Saturday, December 7, 01:24:00 AM

The worst ending of any tv show. The show was ruined by the ending.

Tuesday, December 3, 12:46:34 PM

Great sorry, and a great ending.

Wednesday, May 15, 02:35:30 PM

I have been a huge GOT fan, watching all 7 seasons at least 3 times over. However, Season 8 for me has been quite a different story. It seems very rushed and flat, leaving me disgusted as it draws near to the end. After episode 5 I'm thinking, what the heck! Do I even want to waste my time with the last 3 episodes? Episode 1 kept up with my expectations but it's been all down hill from there. How could they let such a great and anticipated show go down the tubes?!

Monday, May 13, 03:46:51 AM

horrible episode. there is no character development. everyone in the show is now 1-dimensional character. season 8's been a train-wreck through and through. dave and dan really have some reflecting to do. i've seen more compelling writing from nickelodeon.