Sunday, March 31, 02:39:02 PM

I love this movie it is so interesting

Tuesday, February 26, 04:28:16 PM

Really liked the first movie, love the second, it is even better than the first. They even set it up nicely for a 3rd movie. Hope they make it.

Sunday, February 24, 01:25:58 AM

I like the first movie better. This one was alright.

Saturday, February 23, 09:27:14 PM

Great sequel and if you haven’t seen the first one it will be like a mystery and a twist that goes on and on.

Saturday, February 23, 07:54:39 PM

Great sequel! If you didn’t see first movie it’s like reading a book starting in the middle, it’s going to make no sense. Great acting!

Friday, February 22, 08:53:03 PM

very confusing very boring nearly fell asleep,did

Friday, February 22, 05:45:05 PM

This is surprisingly good! I really liked it - and I'm a middle aged dude! It would help if you saw the first movie, which is also quite good! It's funny, has lots of twists, and has some decent dramatic, and suspenseful moments.

Friday, February 22, 10:34:50 AM

Movie started as a slow uninteresting sequel, but quickly became an fast paced interesting continuation of the previous movie. Could watch the two together as a single movie. Brilliant.

Thursday, February 21, 09:16:58 AM

Was perhaps the most boring, worst movie I have ever seen, so boring I fell asleep in my seat and I"ve never, ever done that. DOn't waste one penny seeing this horrid farce of a movie.

Friday, February 15, 03:19:39 PM

Good acting by a cast of mostly unknown actors. I loved the first Happy Death Day. This one was good but the time loop was a little confusing.It is worth seeing if you liked the first movie.

Wednesday, February 13, 02:53:33 AM

loved the first one and loved this as well