Friday, March 9, 08:19:20 AM

Graphics where poor. Way too much talking. I thought it was going to be a real movie not one that i was listening to people speak and to be honest, i didn't even understand some of what they where saying. Not what i expected.

Monday, December 11, 11:36:35 PM

I would have given this movie 5 stars, except there is a huge miss when God created male and female in His image. More on this later. Overall, I thought this movie was excellent, but the science narrative could have been "dumbed down" just a bit so that an average 10th grader could understand it. I happen to love the Bible, science and history so for me, this movie was excellent. I thought the 3d aspect was excellent as well. I loved it! As for the huge miss in Genesis 1, God does not form man, He rather, creates, I believe, DNA for male, and female, together. This means that male and female DNA/Chromosomes were created in male. The movie makes you believe that it was Adam and Eve and it was not. Man was later formed from the dust of the ground in Genesis 2 with a complete set of DNA for both male and female. And then God caused a deep sleep to come up Adam, and He opened His flesh and took out a rib, and with it He created Eve. This could possibly be why men have XY Chromosome and women have XX Chromosome. This miss in the movie did not go unnoticed and I know they struggled on it. Humans are the most complex of all God's creation, because unlike the spoken words "Let there be...," God said "let us make man in our image in our likeness...." in Genesis 1. The complexity here cannot be overstated but its importance needs to somehow be emphasized more. Then God was hands on, forming man from the dust of the ground and breathing into his nostrils the breath of life and man becomes a living being. Make this correction in the first documentary before it goes to DVD and make sure to include the word as is in the "To be continued." Still I thought they did an excellent job!

Monday, December 11, 02:08:19 PM

I can't review the movie because I haven't seen it and I cannot find where to purchase tickets on the site. It looks good from the trailer though.

Wednesday, December 6, 01:49:35 AM


Thursday, November 23, 07:24:41 PM

I really liked the movie it. It was very eye opening! The music and the scenery in the movie was wonderful! Whether you are a believer or non believer, I think it it would be interesting for both sides to watch. I want to watch it again!

Thursday, November 16, 07:15:50 PM

Finally! Great film :-)

Wednesday, November 15, 01:25:09 AM

I don't leave many reviews but this movie is amazing! Real science infused with engaging graphics and intellectual conversation from experts in various studies making this THE must see movie of 2017!!

Tuesday, November 14, 02:53:03 PM

An Honest, Fellow Christian Family Review *NOTE: If you are looking for an honest review, look at these elements: Did they watch it? Did they mention anything SPECIFIC they liked besides this is what the world needs/good message or this is not scientific with no examples? Are their reviews in depth? You can cross out all the negative atheist reviews that haven't watched it or mention anything about the movie. This movie was a disappointment. The trailers and marketing made it led you to believe that this movie was going to be majority 3D, but in fact; it was more like 40 percent 3D, 60 percent talking. We wouldn't have mind that if first, we were aware that this would be a documentary but what really was frustrating was the long segments of talking and then a small segments of 3D. They didn't integrate the 3D with the talking, instead; they made us WATCH multiple people talking while the camera was doing uncomfortable moves. Some of the shots were so bad (people looking off the screen), that it was quite unbearable. For the budget they had, you would imagine they would have an expert in the field of 3D and directing but it did not show that. The quality of the 3D was not consistent. Most of the animals were low quality and the animation of the animals was terrible. Some 3D looked like motion graphics and made just to look like 3D so there would be more 3D content. Lots of the shots looked like they were going to do something on the screen and then never did it or it just wasn't a good idea by the time they got to post production. These are all signs of a director that does not have enough experience to anticipate what is needed. The movie targeted audience was interesting too because with all the talking and how they had the movie structured seemed to be a more mature history channel format but the content was very down to earth and simple. My kids got very bored quite quickly and the content wasn't stimulating enough for my wife and I. Overall

Tuesday, November 14, 02:17:05 PM

(It Seems there are only 1 Star and 5 Star ratings for this movie so Very polarized opinions that were probably formed before they even saw the movie!) Regarding the Movie: Very Informative movie on the topic of creation the Bible and the origins of the earth. I thought they did a very good job in what they were seeking to accomplish!

Tuesday, November 14, 09:50:48 AM

We are a Christian homeschool family, and wish we could say we enjoyed this movie. There was a portion of it that contained what I would call nudity. Both my husband and my oldest son literally looked away for some parts and wouldn't watch. Also the rock music does not fit out beliefs. Wholeheartedly disappointed and regretful that we exposed our family to the content in this movie. :(

Monday, November 13, 11:16:47 PM


Sunday, November 12, 01:16:20 PM

More crazy religious nuttery brought to you by the American Taliban

Thursday, November 9, 11:54:46 AM

Finally, getting the gospel message on the big screen made by bible believing faithful Christians instead of Hollywoods water downed versions. May God bring in a harvest of souls and may this encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in faith to hold fast to the infallible word of our God. May God protect this work and increase it a hundred fold. In Jesus mighty name. AMEN (so be it)

Friday, November 3, 06:52:59 PM

Let's just do a book every few months or so. Have the Bible on the big screen!

Friday, November 3, 06:51:29 PM

Should've come out a lot sooner before this country started going downhill

Friday, November 3, 06:49:46 PM

We just went over this in Bible study! Wow what amazing timing

Friday, November 3, 06:48:49 PM

Easy 5-star.

Friday, November 3, 06:48:05 PM

I love this idea, I just hope a counter movie doesn't come out with popular thought (not necessarily reason) to attempt to prove it all wrong

Friday, November 3, 06:47:31 PM

Not missing this one. That's on my calendar and I'm going - hurricane won't even stop me.

Friday, November 3, 06:46:17 PM

Even non-believers should find this one interesting. Looks like it'll be a great topic of debate in the future

Friday, November 3, 06:45:55 PM

Very nice and stunning CGI effects

Friday, November 3, 06:42:59 PM

Definitely told my friends about this, we're excited to see it in a few days!

Friday, November 3, 06:42:20 PM

5 star without a second thought

Friday, November 3, 06:41:30 PM

Lol, finally a movie like this getting tons of positive reviews. Only low ratings are from those with a chip on their shoulders :P

Friday, November 3, 06:39:38 PM

The Christian answer to a non-Christian world. Nice

Friday, November 3, 06:19:07 PM

I can't imagine not wanting to see this one, it looks like we might finally get some hard evidence on how we all came about

Friday, November 3, 06:18:29 PM

Would like to know more on the Big Bang theory in this one, we're all interested to see how it all began many millenia ago

Friday, November 3, 06:15:52 PM

Finally a movie to combine the sciences and theology!

Friday, November 3, 06:15:38 PM

Absolutely incredible!

Friday, November 3, 04:47:27 PM

The 1 and 2-star ratings are from people here who are nit-picking minute details of the movie. As it's been said, even scientists and physicists have agreed that we all started from someone/something. Give this movie a chance, because for once science has explained biblical truths.

Tuesday, October 24, 12:29:37 PM

If I could rate it negative stars I would. Creationist propaganda. I imagine that their next project will be to try to convince you that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around it while disproving gravity.

Wednesday, October 18, 06:32:12 AM

? how did this waffle even get made.. ??

Sunday, October 15, 02:30:12 AM

A Razzie would be too good for this movie. Basically 90 minutes of creationists trying to disprove scientific evidence to support their religious beliefs. Full of conjecture and blatant inaccuracies this shouldn't be on anyone's list of films to see.

Thursday, September 28, 01:16:45 AM

Great movie! Clearly, the bad reviews here are given by people who still believe in the fairytale called, EVOLUTION. If they'd do their homework, they'd see that they are the ones who have been brainwashed and still believe in the impossible myth that even science had agreed is absurd.

Friday, September 8, 11:41:54 AM

Obviously this is nothing but an effort to separate the more gullible among us form their money. The science is horrid, the efforts to explain science in Biblical terms is even worse. Complete and utter waste of time -- even if you disagree with science. These film makers are not Creationists, but Marketeers trying to make a living off of other peoples' beliefs.

Sunday, August 20, 05:00:53 PM

I thought this would be a cool take on the Genesis story, but they went out of their way to try to "sell" their version of science. I just couldn't buy it, and it really got in the way of the actual movie.

Sunday, August 20, 04:58:42 PM

I just couldn't get past the T-rex running through the canyon with the "amazed" look on its face, as the landscape was just poof-ing into existence right in front of him! Ridiculous!

Sunday, August 20, 04:56:15 PM

There's actually a really good reason why the Muslims are so against pictures of Muhammed. Because when you draw a picture of, or make movies about, ancient myths from ancient books, you see first hand just how silly they are.

Thursday, August 17, 05:48:01 PM

Too silly for me.

Thursday, August 17, 04:24:51 PM

This is just a money grab by creationists Kent and Eric Hovind. They peddle their version of the bible while pushing down the teachings of science that help the progression of human kind. I do not recommend this movie. It is filled with all kinds of inaccuracies.