:59:12 AM

Hilariously funny! For all ages 12 and older!

Monday, March 12, 11:58:29 AM

Amazing Movie! It is rated R but should only be PG. Not a lot of swearing, no sexual language, and only one short scene that isn't great. All in all it is a great movie. It is a one of a kind. Kids from 11+ can definitely see this. I loved It so much!

Sunday, March 11, 05:01:36 PM

Not life changing, but very funny

Sunday, March 11, 09:54:16 AM

Great story, cast, acting - really funny at times. Enjoyable!

Saturday, March 10, 07:46:19 PM

Movie was good. Could have left out all the yucky language. It really doesn't add to it, and I wish someone would tell Hollywood. Crude language is not classy!

Tuesday, March 6, 07:40:12 PM


Tuesday, March 6, 04:14:49 PM

Very original plot, refreshing ! Great acting ! Wish it had better dialogue and directing, could have been a little faster pace.

Monday, March 5, 09:38:36 PM

Great movie... we were crying from laughing so hard!

Monday, March 5, 09:37:16 PM

Just loved this movie! Funny!

Monday, March 5, 09:36:29 PM


Monday, March 5, 11:46:30 AM

Really enjoyed this movie! After seeing some of the heavy hitter Academy nominated movies, Game Night provided a fun, light movie going experience. The audience appeared to be having a good time as well!

Sunday, March 4, 06:07:29 PM

Loved it

Sunday, March 4, 10:25:34 AM

Don't pay to see this movie. Not on cheap Tues either. Gave it 2 stars one for Rachel McAdams and the other for the movie had a few moments, worth the watch, other movies to see for the money.

Sunday, March 4, 09:15:39 AM

This movie was so bad. I would have left in the middle of it, but the reclining seats in the theatre were comfy. Terrible movie and terrible acting. Waste of a night.

Saturday, March 3, 10:22:36 PM

Don't believe the negative reviews. Those people wouldn't know a good movie if it hit them on the head. Funny as hell. Jason Bateman and Rachael McAdams never dissapoint. Nice twists

Saturday, March 3, 06:04:24 PM

Funny funny funny movie...people in the audience were laughing out loud. My wife and I so enjoyed this movie.

Friday, March 2, 04:10:21 AM

Poorly contrived comedy with a few moments’ unsustainable chuckles. Wait for it to come to DVD.

Thursday, March 1, 02:47:36 AM

buy on dvd or stream online.... movie does have few laughs but not many

Monday, February 26, 04:02:25 PM

I had not seen any previews and I tell you.. have NOT laughed that much in VERY LONG time..

Sunday, February 25, 11:34:28 PM

So funny! Loved all the characters, especially Kyle Chandler as Brooks, Rachel and Jason of course and Billy Magnusson was so funny as the dumb friend!

Sunday, February 25, 09:00:02 PM

Plot kept it entertaining, great actors!

Sunday, February 25, 03:59:30 PM

Love Rachel McAdams in just about anything including this movie. It's funny,hip and clever for the first hour or so. Then the plot gets just silly with more twists than a pretzel. Lot's of people laughed out loud during this one so silly still works I guess. Have fun.

Saturday, February 24, 08:28:10 PM

Just OK.

Saturday, February 24, 08:00:46 PM

Loved it! It was great; very entertaining and lots of laughs!

Saturday, February 24, 07:14:14 AM

You will recognize a lot of familiar faces and the humour is both dry and right out there. OMG we laughed so hard!

Saturday, February 24, 07:10:53 AM

Excellent and super funny - had tears coming down my face!

Saturday, February 24, 07:09:03 AM

We loved it! A great plot and fun way to spend some time on a Friday evening. I would see it again and highly recommend it. For those that are nah-sayers they obviously did not see it at all. This is one to watch!

Friday, February 23, 10:23:30 PM

This movie has a silly plot but is very entertaining from start to finish. Lots of laughs.

Friday, February 23, 08:54:07 PM

Don’t waste your time and money this movie was dumb and stupid